Wrongful Convictions: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Wrongful Convictions: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver explains why it’s so difficult to be exonerated for a wrongful conviction, even when there’s compelling evidence to prove your innocence, and how we can correct the state’s mistakes.

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40 Responses

  1. Ro G says:

    Fun fact: The DA who sought the death penalty for Maria Lucio was later convicted of taking bribes and corruption and is currently serving 14 years.

    • Abdullah says:

      Hell yeah, that’s super divine karma for you,

    • CHL says:

      @Elijah K any mother who allows her child to beaten while letting a 2 year old exist with a broken arm doesn’t deserve children, at all. If your broke you to go the emergency room and you don’t pay the bill, it’s easy. You don’t let your 2 year old exist that way all while hitting her and letting your other children hit her. This woman is f77ked in the head.

    • B.R. Smith says:

      This is the part of the community I enjoy the most. Learning on top of learning

    • Braddah Leeks says:

      Of course they fucking are

    • Soren Olegnowicz says:

      The name of the ex DA is Armando Villalobos, and yet the other DA, Alfredo Padilla has the gall to see it is “all her fault”

  2. Nerd Made says:

    This episode hits a lot harder knowing that someone is almost certainly going to be murdered next month because of our terrible court system.

    • Claudia Sauceda says:

      I don’t think she should be executed but she is guilty. The eldest daughter living with her at the time has come out to say she did it and she was abusive towards the baby. The other children in the documentary were not living with her at the time. Also all of Melissa Lucio’s kids had been removed from her custody if you read the report from child protective service it’s terrible. The baby who died was removed at a few months old or weeks (can’t remember)and had only been back in her mothers care for less than 3 months before she died. There is a real informative youtube video someone reads the coroner’s findings and the CPS report its very heart breaking but she’s guilty.

    • george so___s says:

      I will.

    • A says:

      @Kenyon Scheid actually do it! Why the hell not? Show that people even outside the state are interested in justice, it applies pressure and it works!!!

    • Sloane Glover says:

      More than one person, I’m sure

    • Kenyon Scheid says:

      I don’t live in Texas. But I really want to call them and demand they do an appeal

  3. Tek Sight says:

    The DA responsible for Maria Lucio’s conviction was convicted himself: “On Feb. 11, 2014, Villalobos was sentenced to 13 years in federal prison for his role in a bribery and extortion scheme.
    According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Texas, jurors in Villalobos’ trial found that he solicited and accepted over $100,000 in bribes and kickbacks in the form of cash and campaign contributions in return for favorable acts of prosecutorial discretion.”

    • george so___s says:

      I so hope he doesn’t have a nice time in there…
      Some lifer will send him a message before he gets out…

  4. Luke Fabis says:

    “Every 15 or 17 years, we really ought to try cases again to re-establish guilt.”

    That’s… that’s not a bad slippery slope to go down, actually. I support this idea.


      @Dan Z The only major problem I see with this is the extra time and resources it would take up in system that is already overloaded with cases, It would just make more sense to try and make sure you got it right the first time and redo it if new compelling evidence comes to light.

    • JON BONG JOVI says:


      (#metoo changed the world…..without an entire sentence!)

      NOT ONE THING KKKOPS OR JUDGES DO IS LAWFUL, but everyone just TRUST that it IS legal, cuz “they said so”!

    • scaper8 says:

      I head that too and immediately thought, “Yeah, that’s actually not a bad idea.”

    • A says:

      @Dan Z at least it’s a start. We can’t make all the progress at once. Many rot their whole life and die in prison sadly.

    • Dan Z says:

      Less years than that someone innocent should not rot in prison 15 years before a retrial.

  5. Sterling Mullett says:

    I don’t know who said this but I think this sentiment is correct: “The US doesn’t have a justice system, it has a legal system.”

    • JON BONG JOVI says:

      @rdecredico BEST QUOTE OF THE DAY!

    • JON BONG JOVI says:

      in fact, it does NOT have a “legal” system either!

      you cannot FORCE Americans to STAND IN HONOR of the “HONORABLE” judge!

      you cannot FORCE americans to CALL A JUDGE “YOUR HONOR”!!! (That’s nazism 101!)

      NO ONE CAN EXPLAIN what makes Judges “honorable” in ANY WAY, proving the title is MEANT TO DECEIVE THE PUBLIC (aka criminal FRAUD).

      WHEN KKKOPS DO BAD, we are told Kops are just Regular People! But when they are doing their nazism, we are told “They are MORE HONEST and Noble than Regular People”!


      under CURRENT laws,
      and I should know: I’ve beaten them in their own rigged courts hundreds of times!

    • rdecredico says:

      It’s called the criminal justice system because the criminals are in charge of the justice system.

  6. Christian Schoff says:

    I am straight up crying. What a waste of an existence that prosecutor is.

    • Leo Lenk says:

      In response to everyone, I am not talking about an episode related with latest news because that’s what the news broadcast is for, but an episode about the very important question, which is “HOW did we end up like this?”, and you don’t need to recover rapidly the most recent news but scrolling through archives in the past…..which is nothing but looking up in HISTORY…. those fatcs are always there, everytime, available for everyone….. I am quite sure that’s an episode worth the show format…..plus, since everybody here seems more than expert in research and editing, I guess that it sure takes more than a couple of minutes, but since the show is aired weekly (even considering their monthes off), I can say that you guys, sorry about that, should make a bit of “research”, I am copy pasting an article where Oliver was asked how long does it take to create what they call an “evergreen episode” and guess what……. it takes two weeks….let me just cite that
      “When I inquired about how long the team usually devotes to producing Last Week Tonight’s evergreen stories, Oliver said they like to have at least a couple of weeks to get through the process of someone pitching the story, the research department making sure it has legs, writing the segment, and putting it on the air.”
      Here is the article: https://www.vox.com/2016/2/14/10989154/john-oliver-last-week-tonight-season-3

      And I am not a republican nor a democrat or whatever you may wanna call, I am just pointing out that more than 2 weeks have passed after biden said that russia would’ve invaded ukraine and apparently they could have focused on that subject I mean…..HISTORY, not recent news…. so in conclusion….no it doesnt take monthes, but 2 weeks, and no, I am not referring on breaking news…..I am referring to their format….

    • TheZeroNeonix says:

      Even my feces might take offense if I called the prosecutor a piece of shit. My toilet would gag at the mere sight of him, he is so disgusting.

    • whyso curious says:

      @Давид no u

    • Давид says:

      lol, soy boi

    • whyso curious says:

      On the bright side, he’s DEFINITELY going to hell if it exists.. If karma is real, he’s gonna be reincarnated as the slime he is currently personifying..

  7. rsc says:

    If anyone wants to help with this matter please consider donating to the “Witness to Innocence” non profit. Or, perhaps getting to know their work helping victims of wrongful convictions

  8. Robert Forster says:

    I am surprised John didn’t bring up the wrongful execution of Ledell Lee in Arkansas where ,4 years after his execution, the DNA on the murder weapon turned out to belong to someone else. Gov. Ada Hutchinson said “He was convicted on the evidence they had at the time” and called this new evidence inconclusive, saying it only proves that Lee didn’t “act alone.” Also, Ledell Lee was an amazing person who showed great courage and integrity all the way up to his last words. I feel like he is being ignored.

    • MM 27 says:

      Dude. You sorely need help of some type. Not sure where to recommend right now. Wow. Just wow.

    • JON BONG JOVI says:

      “THERE IS A FATE FAR WORSE THAN BEING WRONGFULLY EXECUTED BY AMERIKKKAN GOVT. It’s NOT being wrongfully executed by govt!” – Little Debbie

      BREONNA TAYLOR felt pain for ONE MINUTE, while Amerikkkan KKKops and Judges have tortured me every second for 30 years with NO END IN SIGHT, cuz i was an investigative reporter exposing them!


      KKKOPS shoot you to death, so no more pain or suffering.


      KKKOPS KIDNAP YOU 47 TIMES AND ROB AND BEAT AND BLOODY AND TORTURE YOU…..and 100% of your best friends, bandmates, editors, etc, HELP THEM COVER IT UP (!!!) in every case (!!) and there is not ONE human who will help you bc they are all scared shitless of this Super-Mafia!

      (Well, KKKops robbed me tens of thosuands of times….during 47 false arrests for FAKE CRIMES like “insults which could cause a fight” (!!) or ATTEMPTED contempt of court (!!!!))


      100% of ppl PAID to protect me or Free Speech?

      100% HELPED KKKOPS SILENCE ME (they even cut off my wi-fi, so i can’t report their crimes!), in 100% of cases, for 30 years with no end.

      (IN NH, I’m currently being prosecuted for EXPOSING THE LOCAL POLICE CHIEF AS A PEDO AND RAPIST. Next day, I was BRUTALLY arrested and his kkkops stole over $40,000 of my instruments and gear (!) and EVERY JOURNALIST, every Kop hater, every ACLU liar….helped KKKops escape!)


    • Primordial Scoop says:

      I don’t think anyone is being ignored, per se; there are so many cases of wrongful convictions and unjust punishment, and they could only feature so many in the segment. Plus, unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to help Ledell Lee now.

    • A lesser Gracie says:

      Robert F. you are bringing him back. I never heard of this case. Thanks for the info.

    • Smitha Day says:

      Wow so incredibly sad

  9. Hornswroggle says:

    “Scarier than any criminal is an innocent man in chains, for when he breaks free, his revenge will be justified.”

    — Oriathan Proverb

  10. Alex Milak says:

    Prosecutorial misconduct should be a felony, and in a death penalty case it should be a murder charge

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