YNW Melly ft. Kanye West – Mixed Personalities (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

YNW Melly ft. Kanye West – Mixed Personalities (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

Check out the official music video for “Mixed Personalities” by YNW ft. Kanye West

YNW Melly feat. Kanye West – Mixed Personalities [Official Music Video] (Prod. C-Clip Beatz)

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Directed by Cole Bennett
VFX Supervisor/Lead Compositor – Sam Shea
Lead Animator – Marco Mori
Director of Photography – Logan Meis
Steadicam Operator – Xavier Thompson
Executive Producer – Sal Tarantino

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60 Responses

  1. Mac n Hass says:

    When I heard that voice I jumped bruh 00:43

  2. UchihaGOD says:

    2:23 *when yo momma ask where your report card*

  3. Young Dedicated Cynosure says:

    Now time for the *TikTok people to ruin this song*

  4. freetoad5 says:

    I swear Kanye’s next collab gonna be with Sam Smith and I’d never see it coming

  5. Djmax27 says:

    This is interesting….

    But Kanye needs to get back in the studio to finish Yandhi ?

  6. John O'Connell says:

    lol i was just listening to melly yesterday thinking he need to blow up more. well here we go ?

  7. ItssAnzki says:

    The autotune parts were doodoo the rest was SICKOMODE

  8. OR-king803 says:

    He did not land that ? 2:18

  9. Patrik Frroku says:

    This sounds like such a 2009 song..

  10. Os The Mysterious says:

    Thug would’ve killed this

  11. Mark Walters Media says:

    so happy for Cole that he got to work with ye this shit’s dope

  12. sneakerkid-13 says:

    2:06 when you see your finals grade

  13. MattCS says:

    kanye with the moves at it again

  14. curly.head.asiia says:

    Kanye wests part is sorta refreshing tbh both snapped tho

  15. E.D Games says:

    Cole working Kanye now ! Big moves keep up the good work

  16. SavageLimit says:

    lmao who else went straight to the comments after that auto tune that melly did

  17. Damian Vice says:

    He should of the left the high notes at home

  18. Lavaado says:

    Here before 1million views

  19. YOUNG MIKE. says:


    • Kevin Villela says:

      YOUNG MIKE. Just wait on it – migo voice

    • Kevin Pangos says:

      YOUNG MIKE. Honestly this is the truth not hate ur shits not good ur actin like everyone else do something different ur fans listen to ur music because there ur fans I don’t listen to ynw melly or anyone that tries to act hard and use wack beats

    • Blake Farmer says:

      Poca Mine stop being a bitch man. Hoe ass shitting on other people’s aspirations for no reason. GO KILL YOURSELF.

    • Blake Farmer says:

      Kevin Pangos if you don’t like this guy’s music but he has a Cole video and Kanye on the track then people who make music that you don’t like can still get famous right? Get off this man’s dick it’s always the people fine working a 9 to 5 shutting on other people’s ideas and aspirations

  20. exactly 9999 subs challenge says:

    Is it me or melly weird asf

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