Yahoo! Answers Lounge Singers with Seth MacFarlane

Yahoo! Answers Lounge Singers with Seth MacFarlane

Jimmy and Seth MacFarlane sing replies to real Yahoo! Answers to questions like, “Can a veterinarian tell how many lives a cat has left?”

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Yahoo! Answers Lounge Singers with Seth MacFarlane

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20 Responses

  1. August Bright Shim says:

    Is Seth really playing the piano?

  2. James Tala says:

    Jimmy doesn’t deserve to share a stage or TV time with Seth!

  3. Emily Kirby says:

    They need to make an album like this.

  4. dude208099 says:

    @qazplm114 It sounds kind of like showtunes.

  5. Jai Seeber says:

    omg they should sing some funny ones! That’d be amazing

  6. BIGpapa1414 says:

    This is a total rip off of jacksfilms!!!! Like what the hell? How can
    someone just steal someone else’s work and say it’s there own.

  7. rai ZOR says:

    wtf is yahoo?

  8. trogdorthe8th says:

    Wash em’…….DANGLE EM’ from the treeeeeee…… I’m DEAD!!!! lmao

  9. Shanna Bell says:


  10. Matt Co says:

    He need to do this with Hugh Laurie.

  11. mudkittens says:

    That Marzipan answer around 1:58 was actually really beautifully done??

  12. Austen Anderson says:

    MBMBAM is so sad right now

  13. Amanda “ficklefuddledwords” Lea says:

    I’m very impressed with Seth McFarland. I think his comedy is subpar, but
    he can actually play the piano and sing!

  14. gumdokim says:

    Seth and Jimmy should make this an album.

  15. cicci0salsicci0 says:

    That’s also my Christmas routine…

  16. Nych Cw says:


  17. D34N6232 says:

    but how is baby formed?

  18. Uncle Bernard says:

    I think seth was really playing the piano in the beggining

  19. Uncle Bernard says:

    Those suits are really fresh. Pretty dapper lmao

  20. Jo Baker says:

    of course seth plays the fucking piano.