Yoda VS King Mickey (Star Wars VS Kingdom Hearts) | DEATH BATTLE!

Yoda VS King Mickey (Star Wars VS Kingdom Hearts) | DEATH BATTLE!

The Force duels the Light as two pint-sized grand masters go head-to-head!

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83 Responses

  1. Jaden Garner says:

    Mickey will possibly win since he probably has a surprise tool that will help him later.

  2. PP Leakage says:

    Yoda is fighting for his franchise’s freedom

    • cham fefe says:

      COVID is CCP’s BioWeapon. search risk-life-flee-china virologist’s twitter @DrLiMengYAN1 and her gene evidence reports, find a Gene guy you TRUST(not the ones famous on TV) to verify her reports, she has waken the right(she had to talk to the right 1st since the right was in power), help her waken the left!!!

      PS:why CCP didn’t allow wuhan people go anywhere in china, but allowed them to go overseas?

    • Johnathan Petty says:

      @James Merkel If 4th wall skills were to be involved it wouldn’t have been Yoda King Mickey would be fighting. And I don’t think anyone wants to see that Death Battle again. Talking about DP btw.

    • James Merkel says:

      @Johnathan Petty I hope you’re right, becuse physics denying classic mickey is just as op as DP and The Mask lol. However, that mickey DOES make a cameo in the games so it’s not out of the question regrettably.

    • Syed Zayaan says:

      Then shouldn’t revan or anakin or luke beat mickey.

  3. DevilArtemis says:

    Who will win!?!?!?!?!?

  4. OnyxKing says:

    The next Death Battle…will probably end with someone saying Sayonara.

    • Nathan Evans says:

      @Phantom Falcon No it’s in the explanation too, they don’t acknowledge certain powers in the Vegeta fight and they don’t acknowledge certain powers in the Mewtwo fight.

    • capcomarvel 221 says:

      They better not make shadow lose for the third time

    • Lol Jay says:

      @Wooly is hyper shadow canon?

    • Jonathan Torres Gonzalez says:

      I wonder if Shadow might finally break his losing streak.

      Given that he lost to both: Vegeta and Mewtwo.

    • Jabrae says:

      @GodHaloKnight If they’re gonna include Comics/Archie Shadow they gotta include IF Ryuko to make it more fair

  5. AngelJD says:

    I felt that when Yoda said
    “Do or Do Not. There is no try.”
    Mickey should of shouted:
    “Wrong! IT’S ALL TRY!”

  6. Yorec F says:

    “Clones, AKA, disposable people.”

    Plo Koon disliked this.

    • Prince Bloodgrave says:

      Disposable People, I can see this being another Weird Al parody, & have it be a mix of Marilyn Manson’s Beautiful People, & Disposable Teens. lol

    • Shelby Chase says:

      @bluehero96 inhibitor chips are canon and a solid explanation for why troopers like Cody turned on people they had implicit and clear trust in.

    • Shelby Chase says:

      @AnimeWolfgamer even if they had a problem with it they didn’t have much say in the matter,

    • bluehero96 says:

      @Shelby Chase
      It is not a solid reason. Palpatine didn’t activate any damned chips in the films when order 66 took place. They already explained in Attack of the Clones that the clones were genetically engineered to follow orders. Their mental conditioning made chips redundant and contradictory. And like I said, jedi like Plo and Anakin were the exception to the rule in regards to clone relations. Most clones disliked the jedi or were indifferent, including Cody.

    • Revolver Ocelot says:

      I forget, does plo koon survive order 66?

  7. Seemore Buhtts says:

    I haven’t seen the end but I know that yoda will lose. Mickey literally DragonBall level bs on his side.

    • Derek says:

      I had barely any idea of what power king mickey had and thought Yoda would only lose if he were a litteral God, which after watching the video he basically is so thats rigged

    • Daniel Smith IV says:

      @Derek King Mickey didn’t even need to use Stopza which froze an aspect of a world for an indefinite period of time. Regardless, Yoda is still a beast and at least Yoda still lives on.

  8. Thomas van Kampen says:

    That was simultaneously the silliest and most epic thing I ever saw.

  9. TimeBucks says:

    King Mickey Mouse’s voice actor is really good

  10. TexZero says:

    I’m surprised this didn’t end with Mickey just buying Yoda out.

  11. PeanutMuttPlays says:

    There’s a meta joke here about Mickey Mouse killing Yoda, and I’m not gonna be the one to make it.

  12. CruderPlace13 says:

    The fact that this a fight between two characters Ben said will never be in the series is pretty great.

    Super excited to finally see a Kill la Kill character in Death Battle.

  13. Protag Shilex says:

    Mickey: “lose this battle or the entire star wars franchise gets shut down.”

    Yoda: “huh, suddenly im feeling a bit weak…”

  14. Austin Leake says:

    I really wanted Mickey to say

    “And to challenge me…you must be a goofy”

  15. Kendrick Palmore says:

    Kingdom Hearts characters are overpowered.

  16. L337M4573RK says:

    Fun Fact: The original name Walt Disney wanted for Micky was Mortimer!

  17. Sci Fi9 says:

    Yoda: I have trained for hundreds of years

    Mickey: dippity doppity u are my property

  18. Joshua Mercer says:

    Yoda: “Do or do not, there is no try.”

  19. Matthew Writer says:

    Can we all just take a moment to appreciate that Mickey was taught by a wizard named Yen Sid, and that Yen Sid spelled backwards is Disney.

    • Retiza Playz says:

      I have a theory he’s god

    • Matthew Writer says:

      Walt Disney, and his brother Roy were the founders of the Disney company.
      Disney spelled backwards is Yen Sid, so yes. As a matter of fact, he is basically the God of the Disney multiverse.

  20. Vidio Unik says:

    #10 in trending, awesome 🔥

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