XXXTENTACION NFT Collection – Exclusive Preview

XXXTENTACION NFT Collection – Exclusive Preview

YellowHeart presents: The XXXTENTACION NFT Collection.
Opening May 10th at noon EST on

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33 Responses

  1. BogdiRO says:


  2. π’π’†π’•π’šπ’π’–π’…π’π’˜π’ says:

    miss you, miss you so bad πŸ’”

  3. Peffi007 :D says:

    and i thought his family would stop using him once their bank accounts get dry … sad to see his legacy like this . LLJ

    • Jelani Mast says:

      thinking the same thing

    • Ezra Iannucci says:

      It’s really a shame to see his legacy and music and image handled the way it is. Selling his merch for ridiculous amounts and now this? He would never want this. This is a cash grab.

  4. Samuel ALBORNOZ says:

    Just God knows how much I miss XXXTENTACION πŸ’”πŸ–€ LLJ

  5. Sharp ntj says:

    ✰𝚁.𝙸.𝙿 πš‡βœ°

    Λ‘α΅‰α΅α΅‰βΏα΅ˆΛ’ ᡃʳᡉ ⁿᡉᡛᡉʳ fᡒʳᡍᡒᡗᡗᡉⁿ

  6. JUNIOR CORREA says:

    Xxxtentación Not dead He went to teach the stars how to shine ❀️😌🌟✨

  7. No Way says:

    This kinda hurts because this isn’t sharing more of his art with the fan base, I feel this is an obvious cash grab at the growing NFT market. Rest In Peace X I hope everyone who was close around you has the right idea at heart ❀️

    • Judas Ruiz says:

      What’s NFT?

    • No Way says:

      @Judas Ruiz it’s digital art but more specifically the value comes from the digital signature that creates value. It’s like owning the OG file, so aka like the original Mona Lisa vs a copy

    • MJ23GOAT says:

      @Judas Ruiz basically selling a piece of content/digital asset (music,picture,video,art)to own and have the rights of ownership of, for example the image of the first tweet was sold as a nft for $1.2 million

    • Judas Ruiz says:

      @No Way Oh ok, thank you.

    • Judas Ruiz says:

      @MJ23GOAT Oh damn bro, shits crazy

  8. MILOLO says:

    ✰𝚁.𝙸.𝙿 πš‡βœ°

    Λ‘α΅‰α΅α΅‰βΏα΅ˆΛ’ ᡃʳᡉ ⁿᡉᡛᡉʳ fᡒʳᡍᡒᡗᡗᡉⁿ

  9. Little Bells says:

    Aye y’all ogs remember when x used to respond to snapchat messages if you were goin through it like depression or what man the times miss this man so much

  10. Luke Sepe says:

    this is disgusting milking every last penny they can get out of him… #llj πŸ•Š

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