Xbox Briefing at E3 2019 in Under 15 Minutes

Xbox Briefing at E3 2019 in Under 15 Minutes

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58 Responses

  1. Joon - young says:

    I wonder if the xbox streaming service will be on PlayStation

  2. Icky Frost says:

    in gonna get dying light2, gears 5 and cyberpunk

    • Ricardo Soto says:

      Icky Frost fuck yeah, buddy

    • Johnny GoodMeme says:

      @COMBO That’s 180 for the entire year. I’m sure gears 5 is also going to be the biggest let down of 2019 so even less since the price will drop. Or 180 with Outer worlds instead, that’s the studio behind Fallout New Vegas

    • Drunken Master says:

      Just pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077 collector’s edition. Super hyped.

    • Johnny GoodMeme says:

      @Drunken Master How much is it? The stickers are ??. Do you get the stuff early? 11 months is too long.

    • UnclaimedGnat says:

      @Johnny GoodMeme it’s 250 for the collectors edition

  3. Dane Hales says:

    Lol anybody else get a PlayStation commercial?

  4. Michael Andriyanov says:

    4:20 Do you wanna play… are you gay.

  5. Will says:


    Literally no one:

    Lego Forza Horizon 4: Here are the Lego cars you’ve been asking for! EvErYtHiNg Is AwEsOmE

  6. Sam Galea says:

    4:57 this guy sounds like Yoda but talking normally

  7. Will says:

    If you’re reading this, you’re breath taking.

    I know ’cause Cyberpunk 2077 Keanu Reeves said so.

    • RaptorM82 says:

      dude actually if u are gonna act gay like that shit take it outside u keep doing that on thursday and I hate it Monday the best day so stfu and quit that please im begging u

    • Shadow CL says:

      Such an overhyped game! I wish people would just stfu about it

  8. Zaya Ambros says:

    Exciting stuff but I’m tired of the cutscene trailers. Show us gameplay or I dont believe it

    • Ongoing Coyote says:

      For that go to the DOOM Eternal trailer

    • Caela Riley says:

      Youll have to watch the e3 lol.. not a 15 min video

    • Sly Paredes says:

      Firstly, watch the entire damn E3 Conference. Not a Summary. Secondly, some games, especially Infinite, are not ready for Gameplay showcases.

      That is likely for release year. It is a pretty good marketing strategy, as it makes it easier to prepare and go all out after all possible delays happen.

    • Esh Design says:

      Riiigghhhtt!!! Lets not show Halo gameplay, let’s show him jumping out of a airship again… Genius

    • Eric Hall says:

      Esh Design it’s hard to show gameplay because the console isn’t done yet. AMD hasn’t even made the actual graphics cards for it yet. The Dev Kits are about 20% less powerful than the card that will be in the XBOX. So it would be hard to show good gameplay

  9. 아이고Aigo says:

    I gave this a like only because I saw Keeanu Reaves.

  10. Tina Hesse says:

    It was really awesome to see Keanu Reeves. Made me smile just seeing him.

  11. Soca Boy says:

    Besides cyberpunk, that LEGO trailer was awesome

  12. rpok2 says:

    CD Projekt Red is on another level, getting Keanu Reeves on the stage like that haha.

  13. Legendary Cinematics says:

    Anyone else lowkey wanna play the LEGO game

  14. Colinster 327 says:

    What about Microsoft’s flight simulator

  15. extra delux says:

    Xbox: 3:07 This is for the ladies.

    Also Xbox: 3:34 …and some of the fellas.

  16. Crimson Melody says:

    They went back to the old style with chiefs armor. Thank god.

  17. James Romero says:

    Damn I’m barely getting my setup to 4k

  18. Hatchet Fairbanks says:

    Excited for Halo Infinite and Dying Light 2 I’ve been waiting for a long time for these to come out

  19. HamayaNinja says:

    Your videos are amazing keep it up, don’t forget the Bethesda videos and square Enix and Nintendo direct

  20. JumpyPlum9613 says:

    Be 343
    Gain rights to Halo
    Change Halo to much
    Everyone misses the old Halo
    Bring back the old Halo

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