Ya Burnt: Sledding, Bethlehem Innkeepers

Ya Burnt: Sledding, Bethlehem Innkeepers

Seth sizzles through a list of topics and fires sick burns at some deserving subjects, like the song “12 Days of Christmas.”
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Ya Burnt: Sledding, Bethlehem Innkeepers- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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43 Responses

  1. Mickey is my Spirit Animal says:

    Chili con Carne! ?

  2. soth1 sol says:

    you can’t tease a video of “migrating tree frogs” and then NOT deliver!

  3. Insane Layne says:

    I always thought the parents from home alone were the worst! YA BURNT!!!

  4. Err gag says:

    When they call the roll in the White House, they do not know whether to answer ‘Present’ or ‘Not guilty’

  5. Anna-Maree Castillo says:

    ? I’ve missed these! Glad to have it back.,?

  6. Art by April says:

    I laugh every time he mentions those migrating tree frogs

  7. robert davis says:

    I was putting up Christmas lights with the parents when this conversation happened Dad”And we celebrate the birth of Jesus” Me”Uhhh the Tree is a pagan tradition dating from before Christianity” Dad”So why do you celebrate if you don’t believe it?” Me”Because it’s fun!”

  8. Ozghicman says:

    is it me, or are these getting better?

  9. J Nuy says:

    Totally agree with him on the parents in Home Alone!???

  10. Rick Daniel says:

    He figured out he can flip off the camera if his finger is directly in front of his nose and not get blurred.


    • debbiedoodiedandi says:

      And his thumb was out, so technically it’s not giving someone “the finger”.

    • Vara Valley says:

      All of ‘ya blazed” i was waiting for the buzzer, and i was so happy when he got through the whole thing. #Stressed

    • gabelogan56 says:

      I think it’s blurred on tv and just not on youtube.
      Although being that he’s on after 12:35 am they might’ve also let it slide on tv.

  11. bouya harumichi says:

    Respect for christian Palestinians in Bethlehem from Jordan.

  12. Nuegen says:

    Smoke…. phew. Much worst if he smelt smock.

  13. ColoringKaria says:

    DAMMIT!! Are you ever going to deliver the migrating tree frog news. It’s been 3 YEARS!!!

  14. debbiedoodiedandi says:

    Ya damn right “Love Actually” is unburnable!

    • PeterWDawson says:

      Pretty much. It’s one of those movies you can probably spend a long conversation ripping apart but then at the end of the chat go, “Let’s go watch it. Now.” “Bring tissues.”

  15. Linthari says:

    Love the cue card guy lol. -^_^-

  16. 4c1dr3fl3x says:

    Didn’t you know, Seth?
    Only you can prevent Ya Burnt Smock. By raking the floor.

  17. bac 946 says:

    GROW A PEAR LOL ? I ALMOST MISSED IT, very funny thanks Seth

  18. Leina Amatsuji-Berry says:

    “Lets just call this what it is: a fun way to teach kids they live in a police state.” I’m SCREAMING

  19. 9872efr says:

    Ya Burnt…though not as much as Joe Pesci’s head.

  20. bradschuss322 says:

    “The Blaze” in this one was fantastic, peak Seth right there

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