Xbox E3 2017 Briefing

Xbox E3 2017 Briefing

Watch the 2017 Xbox E3 Briefing LIVE June 11 at 2 PM PT on Mixer, Facebook Live, Twitch, and more.

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20 Responses

  1. megaprimatron1 says:

    499 is a huge pill

  2. Arya 988 says:

    Where was Halo?

  3. Menwo Teah says:

    starts at 34:20

  4. Pilot 7274 says:

    Battlegrounds bois

  5. iRassim says:

    please microsoft release games not consoles 🙁

  6. ZanKrosS says:

    ORI BEST GAME <3 OMG !!!!

  7. kyle williams says:

    Why did so many of these games look sluggish and choppy? They better fix that.

  8. Chief Godstaff says:

    LMAO, people are seriously crying because there isn’t a Halo teaser?

  9. Kapow Kapow says:



  10. Quintin Jennelle says:

    Phil Spencer, what happened at E3 this year? The only good thing I saw out of this was the Original Xbox Backwards Compatability.

  11. BT -7274 says:

    that backwards combat reveal was nice af

  12. GAMES CONSOLE says:

    Xbox E3 2017 Briefing starts at 34:20

  13. KE WL says:

    Can’t wait to play all of these games…..


  14. ChubbyTheEwok says:

    Xbox has more teraflops than exclusives. Ayyyyyy lmao

  15. Harlock2day says:

    Why are some retards asking where is Halo instead on commenting on a great showing ? Coukd it be they are desperately looking for negatives and don”t even own an xbox ? Anyway, lots of great games coming and tons of exclusives. The xb1x is amazing but predictably expensive right now and without a 4k tv is definately less effective. I will certainly pick it up the moment i upgrade my perfectly good 2k 3d tv. Microsoft is back !

  16. Nemesis says:

    I don’t get it.. many people complain about the lack of indies..then when they release indies, they complain the lack of big ones. When they release games like Forza 6, GoW 4 and Halo 5 within a short period of time, they complain again about the lack of indies and so on..

  17. Morgan Whaley says:

    They really took the criticism of the lack of exclusives to heart. Unfortunately, instead of actual first party exclusives they went with buying timed exclusivity and used weasel words to make it look like they were true exclusives. Saying “exclusive” over and over isn’t going to solve that problem.

  18. Glavius says:

    A History of Resolution 34:20
    Xbox One X Teaser Trailer 35:25
    Conference Start 37:30
    Xbox One X Presentation 39:45
    Forza Motorsport 7 44:27
    GT2RS Porsche Reveal 47:00
    Metro Exodus Reveal 53:14
    Assassin’s Creed Origins 58:18
    Mixer Live Streaming 1:07:01
    Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds 1:08:00
    Deep Rock Galactic 1:10:50
    State of Decay 2 1:12:00
    The Darwin Project 1:16:41
    Minecraft Update 1:18:48
    Dragonball FighterZ 1:23:25
    BlackDesert 1:24:57
    The Last Light Trailer 1:27:05
    The Artful Escape Trailer 1:28:25
    CodeVein Trailer 1:29:45
    Sea of Thieves Trailer 1:31:25
    Tacoma Trailer 1:40:05
    Super Lucky’s Tale Trailer 1:40:43
    Cuphead Trailer 1:43:27
    Crackdown 3 Trailer 1:44:20
    ID@Box Montage Trailer 1:46:55
    Ashen Trailer 1:49:44
    Life is Strange Before the Storm Trailer 1:51:35
    Middle-Earth Shadow of War 1:53:25
    Ori and the Will of the Wisps 2:00:26
    Xbox Backward Compatibility Program 2:03:30
    Closing Words 2:06:15
    Xbox One X price and date 2:07:20
    EA Presentation 2:08:00
    Anthem Gameplay 2:09:00
    Xbox exit reel 2:16:35

  19. GameMinds says:

    is everyone here a gamer?

  20. BonitaAnita Perez says:

    Who is here from gabe cerebro??

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