X-MEN: All Movies Reviewed (Part 1)

X-MEN: All Movies Reviewed (Part 1)

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Intro: 0:00
Ad: 2:03
X-Men 1: 3:27
X2: 13:00
X-Men 3: 18:10
First Class: 27:30
Days of Future Past: 34:05
Apocalypse: 40:03
Dark Phoenix: 48:14
Outro: 56:20

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44 Responses

  1. Prime says:

    Little background on the Toad struck by lightning line for anyone interested. There was initially supposed to be a running rivalry between Storm and Toad throughout the movie where’d he say things like “do you know what happens to a toad when it’s cornered” or “do you know what happens a toad when it senses danger” so Storm’s one liner to him was intended to be a way of her telling him to shut the hell up about toads, but then all the preceding lines were cut but the final one was left in, just making Storm look like an idiot.

  2. Ledagra says:

    Michael Fassbender as Magneto was probably one of the most solid casting choices made in any comic book movie. Just a shame the writing couldn’t keep up with his acting over the course of those movies.

  3. Primm's Hood Cinema says:

    Broooooo I’ve always thought Wolverine was too tall in the movies.
    He’s legit supposed to be a little stocky dude

  4. Alexandre Frauches says:

    I disagree about Magneto’s plan in the first movie being stupid. Considering how mutants are mistreat by humans and suffer prejuice just for being different, it makes sense that Magneto biggest scheme of revenge would involve turn the world leaders into mutants, turning them into the same persons they fear and hate.

  5. Jordan J says:

    I’m really surprised Marcus didn’t make a joke about that scene in the very last movie where Professor X is trying to talk people down and Magneto says “You’re always sorry Charles. And there’s always a speech. But no one cares.” Love that line. Good joke material

  6. Drew Forchic says:

    One of the saddest things about Apocalypse to me was how they failed to use Psylocke, cause I just feel back for the actress, Olivia Munn. She’s actually a big fan of the character, and was super excited to play her, did a ton of training and read more comics, and they even got a comic-accurate eye-catching costume unlike every other black jumpsuit in the movie… only for the directer to know nothing about her (to the point where the actress had to explain the character to the director), and she gets like 1 minute of screen time and 2 lines. I just feel bad for her.
    She still got to keep the katana prop, however.

  7. Carly Torres says:

    the sentinels in days of future past were so terrifying that in the theater i got such a devastating sense of DREAD when they appeared. the way the story built the oncoming doom, and the way they truly felt unbeatable… i’ll always remember it.

    it’s one reason why i’ll rewatch first class so often but can’t go back to days of future past.

  8. Prince of Leaves says:

    You know X-Men: Evolution had a scene from late in the series where all of the mutants’ identities and powers were revealed and Jean Grey was cut from her basketball team and had all of her scholastic achievements taken away because it couldn’t be determined whether or not she used her powers to cheat. I cared about her and her struggles more in that one scene than all of the X-Men movies combined.

    • LJK401 says:

      Why did they forgo showing students learning to control their powers for Wolverine drama?

    • Nicolás Riveros says:

      Ah yes, X Men Evolution. Most underated X Men show, alongside Wolverine and the X-Men. They also gave us Goth Rouge

    • LJK401 says:

      @Nicolás Riveros Wolverine and the X-Men had a lot of similar problems to the movies. Still better than the 90s cartoon though

    • Thomas Martin says:

      I think that really nails home the human cost of mutation and ostracizing people with those powers, same with Spike’s story. The movies accidentally make the villains points valid numerous times in how dangerous they are.

    • Blu Muffin says:

      I love X-Men evolutions, I actually cared for the characters and the story in that

  9. Luke R says:

    That scene where Angel is trying to cut off his wings was fucking insane. It went hard. Really dark and brutal for a PG-13 film, and the acting of the kid and the father was damn good, too.

    • hello, Zuko here says:

      That scene scared the shit out of me as a kid and now realising how dark the reason behind it is really something else.

    • Marcus Fenix875 says:

      This is a great example of pushing the PG-13 rating and I Really Hate that the MCU doesn’t do stuff like this and I really do hope they do it with Moon Knight

    • LJK401 says:

      Anyone else find the first X-Men freaky too? It literally begins with the Holocaust

    • Gabi 2001 says:

      @Marcus Fenix875 They kinda pushed the PG-13 with that blood on the shield scene in Falcon and The Winter Soldier, I hope we will get more scenes like that when necessary

  10. Cobalt Kitty Cat says:

    The “Do you know what happens to a toad” line is a hold over from an earlier draft of the script where Toad the character had more dialogue and would routinely say weird toad/frog facts relating to the situation (the example given was the “you know what happens to a toad when you place it in a pan of water and heat it” thing) so it made sense in that context as a witty rejoinder to Toad’s catchphrase, but they decided to cut almost all of Toad’s dialogue so now it’s a punchline with no set up and sounds really fuckin’ stupid.

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