ROI & ALEX recreate some seriously advanced yoga moves in today’s YOGA CHALLENGE!
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20 Responses

  1. Janae Garcia says:

    this is so funny????

  2. Josh McMorris says:

    when do we get a new parody that continues the Rolanda, Alex, Richard love
    triangle seris?

  3. Hailey Guerber says:

    I’m double jointed so I’m fine with yoga XD

  4. Kurt Lim says:

    i love how they scream like little girls when they get it right

  5. Mr.ChaosGaming says:

    I pause at 6:35 and I already it’s gonna go horrible

  6. Joshua Juan (JUANtv) says:

    you guys look so gay right now!

  7. Princess_Khushi says:

    6:25 haha trying not to wake my family up with my laughter

  8. Azraa Azmal says:

    LAUGHED SO HARDDDDDD! Thank for that guys

  9. Arwyn Ramchurn says:

    Hey you’ve got a loud of coment in a 10 minits

  10. Caitlin Treacy says:

    this is the best thing to watch when u are ill

  11. Stephanie Leung says:

    The names of the poses killed me

  12. Michelle16 says:

    This fucking killed me

  13. kamal kamal says:

    كول خرة

  14. Danijela Tepic says:

    Hahaha :D

  15. Evangelina Trejo says:

    u guy’s tryed

  16. SK Kim says:

    More Rolanda videos plz

  17. ashtube HD says:

    Please for the next video do horse basketball part 3

  18. Rachael Ewhrudjakpor says:

    I can put my foot behind my head

  19. Chona Amigo says:

    when r u doing a new rolanda and richard video I haven’t seen them for a
    while! :'(

  20. chloealexee 050707 says:

    the last one is so much hard