Yellowstone National Park is CLOSED, Plastic Sales Banned in Parks & More

Yellowstone National Park is CLOSED, Plastic Sales Banned in Parks & More

In this month’s edition of News from the Parks, a late-breaking story out of Yellowstone, all 5 entrances are closed due to flooding and dangerous conditions. Also, the Interior Department is banning the sale of single-use plastics, a woman gets gored by a bison, and more.

The America’s National Parks Podcast episode on California Condors:

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34 Responses

  1. Robert Polickoski says:

    So glad to hear about the success with California Condors. Prayers for all affected in Yellowstone.

  2. Christy Anderson says:

    I look forward to your great information each week! Thank you for keeping us all updated and prayers to everyone involved in this Yellowstone misfortune. So sad for upcoming vacationers.

  3. Scott Fischer says:

    Thanks for spreading the word. We were heading for Yellowstone soon and our trip may need to be adjusted or canceled. Best wishes to everyone effective by the floods.

  4. Small Wonda says:

    WOW! Just had a bunch of friends from UK visit, so hopefully they saw it all before the Big Storms hit – amazing to see that rain. Keep safe everyone. Hard to believe how some people still don’t show respect for wild life – especially when they are so much BIGGER than them!

  5. Doug Ireland says:

    I was in Yellowstone the Sunday before last. I saw a momma griz with 2 cubs in Lamar valley, a young black bear in Lamar valley and another young black bear in another site between Gardiner and Mammoth which was really surprising. It was great! We saw maybe 20 elk in total but we see at least 1500 bison in various areas. They were mostly in massive groups. I live about an hour from the park and every year there’s idiot people that think bison are approachable. It’s really hard to understand! They’re the size of a mini van, weigh a ton, they’re fast in bursts and wild! Nothing about them seems like something to try to get close to yet every year a handful of visitors wind up making an unplanned short flight courtesy of a buffalo! I’m glad she didn’t die. I hope she makes a full recovery. I really hope she learned from her mistake too! Anyway, thanks for the info!

    Oh and yes, the rivers and creeks around here are absolutely insane! Falling in one right now would likely be the end of a person!

  6. Bobbie LaVanway says:

    In 2020 there were a lot of rock slides…and boulders had rolled and bounced onto roads. It was a mess…but I must say most interesting. The majority of bison incidents are not the bisons fault. People want to pet, get close and touch, tease and taunt, try and pet a baby, even get their little kids on their back for a good picture. The bulls are protective about their females…especially during August which is rut season. ( as with Elk )

    • R. F. Pennington says:

      Many decades ago (70’s) in the Wichita Mts. WR in Okla, a guy stopped to film some buffs–which were doing what they like to do: graze and poop. He wanted them to do more, so he picked up a few rocks and threw them at the grazers. He BARELY made it back into his little Nissan pickup before a bull slammed into the side of it repeatedly, turning it over. We teens had pulled over just because our jaws had dropped when he started tossing rocks. Bull moved on and we went to help the guy turn his trucklett right-side up. Guess what!?–he was actually PO’d at the animals! (who had also trampled his shoulder-held camcorder). While we helped him, he kept spouting that he was going to sue; rangers should have done a better job of ‘training the buffalos’; ad nauseam, with about anything else you can think of from the Stupid Script.

      I’ve also seen a few negative outcomes from folks ‘just trying to pet that baby…whatever” Is there hope for the majority of us human beans?

    • Jennie Hughes says:

      @Benjamin Bierley In other words, become a gray rock. Lol. Not a funny matter though.

    • Ethan Steel says:


    • Benjamin Bierley says:

      Worked there a couple of seasons, and one of the first things in the safety brief is NOT to mess with the bison, and that if one starts charging you then get down and curl up because you are not outrunning it…it was explained their top speed isn’t high compared to other animals, but their acceleration is such that by the time you turn around to run it is already ontop of you.

  7. Mike Hockburns says:

    Wow. At first I thought that it was just click-bait! But it’s true, Yellowstone park is actually literally closed. Imagine how many people have planned their entire vacation around this destination. It’s unfortunate.

  8. Christina E says:

    I’m Swedish and Youtube just happened to suggest this🤓 Continued watching because your national parks are so beautiful and awesome, and if I ever travel to the US again (NYC 5 days) I could at most go to one of the parks, so interesting so hear about different ones.
    And very easy to understand and no background music👏
    Good luck to everybody who had planned to visit Yellowstone to be able to make it later on!

    • Christina E says:

      Thanks everybody!
      I should have been more clear, that I went to NYC some years ago, but really hope I can visit the US again!
      And then I definitively want to see more of your nature (one or more national parks)!

    • Wendy says:

      @A Mrak thank you, I saw a few YouTube videos showing it. I’m about 8 hours away from it.

    • A Mrak says:

      @Wendy It is currently closed due to rains washing out roads, rivers flooded and rock slide.

    • Wendy says:

      @joemanpjg Yellowstone is over on the other side of the US, by Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Nevada.

    • Tito Leaks says:

      They are also dangerous…. 🙄

  9. mike manjo says:

    Wow! Thanks for being on top of this and getting word out so quickly.

  10. RV: Life Is Good says:

    We were heading for Yellowstone tonight! Arriving west entrance Friday.

    This has just changed our plans! THANK YOU fot the heads up!

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