Xbox Project Scarlett Console Announcement | Microsoft Xbox E3 2019

Xbox Project Scarlett Console Announcement | Microsoft Xbox E3 2019

This is our first look at the next generation Xbox Console: Project Scarlett.

120 fps, 8k gaming. And it launches with Halo.


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90 Responses

  1. Aryan Jadhav says:

    A console should be designed for gaming
    Audience:yeah wooo wohooo yeahh

    • Cody Hallnan says:

      Right? xD Lmao. These oresentations are the best cause of the idiotic audience always lapping everything up. “A console? For GAMING? Never heard of it.”

    • Edgy Band Kid says:

      The reason they said this was because when they had first announced xbox one, they wanted to make it a “family console”, and said something like “we put gaming in the backseat and other things like movies and tv in the forefront”. This is why xbox one’s initial launch was so abysmal. I feel like it was very important to say that consoles should be for gaming, because it shows that they have learned from their mistakes and are trying to re-establish trust with their consumers.

    • Mika 87 says:

      Basically they said nothing at all the whole video. Loading screens are no issue at all atm i think. Consoles are powerful enough – it’s the good games that gamers are waiting for…

    • Lundin Krejci says:

      Mika 87 Having more powerful consoles allows for better games, and can push the whole gaming industry forward.

    • Cero Z says:

      @Jonesy umm yes we do lol if that was the case they would’ve won this console war cause that’s what they thought but no … we use it for GAMES especially Sony’s consol3

  2. Cody Hallnan says:

    Take a shot after every time they say “Like we’ve never seen/done before”.

  3. Colm O'driscoll says:

    “within a snap of your fingers”

    Thanos has joined the chat

  4. Damian Pedrosa says:

    Had both systems, now play ps4 but man halo has a special place in my heart

    • Anthony A says:

      Same…. but i do love my ps4 now. I’ll just get both consoles fuck it

    • Michael Gibbs says:

      DJ D!TCH in tech Xbox has better hardware they just have shit exclusives. That’s why ps4 is “better” they are built more for games as oppose to Xbox is built for graphics but graphics don’t sell. Games do. Gameplay sells. Xbox became that entertainment system that can stream movies and tv shows. The ultimate dvr ?. Ppl call it a glorified dvr for a reason. I love my ps4 but I started on Xbox with halo, gears of war and crackdown. Those games remain my favorites but Xbox has a chance to get it right with their new console. I pray they do at the least

    • Jah' Rez says:

      Yurrrrrrr lol

    • Tsunayoshi Sawada says:

      DJ D!TCH Stop being a toxic PS4 elitist, you’re making us look bad lmao. PS4 IS better but hardware is DEFINITELY not one of the reasons.

      Now get your head out of your ass and look at the facts here. PS4 won this gen console war so I don’t know why you’re panties are twisted anyways

    • Mr elite zealot says:

      @DJ D!TCH but why would I buy a PS4 when an Xbox is a better console?

  5. Reliablethreat says:

    “In 2020, Project Scarlett became self-aware…”

  6. Elijah the Millionaire says:

    120 fps 8k I sleep

    120 fps 8k minecraft: REAL S###?

    • Toto Ze says:

      It’s not 120fps 8k it’s 120 fps (not specifing resolution) – … – 8k capability (not specifing if real time gaming. can also be movies. And no one has an 8k display so it doesn’t matter).

    • Dean-0 says:

      @Toto Ze I’m not arguing with you but Samsung is making one. I really don’t understand why.

    • halo4master43 says:

      Toto Ze no but I’m sure by the time this console Has been released there will be. They are saying 8k compatibility and that’s because they have already tested the 8k compatibility and so therefore a company has already made a monitor or tv with 8k compatibility..

    • Ron Johnson says:

      I hope you said the same thing when Sony brung up 8k. ??

    • Lundin Krejci says:

      Ron Johnson I mean, let’s be realistic though. It will NOT be 8k 120fps. Probably 4K 60fps, or 720-1080p 120fps?

  7. Fire_Element says:

    It was the year 2001: I walked out of Best Buy with my new Xbox, and Halo: Combat Evolved. ?

    • McMacZee says:

      Fire_Element why isn’t this pinned? This is the most accurate comment on here.

    • Vaskes Jack says:

      It was the year 2020: i walked out of Best Buy with my new PS5 and Halo: Master Chief for PC 😀

    • Shana Chan says:

      Same, that game was like cocaine back then for kids! Hands down the best time of my life. Fuzion Frenzy and odd world as well.

    • Choc Chip says:

      @Vaskes Jack Master Chief Collection*
      I can’t tell if you are a just a hater, a joker, or someone who probably just forgot to put a word there.

    • A HR guy who doesn't like micro transactions says:

      Same boat as you Fire Element.

      Sadly I wont be doing something similar with the new xbox and halo infinite… 343 has let me down one too many times and this title doesn’t look like it will be anything special.

  8. ThatBoi ISO says:

    “Sitting in a fake elevator”
    all 2k players:??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

  9. M P says:

    “This is gonna be the biggest leap we’ve ever made”. Well according to Moore’s Law it damn sure better be.

  10. Rob Kellams says:

    “Sitting in the fake elevator, you know it’s just loading the level while you’re in the elevator forever” y u gotta attac Mass Effect like dat.

  11. HamsterOfTime says:

    XBOX: Nah
    XBOX 360: More Detail, pls
    XBOX One X: That’s it
    This XBOX: Too much detail

  12. Wade M says:

    CAN NOT WAIT for loot boxes and pay-to-win at 4k 120hz – awesome!!!

    • Choc Chip says:

      Aren’t loot boxes a _game_ thing, not a _PC_ thing?

    • Arnold K says:

      Wade M ???

    • federico ross says:

      @Jck. -_- Hz is how many refreshes a monitor can do, fps is how many frames are rendered, they are not the same thing, they are not the same.
      Also 120 hz 4k is already a thing on pc.

    • Jck. -_- says:

      federico ross yes trust me I know, I was simplifying it to him so he can understand. My point still is that 4K120 Hz OR FPS will not be achievable on both games, and I additionally said that not many people have good enough monitors anyway. I didn’t say Hz and FPS are the same, all i said is that (assuming a 120hz Monitor is used, 120 FPS is the same as 120hz)

    • Lundin Krejci says:

      Jck. -_- Doesn’t the Xbox One X already support 120hz (even though it doesn’t run frame rates that high)?

  13. Hentai-shin says:

    >Most of the color schemes of the trailer are white and grey

  14. sesshomaru2005 says:

    a console should be designed for gaming….. oh my god , they discover fire.

    • Michael Kovalchuk says:

      Xbox Charlatan: It (MS) eats dollars for breakfast (daily). I hate Microsoft ever since Bill Gates retired, gave away the company, and then donated his many billions of dollars to charity. Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox Scarlet = Microsoft anticipating that some people would and will end-up buying anywhere between 2, and up to possibly 4 consoles over the course of 4 years. It certainly must be powerful – it is the first ever $1,800.00 Gaming Console that I am aware being manufactured and sold.
      All the shit that MS has said here in this E3 2019 Commercial is literally the same exact shit that MS has said each and every single time that a new console on the market is being hyped-up for a post-dated release. Bottom Line – All that I am seeing is fraud. And as the FBI specifically are the Bureau responsible for both investigating and prosecuting cases of consumer fraud, I think that those of us consumers with the time, the patience, the interest, and the gumption could, should, and had really ought to research the potential legitimacy of this fraud-issue, and if there is any warranted suspicion of fraud, forward all questionable activity to the FBI so that they can press the issue (it’s a touchy subject).
      It is possible that in the same way that the FBI investigated and prosecuted successfully the manufacturers of the 1080p televisions for consumer fraud, the FBI may also find that Microsoft has engaged in fraud.

    • Lundin Krejci says:

      Michael Kovalchuk And in what way would this be fraud?

    • Charles Wabashaw says:

      Not what he said but you go ahead and deduce that if it makes you feel better, Jr.

  15. Sonic the Hedgeteacher says:

    Phil Spencer: “Here is a finger”
    Audience: ” whoaaah whoaaaahh yeah baby”

  16. Cookie Mite says:

    SSD, GDDR6, Zen 2 and Navi, ray tracing, etc.
    damn i need to upgrade my Pc

    • Andonauts_TTV says:

      Cookie Mite bahahahaha consoles acting like they’re reinventing the wheel when it’s simply just old pc tech that the average pc gamer already has minus the newer amd cpu. Only because it hasn’t even been released yet

    • Nathan L says:

      @Andonauts_TTV you have twitch TV in your name. Your argument is invalid

  17. YS Entertainment says:

    Scarlett: No loading screen
    FFXV: ?????

  18. Andrew K says:

    The Combination of the SSD and the Solid State Drive… WUT.. its the same thing!!!!!

  19. Toto Ze says:

    “The combination of the SSD and the solid state drive” are you kidding me ? They are the same thing.

  20. Vahnglenn says:

    Microsoft: “we’re the most powerful console, framerates, loading screen, great great great”
    Sony: “Here’s some awesome games you playas out there. Go play some games”

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