Yankees vs. Red Sox AL Wild Card Game Highlights (10/5/21) | MLB Highlights

Yankees vs. Red Sox AL Wild Card Game Highlights (10/5/21) | MLB Highlights

Yankees vs. Red Sox AL Wild Card full game highlights from 10/5/21.

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50 Responses

  1. Nathaniel Williams says:

    Seeing Remy throw to Eck made me shed a tear. What a beautiful moment!

    • Josef Bleaux says:

      That was special for sure!

    • eadams1057 says:

      You can see how happy Eck was to be there catching that first pitch. Great job putting this together. I dont know if they showed Boone and the Yankee dugout but I’m sure they were clapping too.

  2. Wolfman12395 says:

    0:33 a great moment, hoping Jerry can make a full recovery!!!!

  3. Jason Mistretta says:

    Congrats to the Boston Red Sox & their fans! Great battle throughout 2021. See you all in 2022. Take care from a Yankees fan of 40+ years <>.

  4. Humanistic says:

    Nice to see former Dodgers having success. Good job Verdugo. A lot of Boston fans didn’t like the Mookie trade for him. He’s not Mookie but he’s still an all star caliber player

  5. Alfredo Berge says:

    This made my year. I don’t care what happens from hereon. When the season started, I was not expecting the Red Sox to reach this far. Bravo!

  6. I Just Gotta Say says:

    “TTTTTTTHHHHHE YANKEES LOSE” … words we love to hear. And isn’t it nice to see Cole earning his keep for them.

  7. Jabari Acre says:

    Postseason intensity is at another level.

  8. Rick Heemskerk says:

    Proud of the Sox, love seeing Xander perform. Greetings from the Netherlands!

  9. Rj V says:

    RedSox have now beaten the Yanks in 8 of their last 9 post season games. 3 series in a row.

  10. StrongIslandeR says:

    Congrats to the Red Sox, and their fans. Not easy stepping up in a tough, win or go home game, especially against Cole. This win made this Met fans night. Good luck the rest of the way, BoSox.

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