YG – Handgun ft. A$AP Rocky

YG – Handgun ft. A$AP Rocky

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ALBUM 8/3‼️

STREAM & DOWNLOAD ‘HANDGUN’ || https://YG.lnk.to/Handgun



Music video by YG performing Handgun. © 2018 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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80 Responses

  1. Gandhi's FlipFlop says:

    A vending gun machine damn!

  2. lifeoflele says:

    How you go from big bank to this 🤦🏾‍♀️

  3. kidprep says:

    Let’s be honest…this is some straight up coonery.

  4. Da- ComeBackKid says:

    YG bro wtf you doin

    • Ace Richburg says:

      Da- ComeBackKid Idk and what’s fucked up is, I just started listening to this nigga. I just heard krazy life and still brazy. This Is disappointing from the material I heard on those.

  5. Merve Akçay says:

    Asap Rocky killed it 🔥

    • saintcharlezful says:

      stfu white devil bitch!

    • saintcharlezful says:

      TREBLE84 u love throbbing cock in your booty cave faggot HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA undercover butt lover gangsta

    • TREBLE84 says:

      saintcharlezful now I’m Caucasian ha ha…. Guess again slow fuck… Correction it’s “white” that’s why you had to edit lol…

    • TREBLE84 says:

      saintcharlezful you had to comment twice and end up saying this gay shit that makes no sense lol… I got to you bitch boy!!!! Get off your feelings real quick…

  6. K Banx Tha Great says:

    YG Falling off 🤔

  7. Lester Green says:

    YG sucked on this song

  8. Dr. Royal says:

    YG sounds like a hillbilly trying to cover up their accent, lol.

  9. Darth Malgus says:

    Liked the song straight away, 2 minutes in, takes like back.

  10. M. Castro says:

    Super WACK!!…

  11. amore amore says:

    Xddd parece una cancion de orgasmos con el…ah ah ah ah ah xdd

  12. T C says:

    Wasted a good beat for nun

  13. michelle joseph says:

    I See Asap I Click .

  14. cochoche says:

    Straight trash, soundcloud rap

  15. J Vocals says:

    Is YG getting buff or thicke ?

  16. CarmonaHitEmUp says:

    This song fye asf 🔥🔥🔥 why y’all hating

  17. Gemini.ofi says:

    Saviii3rd today is YG Back in a days (i Dont like the way YG is making music now a days)

  18. The Black Kid says:

    The collab is a good one tho, but to be honest the ad-libs was way too much and it made the song boring after you listen to it quite sometime. What’d y’all think?

  19. ish a says:

    Why did I study engineering when I can do what this guy is doing and get paid 50x more

  20. Epic Benjo says:

    That face is running out of room for tats

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