Yankees fans throw beer cans at players, a breakdown

Yankees fans throw beer cans at players, a breakdown


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33 Responses

  1. Conway says:

    Knowing that Jomboy is a yankee fan not at all defending their actions – class

  2. GrantG says:

    The situation is terrible but I don’t think mercado’s ninja skills on catching that one can/bottle are getting enough recognition…that was impressive

    • Transit Productions says:

      @Jesse Macias no if he did mlb would reprimand him for his actions but I wish that wasn’t the case I agree that fan deserves to be hit

    • Jesse Macias says:

      and knowing he could have whipped it right back at the guy’s head but had the self control not to

    • Alex says:

      Agreed. Perhaps he should consider a profession where he catches things for a living

  3. Armando Felipe says:

    Jimmy…Thank you for always Displaying fairness and calling it like it is. What happened at Yankee Stadium it’s just WRONG. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. “What a disgrace” anyhow… thanks again for bringing awareness, more importantly touching on the subject of good civic conduct ethics and sportsmanship. Specially at the ballpark, where there are not only fans…but people with their families and small children watching.

  4. Brandon Laureys says:

    My brain watching that guy: “Man, what a fucking loser”

    Jomboy one second later: “Man, what a loser”

  5. Zack Richards says:

    This is disgusting behavior, I personally believe the MLB should review the footage and ban everyone who participated in the act of throwing cans/bottles at the opposing team

    • John Schanzle says:

      @Captain Nebulous I get baseball attendance is way down due to many factors but we dont need in our society repeat offenders so the way to stop that is to elimante the opportunity of repetition get it

    • John Schanzle says:

      @Captain Nebulous have no idea what you are trying to express yes it’s going to be where they enter unknowingly to others how they may act . My comment is about we don’t need these fans back no way no how sooooo if the owners of such stadium had any morals beyond money that would be easily done. They’re on video done

    • j says:

      @– i think we found the guy in the video GUYS!!! lol buddy’s trying real hard to defend himself.

  6. James DeCarlo says:

    Not for nothing the way Mercado caught that bottle was pretty sick

  7. abrackas1 says:

    I expected a humorous take on this but was happily surprised with your serious, mature PSA approach. Thank you for calling these people out for what they are.

  8. Noah Dawson says:

    Imagine throwing trash on your own field after a win. This is unbelievable

  9. Yankees Videos says:

    These “Yankees fans” are the reason half the players we need want to leave

  10. J B says:

    As a Yankee fan I’m disgusted. How far we’ve gone as a fan base from the goodwill of 2001.

    • Christian Yun says:

      @Lester Crowley hey 9/11 isnt a joke what is wrong with you hundreds of thousands of people died and survivors suffer from ptsd

    • Skank Hunt42 says:

      This is what happens when you become a shell of a franchise. All of the good fans from the glory days stop going regularly or not at all and you’re left with the ghetto trash who only go because it’s a local hangout where they can get drunk

    • Dodger99 says:

      I was gonna say its gotten so bad after Jeter retired. Was it really getting worse after 2001? (I wouldn’t know, I’m only 23)

    • A Sack O' Salt says:

      @davidratcliffe1 it’s dark humor, it’s a logical fallacy in itself that you don’t recognize that. obviously it’s a tragic, terrible thing that happened in our country but acting like dark humor about domestic terrorism is neglecting patriotism… it’s obviously tragic, that’s what I’m trying to say. some people cope with humor

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