WWDC 2022 Impressions: M2 Macs and iOS 16?!

WWDC 2022 Impressions: M2 Macs and iOS 16?!

M2 Macs, iOS 16 and Editing iMessages? WWDC 2022 has it all

Masterclass: http://masterclass.com/mkbhd

0:00 Intro
0:37 iOS 16: Lockscreen + Features!
5:44 Next Gen CarPlay
7:27 WatchOS Features
8:42 M2 Chip
10:18 M2 MacBook Air
13:07 MacOS Ventura & iPhone as a Webcam

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30 Responses

  1. L.Dre says:

    I look forward to your first impressions more than the actual event

  2. darkwoodmovies says:

    My favorite updates are the iOS lock screen, iPad stage manager (yay “real” multitasking), and the Apple Watch fitness changes.

  3. typicalwarrior says:

    I’m normally a windows user but I need a laptop for college, and that M2 Macbook Air is catching my attention. Mainly because of how thin it is, the battery life, and the performance improvement claimed in the M2. Also the new fast charging, detail on the screen, and the improved camera.

    • theluschmaster says:

      I’d definitely say go for it .. I have the M1 and honestly, it works so well that I have my eye on the M2 for more content heavy work I plan on doing later this year / next year.

    • James Lester says:

      Windows user here, recently got a m1 Mac… I’m blown away. There’s a few annoyances you have to get your head round (cmd vs ctrl) but the user experience and the machines themselves are on a whole ‘nother level

  4. TexRobNC says:

    Normally an advance like the M2 wouldn’t impress me much, but since it’s a new chip, it does. It feels like the first few iterations of a new chip probably see some big gains and fix some possible bottlenecks and the like.

  5. Justin says:

    I know IOS is years behind Android in terms of personalization but I really like Apple’s hardware. For me it’s a serious option now. I hope they will release a 14 mini this year

    • Mike Logan says:

      Whos gone tell him

    • James Lovatt says:

      @Ken Chan they will have to do so by 2024 if they want to sell their phones in the EU

    • SpadesOfPaint Studios says:

      A lot of people didn’t like the mini although I think if you don’t use your phone for all the stuff it’s I guess intended for or what people mainly use phones for in terms of working it’ll probably be fine since the 5 models were loved

    • Yahia Sayed says:

      If you want a mini, buy it now.

    • Nick Gugino says:

      The mini is actually no more since they didn’t have to many sales with the other minis.

  6. techFAUX says:

    iOS just started actually competing with Android’s personalisation options.

    • Martin Kironde says:

      Which is okay

    • someguynamedpie says:

      @Lerma Bean (Please Call Me Lemur) so you’re going to an iphone because Samsung did things when you reflash the firmware when you can’t even do that on an iphone?

    • Caleb Hyler says:

      @Matthew Quinn that’s a contradiction because it goes both ways but as cringe as it may be on both parts I’m also not ignorant since I stated facts

  7. William Schmidt says:

    The fact remains than my 10 year old SAAB has a VASTLY superior gauge cluster to any of the Apple CarPlay renders you showed (at least in terms of aesthetics, functionality, safety, and visual lag). So there definitely is still plenty of room for car manufacturers to design gauge clusters, it’s just that they now have to actually put in some effort and ditch the screens for real gauges.

  8. Jenna Malone Art says:

    iOS 16 looks cool! I’m really excited about the new Home Screen and being able to edit and unsend messages.

    As far as CarPlay is concerned, it’s not Apple’s fault, but from a user experience perspective, not having tactile buttons is a step backwards, not forwards. Cars like Tesla with basically a giant iPad in the middle is a trash UX.

    When you’re driving, you want real buttons. How is changing the volume, AC, etc any easier by taking away the tactile button and putting it on a distracting screen? It’s not. Glad Honda is still putting buttons on their cars, all other new cars and EVs look incredibly unappealing to me.

    • Mariano Carrillo says:

      Check out General Motors each car keeps all tactile buttons on almost every ac controls and driving modes

    • Miles Kurland says:

      @TenZa Tesla takes it to an extreme when a passenger can’t even adjust their air vents without using a touchscreen interface that they may be completely unfamiliar with… when there are well-established conventions that everyone knows that apply to pretty much every car they’ve ever been in.

    • Literary Landslide says:

      What I wonder about is why just as curved displays became reasonable and *practical, fully enabling better integration into the classy dashboards many cars have, all the car manufacturers decided _”ya we’ll just throw a tablet onto the dashboard, requiring the driver to look at the screen to push the right buttons”_

    • Kanye East says:

      @TenZa nope you’re wrong. She’s right. Some functions just work better with tactile buttons.

      Just like how I could text better with a 90-00s era cellphone with buttons than a smartphone while driving. I didn’t even need to look at the phone to text back then while driving. Impossible with a smartphone nowdays.

    • Ken Chan says:

      @TenZa I’ve ridden and drove a Tesla before and I personally would still prefer tactile buttons to touch screens any day! Yes, it’s great there’s also voice control and it’s good to have everything in one place, but certain car functions I would much rather there be physical buttons for.

  9. annabella. says:

    Rarely have I been excited about iPhone software updates, but this time around I really am! What a huge upgrade.

  10. Stefan says:

    I think it makes totally sense that apple only make the steps into the automotive world just with the software. The marginal costs (hope i‘ve translated it correct) are, compared to a car production, nearly not existing with software. It is also the next step to a huge source of data which they can generate and extract and this is 10x more worth compared to a complicated and expensive car production.

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