Ya Burnt: Sunburns, the Pride Parade

Ya Burnt: Sunburns, the Pride Parade

Seth sizzles through a list of topics and fires sick burns at some deserving subjects like World Cup ties.
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Ya Burnt: Sunburns, the Pride Parade- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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63 Responses

  1. Jim Fortune says:

    I want to hear more about the tree frogs.

  2. anthony reed says:

    that roots jokes was amazing

  3. Alex PL says:

    In SNL there’s always that tree frog pic in Weekend Update when guest arrives

  4. starlinguk says:

    There’s something called “sandals” if you’re not into flip flops. I ain’t wearing socks in this heat.

    • Gergo Nyari says:

      starlinguk you should….. also shoes

    • Rose S says:

      In New Zealand we call them Jandals – short for Japanese Sandals. Not flip flops or thongs. I would wear them year round if it didn’t get slightly chilly here in June.

    • Simran Simran says:

      We call them chappals and wear them pretty much all the time in India.

    • Jessica DeNittis says:

      Clearwater, Florida here. I’d say 80% of the people here from children to seniors are wearing flip-flops/chancletas, sandals, closed-toe-heel-but still open “jellies” despite not going to the beach. It’s just what we walk around in for causal footwear usually from March-November.

    • dietotaku says:

      Texas here, if I had to wear socks in July I would legitimately start killing people.

  5. Joey Melliza says:

    newsflash – brown people get sunburned too

  6. Warren NZ says:

    Nice but a thumbs down purely for the anal American censorship. Sorry people, come into the 21st century and if you’re Christian or under 12 years old, GO TO BED!!! Why are you watching this?

  7. Aurora Häkli says:

    whoever changed the default heaven effect on the unburnable to raindows, i say to thee: nice touch.

  8. Carine Johnson says:

    I kinda wanted to hear about the migrating tree frogs study.

  9. Paul Saganski says:

    By the time he gets to finish that intro, the frogs will be finished migrating. Or extinct.

  10. Knock Out says:

    The migrating tree frogs were detained at the border.

  11. Knock Out says:

    “The John Mayer of insects” – crying. This whole bit was amazing and I guess the horse part was too real for the audience.

    • pasovasz says:

      “The horse part” as you called it was not funny. That’s why the audience reacted as it did. Find a better topic to make fun of.

    • Knock Out says:

      I didn’t think he was making fun of it? I took it as commentary on how the animals are treated.

  12. Danilo Vega says:

    This is my fav part of the show

  13. Collin McLean says:

    Dammit Seth get to the migrating Tree Frogs!

  14. Derek Dugan says:

    I love you bro, but I’ve got to do this. In football (i.e.: soccer), it’s not called a tie, it’s called a draw, and if no side has scored it’s a no-score draw. Also, it’s not zero-zero, it’s called nil-nil. I understand that draws are uncommon in American sports, but draws are quite common and not seen in the same negatory light, although for what it’s worth everyone likes to see goals scored.

    • Derek Dugan says:

      My good sir, I was named after him. I am also a real Derek Dugan, I have a birth certificate to prove that.

    • Derek Dugan says:

      pr0xykill Don’t get me started, and it’s football, not soccer.

    • robert walton says:

      Love your passion Dex. So, a Wolves fan I’m guessing. I remember when they were a force majeure. A lad I went to school with was such a fan that when he died prematurely, the club allow his wife to have some of his ashes buried on the centre spot. That’s a real fan !! Please don’t call me Sir. I’m not a snob or someone who feels privileged by birthright. I’m from Blackpool so you can call me Bob.

    • MrDjsmooth87 says:

      Brian H with your comment, you that I guy I say YA BURNT👍🏾😂

    • The Cricket Nerd says:

      People don’t seem to understand that draws can be exciting even when it’s 0-0. Basketball is literally teams scoring every 2 seconds and it’s so fucking boring to watch.

  15. Simran Simran says:

    I don’t get it. In India flip flops are everywhere wear.

  16. Michael Boland says:

    I love this segment so much. Just roasting a bunch of different things in a short amount of time just joke after joke

  17. Phil Robichaud says:

    my fav segment, after “jokes Seth can’t tell”

    • Medication102 says:

      Phil Robichaud yeah isn’t censorship fucking hilarious?!?! 🤣🤣🤣 you must be one of those regressive progressives that flock to this SJW abortion of a segment…

    • Phil Robichaud says:

      you’re upset they censored the word “dick”?

    • The Cricket Nerd says:

      Medication, did you name yourself after what you’re in desperate need of?

    • Ichijo Festival says:

      @Phil: I think you and I have polar opposite comedic tastes. This is actually my *least* favorite, followed by “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell.” (Though that bit where he plays a member of the white house press corps is definitely a competitor– mostly because he’s the *only one* who gets to ask any of the questions. It’s nitpicking, sure, but I firmly believe “correspondents” really make these late night comedy shows better.

  18. Neopopulas says:

    As an Australian, thongs are acceptable everywhere, even weddings.

    • Jiminy Cricket says:

      Neopopulas Maybe if you’re a bogan

    • Raxta Emu says:

      Neopopulas that’s why Australians are not acceptable anywhere

    • Bilinda Law-Morley says:

      Neopopulas yes and they’re def thongs down here. I refuse to call them flip flops- we were wearing them for a long time before the rest of the world realised what a boon we had gifted them, so we get naming rights!

    • Commenting Creatively says:

      As someone with Aussie friends I immediately knew what you meant by thongs keep being awesome aussies

    • Estragon17 says:

      Bilinda Law-Morley ok… Someone has to say it. Flip flops. The only ridiculous name for something Australians don’t embrace.

  19. Jess WILLS says:

    This was a really good one!

  20. matsujonen says:

    I’m never gonna find out what’s going on with those tree frogs

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