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20 Responses

  1. fspanxshop says:

    The title is the description too

  2. awsomeguy56 says:

    but she got a million and only won 32000 dafuq

    • Pikagasm says:

      +awsomeguy56 the way it works is if you land on the million dollar wedge,
      and you win the first round, you put the million dollar wedge in the final
      spin. so when you spin the final wheel, you have to be lucky enough to land
      on the million dollar wedge again.

  3. arshia sargazi says:

    Uhhh suck my dong ?

  4. Jordan Limner says:


  5. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    She may have had an unfair advantage by deflating Pat Sajak’s balls before
    the game.

  6. PD Bachmann says:

    It’s obviously photoshopped

  7. MrTvtech9 says:

    1:37 Chris (on the right) looks like he’s about to have a mental breakdown

  8. D.S. Bernard says:

    What even

  9. ArtisanTony says:

    And to think I dumped this girl :)

  10. Ptolemy Rex says:

    Fuckin psychics are real 

  11. Jack Linton says:

    She should try playing the claw machine 

  12. Suq Madiq says:

    She sucked off Pat before the show 

  13. MrChantality says:


  14. FallenPig says:


  15. OkayKJ says:


  16. That one person named Toasters says:


  17. googlelover021 says:

    Holy lucky lady!

  18. Xx_BongQueesha_xX says:

    all she did was give the host a blow job