Wynonna and Ashley Judd accept The Judds Country Music Hall of Fame induction

Wynonna and Ashley Judd accept The Judds Country Music Hall of Fame induction

The Judds joined the Country Music Hall of Fame on Sunday, just a day after Naomi Judd died unexpectedly. Naomi’s daughters, Wynonna and Ashley Judd, accepted the honor amid tears. (May 1)

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32 Responses

  1. Melissa T says:

    You can’t watch Ashley and Wynonna without crying for them. You can see and feel the pain they are going thru 🙏🏻❤️❤️

  2. Countryredneck75 says:

    My heart is so broken. May she RIP. My thoughts and prayers go out to Wynonna Ashley and the rest of her family ❤️🙏🏻

  3. Faith J says:

    The level of professionalism and strength that these two wonderful women have to come and dress up and speak the day after their mother’s passing is inspiring.

  4. EagleRockers says:

    It’s awful to lose your mom, whatever the circumstances. My heart goes out to Ashley and Wynonna. I wish them much love and peace.

  5. Betsy/BA BF says:

    I lost my husband to suicide. I found him. Just 4 weeks later my mother was given a terminal cancer diagnosis and as a shocked 41 yr old widow, I then watched her die the next few months. Looking at their faces, I feel it all in my gut…shock, fog, pain you want to scream, the world feeling foreign suddenly and trying to hold on to them with anything you got. For them to do this in her honor, in front of the cameras, shows their mamma raised some strong women.

  6. heavensnewestangel says:

    My heart breaks for them both, especially Wynonna…She didn’t only lose a mother – she lost her singing partner as well. She spent the most time with her mom as they spent a lifetime on the road together. May she rest in peace. I am still in shock and my heart is breaking. I love the Judds.

  7. CandyFairy16 says:

    The fact that they are there only a day after it all happened shows how much strength they have. 😢

  8. Betty Bennett says:

    My heart aches for Ashley and Wynonna. I lost my mom recently…it hurts.
    The world has lost a very talented and loved lady. Congratulations to the Judd’s for their win. Yalls mother will b forever missed. A huge thanks to @ Ashley Judd and @Wynonna Judd for sharing their mother with the world.

  9. An Elusive Butterfly says:

    Those are two strong sisters and women who loved their Mother. My prayers are with their entire family. This cannot be easy.

    • Brenda Massey says:

      @Poo’dee and people are allowed to feel sad and have empathy towards their loved ones when someone passes. Especially when that person may have affected their lives even in a small way such as by their music.

    • Poo'dee says:

      People loose their parents every day.

  10. Joni Lackey says:

    Huge prayers going up for this precious family and everyone affected by mental illness, especially suicide. My extended family has been robbed by it as well and the most important thing to remember is depression can be just as real a battlefield as cancer or any other lethal illness.

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