Xbox Anniversary Celebration

Xbox Anniversary Celebration

We are excited to celebrate 20 Years of Xbox with you as we look back on the memories we’ve shared with the Xbox community over the years.

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32 Responses

  1. Okay Samurai says:

    💚Thanks for so many great memories and experiences!

  2. Bowlingdoughnuts MD says:

    When Phil leaves it’s going to suck. He literally made Xbox into the top tier company in terms of ideas and value. Can’t wait for them to actually get some good first party games again.

    • Jas says:

      I think hes set them on the right track there finally back to the early xbox 360 generation very competitive console with exclusive games but they have to keep up the momentum

    • Dragoonis88 says:

      He ain’t going anytime soon.

    • Jonathan B says:

      Sarah Bond could take over with him probably giving advice and support behind the scenes.

    • Gazzoon Tie says:

      @Jas trust me it just begun and Xbox will only get bigger and better because they seem to listen to their fans. If I can only get my hands on XBSX, hopefully next year and might be better ’cause more games & bugs/updates will make imo better experience. Good with my XB1X Scorpio + GamePass

    • Alex Silva says:

      They already have Halo, Gears and Forza. But yeah, they need more to compete

  3. Manny C says:

    Woke up and immediately had to play Halo CE campaign, been playing for 20 years since I was 5 years old, first and only videogame I ever played with Dad and I remember driving the warthog on second mission (Halo) and I was so bad that he made me be the gunner and I couldnt kill anything so he had to run everything over until bedtime when he could actually play on solo lmao… such good memories! However, I was the one who figured out the light bridge while he was stumped on it!😌 And I am so proud of how good Infinite has been so far Im so happy I cannot wait!

  4. awsm253 says:

    You all just made your Community extremely happy with that surprise launch.

    From all of us fans. Thank you.

  5. sWooZie says:

    I remember waiting in line for the first Xbox w/ my friend for him to get his at WalMart. There were only 10 ppl on line the whole time.

  6. Dedric Silva says:

    I’m so glad you brought my highly requested games like Star Wars Clone Wars, Jedi Knight, Fear, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe to backwards compatible.

  7. Sith Lord says:

    If it wasn’t for Xbox I wouldn’t be where I am today. I met my girlfriend on Xbox 3 years ago. We lived over 1000 miles apart from each other but I had to meet her after the countless hours we spent online together. So I went across the country to see her in person and we clicked and had so much fun together. Now we live together and started our own family. Thank you for everything Xbox. 💚

  8. A 15 year old on youtube says:

    I adore the fact they remade the entire og Xbox start up. They really care more about their startups than they should and I’m all for it.

  9. Andru Edwards says:

    Happy Birthday Xbox! 🙌🏽

  10. Dam says:

    20 years💚💚 thank you XBOX 💚

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