yes, I’m dating someone

yes, I’m dating someone

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Wow, a HUGE thank you to tarte for this incredible trip… I haven’t been on a vacation for the purpose of solely getting some R&R and tarte went above and beyond spoiling us. Also yes, I’m finally addressing the elephant in the room lol. Thank you for being happy that I’m happy. See ya sunday!

♡ XO lauren


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64 Responses

  1. Sam Sam says:

    I’m glad that you found someone who makes you happy. I hope you are always happy. ?

  2. Now that's what I call RANDOM says:

    Just saying the topic talk starts at 6:00 even tho the rest of the vid is amazing ?

  3. starwars_ gal says:

    So happy that you were comfortable enough to come out with that, and it was so chill and I totally get wanting to have a private relationship because it is your life and you are allowed to keep it as private or as public as you want girl. xx

  4. The Cutie Fruity’s! says:

    Even though I am sooooo sad, I am sooooooo happy that you have found someone!!! ??love ya

  5. Hanica Mueco says:

    Look i hated “somone” on instagram because i was SHOOK that you moved so quickly but i realized, that..i don’t control your life, in fact no one controls anyone’s lives,

    Now i am so happy that you found someone, i SERIOUSLY am i am very happy for you lauren

    Almost every day after school or in the weekends i watch you to make me happy

    When i feel sad or depressed i watch you and honestly.

    Thank you ?

  6. ReeceChapman 03 says:

    Theres always a elbow or knee on my side ;

  7. Someone says:

    Me: *checks every boy in the vid* ‘is that him??’

  8. kelsey gz says:

    Where did you get the purple bathing suit top from?

  9. K mango says:

    How can you get asked to go on a tarte trip?

  10. Lilane Bano says:

    Im happy for you but im crying inside.

  11. Erin Missy De Leon says:

    you said u dont want another public relationship ??‍♀️

  12. katdancer5678 says:

    Kinda sad, kinda happy…idk how to feel

  13. Tato_ Twins says:

    I’m happy that your happy

    I’m crying…


  14. Aanya Shah says:

    i like the vlogs better than the ‘main’ types of video for the wednesday upload

  15. Diksha Sukhija says:

    You’re living my dream??❤❤

  16. Elishaa says:

    honestly, it took me 45 minutes to just process the title.

  17. Vedika Mithal says:

    Honestly y’all need to stop with this “6 months? Tea” shit. The only thing that matterd here is that SHE’S happy. SHE found someone who treats her great. I’m genuinely so happy for her. She’s moved on. Y’all should too.

    • Lucy Preece says:

      good attitude to have. and i know another fandom are gonna be up in arms about who Lauren is dating because Jeremy is the ex fiance of Kirstin Maldonado from Pentatonix but we don’t know the truth of why Kirstin and Jeremy split because it is their business and Kirstin is happy with her life how it is, Lauren is happy and Jeremy is happy. and from what i have seen Kirstin and Jeremy are still on decent terms because i swear a saw a pic of them both together at like an event they were both attending and things didn’t seem tense so we just let the people live how they want to and as long as they are happy who cares.

  18. SKYE FAM says:

    I’m happy u found some u love and that’s caring and kind I hope u will be happy

  19. ur best bud says:

    i thought you wanted a private relationship…? :/

  20. elisa sabrina says:

    considering you were together for 3 years and even talked about marrying each other numerous times, i do thing that you moved on pretty quick (my opinion but idk about her personal life anyways so)

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