Yasiel Puig Involved In CRAZY Reds vs. Pirates Brawl Moments After Getting Traded

Yasiel Puig Involved In CRAZY Reds vs. Pirates Brawl Moments After Getting Traded

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68 Responses

  1. OwƏn says:

    imagine he was getting traded to the pirates and he didn’t know

  2. Jackson Blaney says:

    puig really be doing everything he can to stay in cincinnati

  3. viva1amota says:

    Great fight but the commentary is horrible

  4. aztecray1980 says:

    Puig straight up went after the whole team

  5. Ruby Doobie says:

    The reds always fighting lmao

  6. Turd Ferguson says:

    I came here to watch the fight, I’m leaving over the millennial-esque play-by-play who have zero idea of what they’re talking about.

    • Scott Alford says:

      EXACTLY!! play-by-play Obviously have never seen a fight in baseball. I doubt they’ve ever been in a fight in real life, not that one should, just sayin. Get someone that isn’t a complete P#$$Y talking about throwing hands.

    • Brian O'Neill says:


    • Robert Rowland says:

      “Is that…is that Trevor? I think that’s our friend Trevor down there. Yep, that’s our friend Trevor”. These guys don’t have friends.

    • Robert Rowland says:

      @Scott Alford It’s spelled “Pussy”. Never feel like you need to censor yourself.

    • Otherworldly Burrows says:

      @Scott Alford Censoring yourself while calling others pussies. The irony is thick as my Johnson in here.

  7. Salvador Serrano says:

    Jomboy going to react to this quick

  8. Kirk Gibbs says:

    A couple of stoner high school kids would have provided better commentary.
    Garrett will get a week suspension, David Bell will get a week and Puig will get 4 games. Now Cleveland and Cincinnati traded a head case for a head case.

  9. Cambam14 says:

    Jomboy about to have a field day

  10. Christopher Rochs says:

    For guys who throw things for a living they sure can’t throw hands.
    He missed every shot

  11. Joe Collier says:

    I’m actually only watching this because Jomboy hasn’t put out a video yet.

  12. Cameron Fraser says:

    O.G. Ass Cop ? Like” Yoo Stay Back, Let them work it out, He said some Messed up stuff to him

  13. i Haha says:

    Atleast puig is going to a better team lol might be in the playoff against

  14. LUIS RAMOS says:

    Waiting for the JOMBOY version.

  15. Rodrigo Rubalcaba says:

    Jomboy needs to hurry up with this one . ASAP!

  16. PepeLePEW CöTA says:

    One Hockey player vs 5 beisbol players definitely the Hockey player will kick theirs ass easy…

  17. Tony Cortes says:

    Garrett lost his mind lol But David Bell was the BEST haha And nobody wants to fight the Wild Horse Puig LOL

  18. Rick Burke says:

    these announcers sound like high school kids!

  19. Hector Rodriguez says:

    I think DAZN pay Puig to fight the Pirates to get some action n get people get the DAZN App

  20. Hallie Pierce says:

    The cop was funny…”Nothing to see, here keep it moving!” Lol! ????

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