Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct – Nintendo Switch

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct – Nintendo Switch

Tune in for a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct presentation featuring roughly 20 minutes of information about the upcoming RPG adventure for Nintendo Switch.


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38 Responses

  1. Bidoofenshmirtz Evil Inc. says:

    I’m honestly super excited for this game to come out. The new Fusion mechanic looks crazy, the story looks engaging, it just looks like a very fun time. Here’s hoping the game strives

  2. RogersBase says:

    Thank you for not packing this with spoilers!!!

    • topsekret says:

      I noticed they intentionally censored out one of the Heroes in the menu… Looks like there will be some surprising characters joining us!

    • XenoSmasher says:

      Oh It’s not packed with spoilers? I haven’t watched because I’m concerned about spoilers. Xenoblade games are one of the game series that I don’t want any kind of spoilers for! It’s been my favorite rpg series and one of my favorite series for years now, but it might be my new favorite series after this one. I’m just happy that it is releasing about a month sooner than the original release window!

    • Wonwill430 says:

      @Chile Anyways They’re talking about how the 2 rulers of Keves and Agnus look like Melia and Nia from 1 and 2 respectively. That was kind of an obvious reveal though, so I wouldn’t consider that a spoiler. We don’t know their motives or how they ended up in the same universe.

    • Just a person on YouTube says:

      They better not disappoint us on the real direct

  3. MJ Devlog says:

    Never interested in Xenoblade until this direct. Looks fantastic!

  4. BP says:

    “I wish to meet them all. The people of this boundless world.”

  5. Marshadow Pokemon says:

    I can’t wait to play it. The combat system seems a lot more crazy than Xenoblade 2, and I really want to try controlling all 6 characters in battle. The story seems really good and interesting and the visuals are amazing. I want to figure out why the people’s lives got shortened to only 10 years. I think that I’m going to have to pre order the game instead of waiting for it to release first.

  6. Matthew Wolf says:

    Mixing and matching classes, skills, equipment, etc is what makes for some of the most fun gameplay systems in RPGs for me, and this game is delivering an insane amount with the number of classes and characters. Plus the world looks beautiful to explore and the story has a neat premise. And I actually really like most of the character designs this time around. There’s soooo much potential here, I can’t wait to get my hands on it. In the meantime I’ll just be trying to temper my expectations.

  7. Nicolas Piken says:

    The side characters let you unlock new classes, you can use arts from other classes with or without fusion, and you can switch between two oroborus forms, those are all insanely cool and will make combat never get old

    • sonicgalaxy27 says:

      Not gonna lie, but Yasunori Mitsuda and other composers really out did themselves with the games soundtrack. I’m really gonna enjoy this game on my TV.

  8. Something says:

    I know a lot of people are probably disappointed this isn’t a normal direct, but I feel it’s inevitable we’ll get a normal one soon enough. Still, game looks really cool!

    • Matt Pecas says:

      @Master Lee Wow, I didn’t know about that posibility, now I just hope it becomes reality and is announced at the normal Direct (whetever date is announced) ’cause I would totally buy that

    • Date Kaname says:

      @RiderZero dude your botw2 news was it getting delayed by a year. Realistically don’t expect anything related to botw2 until like the end of the year.

    • chiffmonkey says:

      @FreakyNinja I had mo idea they were doing anything

    • Falco Flare says:

      @Master Lee True. Nintendo knows that Switch is in mid-life, and Switch2 is imminent and could come out in 2023.

    • Master Lee says:

      @Falco Flare Why is Nintendo holding games back til end of the times is what God wants to know🤔

  9. kingdingaling says:

    2 is probably my favorite game of all time. Got me through some rough times with my health. I can’t wait to dive into this game.

    • Jikangire says:

      I absolutely agree! Xenoblade 2 is absolutely the best game made for Nintendo Switch so far. I have extremely high expectations for Xenoblade 3, and after watching this Nintendo Direct I don’t think I will be disappointed at all!

    • XenoSmasher says:

      That’s the second person I’ve seen on the internet say that about it helping get through rought times with health, and I think that is very amazing that a Xenoblade game did that.

    • DragonLorne says:

      Ditto, lost my mum back then. 2s soundtrack is imbedded into my soul, this one looks like it will be the same.

    • The Entity says:

      Me too bro. Broke my leg and couldn’t walk for a long time. This game got me through some serious crap. Good health to you going forward man

  10. Frozen Death Knight says:

    They are fixing so many issues I had with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 while taking the best aspects of each game. The new questing system looks great and less cryptic, the world map is easier to find stuff and track where you are, etc. I love that they are bringing back the campfire system from Torna The Golden Country. It’s clear that the developers have taken great care with this game and will likely have less tedious elements by no longer having to deal with things like the RNG system of finding the right Blade in XBC 2.

    I can’t wait to play this! 😀

    • somethin says:

      @Zegu Nugu They said that the guiding tool is a feature and it was also a thing in xenoblade DE which you could also turn off in that. So you should definitely be able to turn it off. Though I’m not sure if it’s off by default, but even if it isn’t it’s good that it’s optional.

    • Frazzle64 says:

      Zegu Nugu if I’m not mistaken they say here that it is an optional toggle so that’s awesome

    • Zegu Nugu says:

      @somethin if thats true then im happy i hope its off by default.

    • somethin says:

      @Zegu Nugu It seems like you can choose whether or not to have those hand-holding elements on, so I’d say it’s a win win.

    • JayMan Falldy says:

      Honestly with how much half finished games Nintendo studios been pumping out, sometimes I feel like Monolith is one of the last few good eggs

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