“Yellow Zone” | Original Animation

“Yellow Zone” | Original Animation

Kinda hard to call this original since it’s heavily inspired from The Stanley Parable (and maybe Portal and Vector). But it deviated so much from the cannon lol so why not.

I hope you enjoy ^^

MUSIC: Miyavi & PVRIS – Snakes | Arcane League of Legends | Riot Games Music

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22 Responses

  1. Kazoo Does Art says:


  2. Pastel Flurry says:

    This is insane!!! The action scenes are incredibly well choreographed! Amazing work as always Sad! 😀

  3. Hyacinth says:

    Each frame I see is probably something I would spend like 10 hours on, it’s incredible how you put so much force into your animations

  4. Werido says:

    Literally choked on my yellow mac n cheese while watching this cause it’s unbelievable how skilled SAD-ist is at animating action scenes. She’s just… phenomenal. Every single one of her animations is absolutely incredible. The use of music in this to build up the tension is perfect as well!

  5. HP the lonesome artist says:

    THIS IS ASTOUNDING. Your animations never fail to inspire me <3
    There’s honestly SO MUCH that I could ramble about. I absolutely love the color and object symbolism you used throughout the animation (with the color yellow representing “The Narrator” & blue being “Stanley”). When the button is pressed at 0:36 both of the colors are there, which I think is a neat detail and possible foreshadowing of the ending. I like how the color red shows up only when Stanley is wounded at 1:05 & at 2:29 when the watch breaks…which makes me wonder if the watch was sentient 👀

    And the transitions between scenes & actions is INCREDIBLE. I can’t stop re-watching the part at 0:45-0:47. The pacing of everything is so well done. Like when the doors swing open during 0:41…that matched PERFECTLY with the music. The action sequences have a nice flow to them, especially 0:59-1:01. I’m obsessed with how you were able to transition from the action of the metal being thrown, to the word “clack”, and then him jumping OVER the metal and THOUGH the word. It’s just incredible. Another insanely cool transition/action sequence is 1:32-1:34. Plus I love the reflection of the door knob being thrown at the camera

    Thank you for sharing this video with us. It’s amazing 🙂

  6. Seek's Animations and Stuff says:

    These action shots are always a treat
    Also the concept is really frickin cool and very well executed

  7. Falkuey_ Artster says:

    THIS HAD ME SO INVESTED!! The animation was phenomenal as always and the story had me so invested! I ADORE the way you handle fight scenes, there was so much interesting movement and you used the environment as a part of the scene which I LOVEEEEE!!!! There was a lot going on, but it never got overwhelming or unnecessary. The battle sections had just the right amount of build up and down time as well as the actual action time! This is probably one of my favorite animations from you, hands down!

  8. Toderra says:

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR ?? The dynamic angles and movements, there’s so much energy in every moment and it really syncs up well with the vibe of the song. The story’s given and it’s so hype. This is REALLY AMAZING

  9. Bloo Bell says:

    the movement, the fluidity, the fact that the Narrator always keeps his hand on the watch even though it’s attached to him, all of it! absolutely scrumptious! you’ve outdone yourself! i don’t even have the proper words because it’s that amazing!

  10. DropsteR says:


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