Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – Release Date Revealed – Nintendo Switch

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – Release Date Revealed – Nintendo Switch

Why are Noah and his friends being pursued as “monsters” by the forces of the two nations they hail from? Witness the introduction of the mighty Ouroboros forms, the oversized entities your party can become during battle in this epic continuation of the Xenoblade Chronicles series.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 arrives on July 29!


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44 Responses

  1. DEAD_M3ME says:

    People said the game was gonna get delayed, and Nintendo took that personally.

    • Zeke von Genbu, Bringer of Chaos says:

      @David Bannister Monolith doesn’t do that, they’ve said that multiple times

    • thunderbolts9 says:

      I find it hard to believe that this and the BOTW2 delay aren’t connected in some way. Monolith Soft was fundamental to the development of BOTW and I assume that they will also be for BOTW2. Maybe wanted to get XB3 out the door to have all hands on deck for BOTW2.

    • StelerSteel says:

      Just because we have a release date doesn’t mean it won’t be delayed. Look at Advance Wars and I’m not talking about the second delay I’m talking about the first. That game had a release date and it was delayed.

    • MexicanCrossfire says:


    • Jasonrdr Hutchinson says:

      Nintendo we will release xenoblade chronicles 3 in September…. Actually we change our mind July sounds good.
      Legend of zelda breath of the wild 2 fans😭😭😭😭😭

  2. 247MrNiceguy says:

    Yoo wtf!? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a game coming out sooner than initially announced??? What an absolute Chad move by Monolithsoft, that’s crazy! Pretty insane after the BotW 2 delay lmao

  3. Emma Erickson says:

    I genuinely can’t believe this…what did we do to deserve this? I can play during summer break now…thank you so incredibly much, Monolithsoft, Nintendo!!!

  4. Kurutta says:

    Just seeing more of this game is making me. Even the small interactions between the characters are so good.

  5. Turd Person says:

    Combat seems like it’s going to be extremely fun with the mecha type things, the role swaps. This is seriously going to be hype.

    • lentinant says:

      @I’m Beeg Yoshi fusion is to transform into Ooroboros thingy. I think the question was rather about if you are able to switch from playing one character to playing another one (which wasn’t the option in any game prior). I’d hope that’s what button Tactics is about.

    • Vincent Mejia says:

      @I’m Beeg Yoshi ah

    • I'm Beeg Yoshi says:

      @Vincent Mejia there’s a fusion button (R) so yeah probably?

    • Vincent Mejia says:

      Can you like, change characters mid battle?

  6. Ausar The Vile says:

    So far, from what we’ve been teased with, everything looks very cool and unique from the other Xenoblade games. The story seems interesting, and the Combat UI was very eye-catching for me! And it’s only 3 months away! Looking forward to playing this!

    • zero casuality says:

      @Blake Blast cmiiw but an ouroboros have a symbol of a dragon biting its own tail, forming a full circle, you can see it on the battle ui in the bottom left

    • Blake Blast says:

      @Ausar The Vile People are saying they are targeted by both nations because they Have “The power of Ouroboros” Which resembles a purple snake in their weaponry.

    • B says:

      @Frustrate No, the Switch had a July release from Nintendo every year so far.

    • No time for creative names just for games says:

      @Realos you gotta play xenoblade 2 to understand why they have merged

    • DONT CLICK ON MY VIDEO!! says:

      Dont read my name! 😎

  7. Archiemore Roberts says:

    This game looks absolutely incredible and the fact that Nintendo found a way to release it sooner in the summer just makes it even better

  8. chanlaman says:

    I have chills right now. This game looks MEGATON…I can’t believe this is happening. The battle system looks like it’s combining the best of 1 and 2…the Blades look like they can combine with the main characters…everything just looks so fun and exciting. I love the sense of wonder and scale this series provides with its stories. I love this series so much.

  9. Euby Gaming [Red Eye Samurai] says:

    The best news i’ve had in a while! So glad to see they’re keeping alot of the battle elements from 2, and improving on it. The world looks as beautiful as ever and i can’t wait to see how this connects with the previous 2 games. Not long to wait now!

  10. TwinDragons45 says:

    I’m really digging everything they’ve shown! The battle system looks so good, I just wonder if the enemies are going to be sponges to compensate for so many characters.

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