Yale Graduate Takes The SAT As An Adult

Yale Graduate Takes The SAT As An Adult

Ned challenged himself to take the SAT as an adult. Will he score as well as he did over a decade ago?

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60 Responses

  1. The Try Guys says:

    B (Ned edited the video wrong lol ?)

  2. Mossheart1129 says:

    i got a 1250 or something after studying, yknow, a lot while Sober… ned got 1500 cramming on whiskey… this man is so smart we stan a legend

  3. broken fangirl 2002 says:

    I see videos like this and I’m glad I’m Canadian and don’t have the SATs

    • littlesimming says:

      Well if you wanted to go to a school like college in the US you would have to take the SAT.

    • Anna says:

      Maybe that’s why y’all don’t have any prestigious University’s lmao

    • shafaq shaukat says:

      +Anna You do know that a majority of Canada’s Universities are quite prestigious in the fact that the education is high quality, to get into Harvard of course you have to be somewhat smart but i’ve heard of people getting in with mediocre marks and a somewhat interesting essay. The hardiest part of Harvard is getting in and if your rich and your family has connections your basically set.

    • Martin Lai says:

      Wait I thought all of Canada took diploma’s or is it only in Alberta that is required for us to do diploma’s?

      EDIT: no way I believed my whole life that everyone in Canada took a high school diploma(same as SAT but an exam that is 30% of your end year mark) to get into University… but it’s only Alberta that does this crap… SOOOO STUPID

      Lucky it went from 50% to 30% or else I would have been living on the streets

    • broken fangirl 2002 says:

      Martin Lai hey at least you don’t have EQAO (it’s only in Ontario where I live) It does nothing for your grades but you have to take it in grade 3 grade 6 and grade 9,

  4. KiraLyricalMuse says:

    Next time my husband gives me a look for buying Oreos, I am so going to say “It’s for the studying”.

  5. China Koury says:


  6. Kayte52 says:

    As a Canadian, I am confused.

    • Anushka Singh says:

      Like bro, we have different tests for different streams, like JEE mains and advanced for maths students, NEET for biology students and so on. Apart from this, the board exams that everyone has to give. And ppl prepare so much for it, JEE preps start from 5th grade, just to get into an IIT.

    • spotte1992 says:

      +Jaded Belle @I am a Potato
      To be fair, our tests aren’t even standardised across our states. Having come from QLD, I imagine SAT as something like a weird mix of Queensland Core Skills (with the random, useless test subjects) and the HSC (with the length and stress because it actually matters how you go).

    • Jess says:

      Canadian here, I know what they are due to American media… Personally i think these tests are ignorant. Here in Canada, you get into college or university based on your high school class performance overall, instead of relying on ONE test taken ONE time. I suck at tests… i do best with projects/assignments.

    • Jess says:

      +Queen Remains It blows my mind they actually measure your future based on ONE test. In America, you guys have a ranking of schools, with ivy league at the “top”, then state universities, then state/local/community college are at the “bottom” and are almost viewed as shameful. Which is sad… Here in Canada, you get in based on your overall grades from all your classes (or specific ones) you need to decide by grade 8/9 if you want to go to university or college (they help you with what you need for what your interests and capabilities are) and from then, you take “college” or “university” level high school course, a prerequisite for certain programs – if you want to get into college you need a college level English class, instead of “workplace”. Kind of similar to your AP classes that are more advanced, but you don’t get any post-secondary credit for it.
      depending on your career of course – you can get a lot of jobs with just a 2-year college degree in that field. I’m in school for 3 year for graphic design, already finished a 2 year photography program at the same school, and am able to go onto university to get a bachelor’s degree in design, within just 1 year or so, which would open up more career opportunities but it’s not necessary. Some jobs actually prefer college graduates to university grads because college is more hands on and you get more real world experience, where as university is mostly theory (when it comes to certain programs)

    • Galiant2010 says:

      Reminds me of an episode of That 70s Show where Eric scored an 800 and his parents didn’t know how the test was scored. His mom read the score from the mail without Eric’s permission and came running into the scene when he was with his friends yelling out how proud she was of his 800 because “If 100 is an A then 800 has to be an A++!”

      Related scene from after that moment lol:

  7. drawkcab says:

    wait so Ned takes the March 2018 SAT, which by far had the worst curve after June, and gets a 1500.
    There goes my pride. Take it.

  8. Vickie Vang says:

    Y’all realize 1600 is a perfect score… Ned is crazy smart… almost getting a perfect score while studying drunk for a couple hours ?

    • Ellen Brake says:

      It changed from 1600 in 2005/6 to 2400 so he probably took it when it was 1600 then it switched back from 2400 to 1600 in like 2017 so it was out of the same both times he took it

    • Lesley Reese says:

      I graduated high school around the same time as Ned. It was out of 1600 at the time.

    • Bethany Lade says:

      +PhanHowlter I’m 32. I graduated high school 15 years ago. You have no idea how much of that stuff you forget after 15 years of not using it. Yes, he’s done it before, but it was a long time ago.

    • You Don't Need That says:

      while i was getting sat’s it was 2400, am i trippin?

    • Christopher Reyes says:

      Vickie Vang my friend got a 1540 big deal

  9. With Love Ellie says:

    I cannot even relate

  10. holy daisy says:

    This proof that he still got the brain from going to yale yall and he do what he love now no matter his education background is he still doing great

  11. zombiezqueen says:

    Bean is the best background score to neds drunk anxiety ?

  12. Yeezy says:

    I’m Indian and I practiced quite a bit before taking the SATs. Sure I got a 1530 so that paid off but this guy just winged it drunk and almost got the same as me x.x

  13. Diffup says:

    Ned: “I’ve already gotten whiskey all over my studying material.”

    I wanna be Ned when I grow up.

  14. big boi says:

    They sat on this footage for almost a year March 2018 SAT

  15. ameena_the _captain says:

    Keith: what’s the password?
    Eugene: “my wife”

  16. sam99 X says:

    came here looking to laugh and left this video crying bc ned did so well and i can’t even get a 1300.

    • surbhi sindhu says:

      I have given over 20 of these tests to get a job. (in my country). Did not make to cutoff of any of them. ??

  17. lionjelli says:

    hey!!!! uhm, i took the sat beside you and i was the one who gave you a cookie during break because you looked really nervous ^^; idk if you remember that, but i just wanted to let you know that when you told me i’d do fine even though i was nervous about the whole test, i actually did do well!! thanks for making my day and helping me get into college!! <3

    • Pink Anon says:

      Omg you’re so sweet, such a cutie! If you don’t mind, tell us how you did or your scoring? Congrats~

    • Makailaa xx says:

      Mmm im not buying it

    • Klara Asterland says:

      +Makailaa xx Nobody asked

    • TheArtOfLiving says:


    • Galiant2010 says:

      +TheArtOfLiving It’d be easy to confirm. Just need Ned/the channel to comment or Heart or pin if there was someone that gave him a cookie and that he talked to during the break. If that happened to Ned then this is probably the person because how else would they have known that it happened unless they were there? And it’s unlikely that someone would post a lie that could so easily be debunked, though still possible. I hope TTG responds. I want it to be true.

  18. Amanda Monique says:

    for anyone who is discouraged by the fact that ned studied the night before the SATs and drunk, just know he literally studied chemistry for 4 years in Yale college, his life for 4 years was math and science – so technically he studied for 4 years AND that one night, dont worry

    • A Little Lost says:

      Amanda Monique also! He said he got 1550 the first time so he studied his butt off in high school to get into college

    • Amanda Monique says:

      +A Little Lost absolutely. No one should look at this and feel like caca!

    • hydroxytyramine says:

      I was a chemistry major and now working in optoelectronics R&D; those math questions still make my eyes glaze over. SAT I tests how good you are at taking standardized tests, more so than actually being proficient in math and English.

  19. Christina Sieger says:

    Imagine showing up to take the SAT and Ned Fulmer is vlogging

  20. Daisy Romero says:

    To the highschoolers. Ned is a legit chemist. SO please do not beat yourself over it. But it also shows you how a chemist from Yale can’t even get a perfect score. SO take it easy!

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