WWE 2K Battlegrounds Teaser Trailer

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Teaser Trailer

Check out the teaser trailer for WWE 2K Battlegrounds and Brawl Without Limits!

Coming Fall 2020.

Visit the official website at https://wwe.2k.com/battlegrounds for more news.

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68 Responses

  1. LucAuditore says:

    Updated version of 2010’s WWE All Stars, but it’s too early to judge. I’m optimistic

    • Cody Sutton says:

      @The Elite Gamer If you’re saying All-Stars was trash, you obviously didn’t play it.

    • TheRedWaltz24 says:

      All Stars was trying to be the Street Fighter of wrestling games… this game looks like it is trying to be the NBA Jam version it… nothing like All Stars

    • The Elite Gamer says:

      @TheRedWaltz24 nba jam 1 of my favorit series, better then that suck ass playgrounds

    • Forceman4077 says:

      WWE All Stars, was my favorite wrestling game of the last 15 years.

    • The Elite Gamer says:

      @Forceman4077 how many moves did the wrestlers have? and yes the amount matters to a wrestling fan, bullshit like you see in most games is just boring even cena used more moves then running attacks.

      since day of reckoning 2 is from 2005 and you said last 15 years, clearly you didn’t have a nintendo. best wrestling game ever

  2. ExpensiveSwan says:

    Meh. Can’t wait till the Yuke’s game drops.

  3. SCJ says:

    I’ve been a wrestling fan my whole life and didn’t purchase 2K20 after seeing the reviews and bugs/glitches that plagued it so I’m upset we won’t get a 2K21, but I’m praying this isn’t rushed garbage also 🤞

    • Josh Toulmin says:

      I don’t get why people hate 2k20. My copy doesn’t glitch out or have any problems. It’s really the only game me and my friends play. I guess I’m just lucky

    • Stampistuta says:

      BPWD I not defending the current product so I don’t know why that’s relevant.

    • Forever lazy says:

      @Noah [Riku] Hardesty [Thedawnhero] most of the problem probably been patched

    • Forever lazy says:

      @Josh Toulmin glitches are random

    • Noah [Riku] Hardesty [Thedawnhero] says:

      @Forever lazy Yeah, I agree… That’s why I don’t understand why so many people still complain about it being unplayable… It is playable but it is also somewhat glitchy/buggy but that’s a trait you’ll find in all WWE games!!

  4. Pedro Borrelfo says:

    >was expecting some kind of hctp game
    >got a midget version of all stars

    • Joey Fatu says:

      addidaswguy It’s supposed to be a console game

    • DragonSpirit9000 says:

      @TheM4 Everyone looks like a bobble head that should be sitting on someones car dashboard.

    • Angelus13AOV says:

      @addidaswguy I don’t know why people keep hoping for a HCTP remaster. It’s never going to happen. It wouldn’t even be the same game since they don’t have the rights to the music or wrestler likenesses anymore.

    • addidaswguy says:

      @Angelus13AOV dude they had a poll up, asking fans what game they would want to be remastered like 5-6 months ago.. and just because it couldn’t have all of the same roster, doesn’t mean they couldn’t make it the same base game with different superstars with remastered graphics

    • Angelus13AOV says:

      addidaswguy I know they had the poll up but people have been asking for HCTP remastered for YEARS…to the point where I’m sick of hearing about it because the game wasn’t as great as people made it out to be and even if it was that great I wouldn’t want the same game again. I felt the sim gameplay of the later titles were fine. They just needed some tweaks and more game modes. Problem is, every time they gave us that and added stuff they took stuff out. It was a never ending cycle. I’ve heard people say they wish THQ was still making the games and I find that baffling because when THQ was making the games people were pissed at them every year for what they were doing with the game. My opinion? This year that they’re taking off is good because it’ll give them more time to get stuff right and add in features that people want. People want GM mode? (Not me because I hated it) They can add that in now that they have the time. They can overhaul the engine if they have to now that they’re not rushing to get it out this year. Hopefully they can do what Ubisoft did with Assassin’s Creed when they took a year off. Only time will tell. Let’s wait and see. Seeing as this is 2K I doubt they’re going to get it right but maybe they’ll surprise us and use their brains for once. Let HCTP and No Mercy stay in the past where they belong.

  5. Elian Williams says:

    i mean this is close enough to All Stars 2 for me, i’m cautiously optimistic for this game

  6. MrBigdude912 says:

    I’m fine with it as long as they are willing to put money and time into it.

    Also, RIP support for 2K20

    • The Elite Gamer says:

      @AKS great means no spamming running attacks.
      2012 was a jacob cass nightmare, 2011 and 13 i just bought last or this year.. but i bet all the games online are the same.
      leagues also suck, but playing against random people wow..
      in 2010 i actually made gayman, with all the gay moves like the spear
      2009 i think my signatures and specials were all submissions, because yeah rapid fire controllers to kick out of a pin to me is cheating so i stopped pinning and made those losers tap.
      2011,12 and 13 probably 99.9% spammers, real wrestling fans use different moves

    • The Elite Gamer says:

      @jUAN.T not just 19.
      2009, create a finisher cheat
      2010, 1st blood glitch and cage freeze glitch
      any other game spamming running attacks, so basicly all the wrestling games online are trash.
      then i remember my 1st time online in wwe 2007 wow wtf was going on running through the ropes, full red body 20 finishers and still lose.. since people needed to cheat to beat me i made them stop bothering me.. my ps2 was on the ground and i kicked it XD

    • Snapadeepapadee says:

      @The Elite Gamer i see you like day of reckoning a lot.

    • jUAN.T says:

      @The Elite Gamer 2010🤣🤣😂 yeah I rem 😭

    • The Elite Gamer says:

      @jUAN.T everybody except for me was using spears.. mmmmmmboring

  7. sultan tariq says:

    I love all stars and I’m excited about this one

  8. Eduardo Oliveira says:

    Something diferent, nice! I’ll buy it, that’s your last chance, 2K.

  9. temp anon says:

    The head proportions really need to be toned down, but hope this generally feels like WWE All-Stars 2.

    • Terrell Hill says:

      Julian Extreme Gaming were not saying it doesn’t,but that doesn’t mean judge it already when it’s only a teaser teailer

    • SirButtah says:

      Seeing the size of rock and cena heads, I’d assume it’s a big head mode.

    • The Lone Wolf says:

      Rice MenaRQ really looks like a dude lol

    • Catastrophe says:

      it’s based on new Skool , can’t have new skool without big heads.

    • French Fries says:

      All these people want a arcade game but don’t like the arcade game they give you this is model after nba playgrounds and the characters look like this plus this is still in testing they are still making changes like people don’t even give it a chance

  10. Gaming Elite says:

    I’m not too excited about it, but I’ll give it a chance if it looks promising when more stuff is shown. It has potential.

  11. Charles Muchiri says:

    0:16 that is the All Stars charge attack

  12. AdApTiVe Gaming says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Cena gets eaten by a gator
    Still kicks out at 2

  13. HackSlashMustache says:

    Was really hopeful that they would find the inbetween realism & arcade, like Here comes the pain. That’s the sweet spot for me! I will give this one a miss I think.

  14. BSJ IN YO HOUSE says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact, 2K released a trailer for this game this early when they don’t do that for their main series.

    • Mighty ll says:

      The only reason they did that was to distract us from the failure that was 2K20. That’s why it’s only 25 seconds long and not even a real trailer. It’s more like a teaser.

    • Skyzz says:

      Mighty ll ehh wwe 2k20 wasn’t as bad for me obviously there were glitches there but I know whah you mean but this is a theory but what if wwe 2k20 was as bad as it was because they were making this hmmmmm

    • Yendezz says:

      Ummm, what does that have to do with anything…

    • Yendezz says:

      @Mighty ll That’s an obvious reason. But the fact that they even did that is overall a good thing. I’m sure you’d rather have another WWE game announced for this year than not getting one announced for this year.

  15. Ryan Heisler says:

    hell yeah!! Thank you WWE. I never got to play all stars so ill check it out.

  16. The Billiant One says:

    …This’ll definitely make up for the lack of 2K21 this year. :O

    • Ultra Gaming says:

      Wow you must be one of these Unicorn people I heard about that actually still want 2K to make WWE games😂😂

  17. TheMaster327 says:

    I see they’re taking Straight Fire quite literally…

  18. julio5497 says:

    From the looks of it it looks like all stars. I’ll wait on release and see how it turns out for a few months before buying (WWE 2k19) or not buying (WWE 2K20).

  19. Jamarious Carter says:

    You know what would make this amazing if they used some accessories of community creations into their creation system and upgraded in to max 100 along I would definitely love that ❤️

  20. hoodafuq says:

    0:13 becky really looking like the man with that bulge

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