Ya Bernt with Bernie Sanders: The 1%, Big Banks

Ya Bernt with Bernie Sanders: The 1%, Big Banks

Senator Bernie Sanders dishes out sick burns to deserving subjects.
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Ya Bernt with Bernie Sanders: The 1%, Big Banks- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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19 Responses

  1. Tagr Endy says:

    Lol you can tell he’s not used to soft balls xD

  2. zeilschool ter braak says:

    America, wake up, this man is another FDR.

  3. Deebo Molina says:

    Is no one going to address about Bernie Sanders calling out BvS? ?

  4. Evan Harris says:

    cmon seth you guys could have written him better jokes. this was borderline
    passive aggressive. I saw your WHCD speech. I know you can do better

  5. Alexis Palacios says:

    He’s so awkwardly adorable lmao gO BERNIE!!

  6. Sarah Johnson says:

    This is so cute. I love Bernie!!!! :)

  7. Adi Mehta says:

    I feel the Bern! America- Let’s not blow this!

  8. A Pacing Goose says:

    Candidates 2016
    1. Bigot
    2. liar
    3. Socialist

  9. MnMPryoBanana says:

    This Archdiocese of New York serves 2.8 million Catholics in New York. This
    invitation by the Vatican was deliberately timed to happen just before the
    New York primary. Basically what this means is the pope is telling the
    Catholics in New York to vote for Bernie Sanders.

  10. John Wolfenden says:

    Well, know know Bernie’s honest because he certainly can’t act.

  11. xHorseCents says:

    SETH MEYERS is THE BEST talk show host right now!!!
    He is smart and well read, hilariously funny, and treats every single one
    of his guests with dignity and respect.
    Thank you Seth, for a fantastic Bernie Sanders guest segment!!!

  12. Max Power says:

    God this was awesome.

  13. Hannah Taylor says:

    I’d like Bernie to name one Destiny’s Child song haha

  14. dany manchster says:

    i thought it was fun. i felt the burn.

  15. Aidan Ruth says:

    Now I’m not gonna lie, the top of the food chain need to pay their fair
    share but socialism is not the answer. When socialism systems are put into
    place what’s the incentive to work. Why would People work if their getting
    next to nothing out of it other than free healthcare and to send a bunch of
    lazy bums to college because their not smart enough to go for free. Or we
    could just do what the USSR did and threaten people to work like slaves.
    And to top it allllllll off, no socialist country has ever worked for very
    long, they always collapse. now I know somebody will bring up Sweden or
    Finland working so here’s my answer to that, they are both heading towards
    an economic collapse right this moment just like Greece did a couple years

  16. Ethan Douglass says:

    I don’t support Bernie, but he was damn right about Batman vs Superman :P

  17. Tyler Henshaw says:

    More socialism = More control. Cruz 2016!!! Take back America from the

  18. scoobert doobert says:


  19. Cinzar MC says:

    I don’t feel the “Bern” dispite his win streak. Props to you Sanders for
    the wins. Anywho #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain