Years & Years – Eyes Shut

Years & Years – Eyes Shut

The new album ‘Communion’ featuring Eyes Shut is out now. Buy all formats here

Listen to Eyes Shut on Spotify and download on Apple Music

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20 Responses

  1. Jessica Valeria says:

    Make a video for Ties or Worship

  2. MrFlavioMata says:


  3. Music Zebra says:

    When you like before the video loads

  4. allysa b. says:

    Woo new music!

  5. Corporación Yhomar S.A.C. says:

    this is one of my favorite TRACKS OF EVER :D

  6. Nadine Erskine says:

    I absolutely love both this song and the video! ??

  7. Victoria Barcia says:

    They get better everytime, amazing

  8. iAstro129 says:

    My favorite song from Communion finally gets its own video :)

  9. Jade West says:


  10. Hannah Best says:

    this is so perfect. my favourite band ever.

  11. Mohima Begum says:

    2 seconds in and I’ve got goosebumps.

  12. michael trottier says:

    Eyes shut brilliant flawless

  13. Lotte Lala says:

    I’m so so so proud of where you guys are today. I first heard your song
    Breathe and I instantly fell in love. And seeing you guys grown is amazing
    oh my god. This song always made me cry because the lyrics are amazing. So
    thank you for singing this amazing song and sharing it with all of us

  14. Gabster L. says:

    LOVEEEEEE ITTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Marisela Acevedo says:

    También debe de haber un comentario en español sobre lo perfecto que
    son!:’) Que orgullosa estoy de ustedes! derrepente ya no puedo dejar de
    escucharlos! Hacen magia a la hora de cantar y tocar instrumentos <3
    #ProudOfThem #LoveYouY&Y <3

  16. the Unicorn says:

    Speaking about the video, frontman Olly Alexander says: “The song is about
    self preservation and wanting to hide from disaster. For the video we
    created a dystopian world and let ourselves loose in it.” :)

  17. Sara Stilinksi says:


  18. GreysChavez says:

    im crying, i really love it ?

  19. Maria Ferreira says:

    …Amei ♡♥♡♥

  20. Osman “TheOsmanCraft” gamer says: