Wynonna Judd Describes Naomi Judd’s Final Hours

Wynonna Judd Describes Naomi Judd’s Final Hours

Wynonna Judd gave an emotional and revealing speech at the Country Music Hall of Fame Medallion Ceremony.

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On Sunday May 1, the Judds were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Wynonna Judd and her mother Naomi Judd are country music icons, but one day before their induction, the 76-year-old mother died.

Still, daughter Wynonna took the stage alongside sister Ashley Judd and said a few words about her final moment with her mother. Then she delivered a touching prayer.

0:00 | Wynonna Judd’s Hall of Fame Speech
0:20 | Ashley Judd reflects on her mother Naomi
0:35 | Naomi Judd dies at 76
1:20 | Ricky Skaggs induction speech for the Judds
1:45 | Wynonna on her final moments with Naomi
2:40 | Wynonna Judd’s moving prayer

Celebrating Naomi Judd’s beautiful, complicated life → https://youtu.be/YcxeACHYsqQ

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32 Responses

  1. Taste of Country says:

    Wynonna’s joke cut the tension in the room. But her final prayer … 😭

    • Happymom says:


    • LEONARD ALLEN says:

      Condolences to the Judd family ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • Sandra Sexton says:

      She was a tuff warrior! Beautiful wonderful lady!I watch her sing with Wynonn’s and the look of love and pride in her! And Ashley she loved her girls and her husband adorable looks and love! Hey their love was family fighting the odds and working hard ! I admire them! Keep going forward Ashley and Wy she’ll be there in Spirit and prayer always !!!❤️🙏🙌🏼🔥🦅🩸😁✝️

    • Tracy Ann Jalique says:

      @ Taste of Country, there is only tension from any unbelievers who were in that hall. Nonna and Ashley and the others with them know their Mother is free in God’s kingdom. The video was awesome in my sincere opinion! Fly high Momma Judd!! You are loved and because He lives, we will meet again someday soon I hope!! Til then, give my Dad Rick a big hug if you happen to meet him Momma Judd!! ❤❤😘😘🙏🙏🙌🙌

    • Diane Greyson says:

      Proud of you, Wynonna, well-earned honor to be in the country music Hall of Fame with your mom. Wish you’d gotten the much deserved joyous celebration instead of this sad affair, condolences to you, Cactus, and family.

  2. Star says:

    Just the fact that these women got themselves up out of bed the day after their Mother passed away shows what they’re made of. God Bless them. Thank u Naomi for such great music. I hope u r at peace now 🙏🏾

    • Elizabeth Stachura says:

      Steel. God bless them and Naomi.

    • J Cresmond says:

      mom didnt pass away, she died. killed herself, why sugar coat it?

    • Vintage Rose says:

      @Pamela Hannah I am so sorry. I know exactly how you feel, because do the same. Sixteen years in December for me. I lost her to ALS.

    • Vintage Rose says:

      @Debi Barrington Yeah, but how many do so inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, losing their mother, who they would accept the award with, the day right before?? It is obvious you have zero compassion. Why are you even here? To troll her and those who loved her?! Pretty cruel if you ask me.

    • RustyRules426 says:

      @Elizabeth Farris Ashley had it also sometime ago. Don’t know about depression.
      She got treatment. So did Naomi.

  3. Momma D says:

    What a tragic loss. My heart goes out to her family. RIP Naomi.

  4. Lucinda Newcomb says:

    I was actually not at all familiar with the Judd’s music nor their rags-to-riches story and Naomi’s forced early retirement story until last night. To see Wynonna accept this award one day after her mother’s death and Wynonna and Ashley’s grief and their faith—it’s humbling and heart-wrenching.

  5. William DeLong says:

    Always loved Naomi’s and Wynonna Judd’s duet Love Can Build A Bridge. Every now and then it makes me cry

    • SilentKnight43 says:

      When I heard the news of Naomi’s passing the other day that was the first song that automatically came to mind…played over and over for awhile in my head.

    • Tea and Muffins says:

      And Naomi actually wrote that song. She said that she wrote 9 songs in her entire life, and that was one of them.

    • Adan vlogs s says:

      I feel you

  6. Brenda Nanney says:

    My prayers go out to Wynonna, Ashley, Larry……my prayers go out to the Nashville Family….but mostly, my prayers go out to each & every person who feels trapped in that “dark place”. Reach out for help, life is worth living….there are people who love you but are unaware of how lost you feel. You do not have to suffer in silence! Reach out for help ……we have lost too many desperate souls suffering in silence!
    The Judd’s have touched every single person who has ever heard their music. From Grandpa….on down to Love Can Build A Bridge…..every person could relate. You have left an everlasting impact on Country Music & I personnally thank you & grieve with you. May God continue to bless all of you!

    • Tee Tarquin says:

      @April Gosa I am that way right now. 😞

    • WhatTheFluff?! says:

      @Margie P. Unfortunately, these medications can make things worse! Many side effects including, thoughts & acts of suicide (look them up!) Drug manufacturers too big to held accountable?! Consult w/naturopathic physician first, test neurochemical imbalances, try alternative therapies, supplements, if poss. Don’t just trust the mainstream drug pushers!

    • Nokotose says:

      Hearing all of these stories breaks my heart. We need to keep working on these issues. There are so many personal tragedies and so many who need help through all of this. Blessings.

    • fblm fblm says:

      @Marie Wood yes Ma’am. You nailed it!!! Thank you for your concern. I appreciate it. I have been out of the woods for seven years now. However, every year, especially in the winter months, I can feel that dark cloud hovering over me. Worst feeling in the world. I try my very best to make sure I don’t turn down that road again. I’m happy to hear you beat the devil also. Keep on smiling lady!!! 💞

    • Brenda Nanney says:

      @ Pamela Hannah, you are more than welcome to Private Message me. It sounds as if we have a few things in common. Please feel free…I’m a good listener!

  7. Barbara Williams says:

    So heartbreaking. Praying for you and Ashley. It was such a Blessing from the Lord for you and your Mom to sing Love Can Build a Bridge on the CMT’s. I believe that song is so prophetic for the time we are in. 🙌🙌

  8. Kim Southall says:

    Naomi is a Legend. She will never be forgotten. Prayers to her beloved family 🙏


      A legend of what? She was living in a nightmare. All things of the earth do not hold any enticement. Let me say this, You may or may not know this but for those of us who have been awakened from the illusion of this life. Living after that moment is pure torture. There is no going back it is only a matter of time (as ironic as that sounds) until we come to the point where we can no longer go on. I am so close….I want you to ponder on the miraculous thought that you even exist. Then ponder on the fact you are here but do not know where you came from or where you are going or why you exist. Then tell me I am a legend.

  9. Momma Berti says:

    My heart aches for them all. RIP Naomi you will be missed greatly.

  10. Tyler Paps says:

    What a beautiful soul. A soul that is shared by all three women and how blessed we are to be in their presence.

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