WWE says goodbye to the bad guy with a touching tribute to Scott Hall

WWE says goodbye to the bad guy with a touching tribute to Scott Hall

From the bad guy persona to to N.W.O and beyond, WWE remembers and honors the tremendous legacy of WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall.
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32 Responses

  1. DJ Skandalous says:

    You made being the Bad Guy in wrestling cool in the 90s. Say “Hey-Yo Chicos” at the pearly gates for us! RIP Scott Hall 🙏

  2. Omegon says:

    Rest In Peace Scott Hall.

  3. ALI says:

    As a 33 year old who grew up on him and the other guys in the 90s, this hits hard. All my childhood wrestling heroes have either gone or in frail health. (Razor Ramon, Yokozuna, Big Vader, Lex Luger). I feel old and miss my childhood

  4. Marilyn Thomas says:

    “It’s good to be the bad guy.” Scott Hall will be greatly missed. He entertained me growing up and for that I thank him.😢❤❤⚘

  5. ToluGamez says:

    “Hard work pays off, dreams come true. Bad times don’t last, but BAD GUYS do” – Scott Hall

    • Dave Rvmirxz says:

      That speech made me cry. Because he’s right. No matter how bad your situation might be. Always remember that “Bad time don’t last”. I’ve lost it all and I’m working hard to get back what I lost. I’m living proof.

  6. atticus05 says:

    This one hurts, man. He was one of the wrestlers that initially hooked me to wrestling as Razor Ramon. And then, it goes without saying…..the NWO period was absolutely incredible. Forever a legend. Rest in Peace, Scott.

  7. Benson Boo says:

    “Hard work pays off, dreams come true.
    Bad times don’t last, but bad guys do.”

    And you will indeed last forever in our memories, bad guy.
    Rest in peace, Scott Hall.

  8. Thibaud Choplin says:

    We will never, ever, forget you, Bad Guy ! Forever in our hearts and memories.

  9. Sheersanctity says:

    As a grown man, Hall was always my favorite bad guy/ heel, never could find a reason to hate him. Out of all the wrestlers who has passed over the years, i think this one hits the hardest. Thank you Scott Hall for a great childhood you helped give millions of us.

  10. psncoolpjhq says:

    Just sad man, what happened to Scott about a decade ago should be a prime example of how anyone can make a comeback. RIp Legend.

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