You Are an Impossible Machine

You Are an Impossible Machine

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You are cells. Your muscles, organs, skin and hair. They are in your blood and in your bones.
Cells are biological robots. They don’t want anything, they don’t feel anything. They are never sad or happy. They just are, right here, right now. They are as conscious as a stone or a chair or a neutron star. Cells just follow their programming that has been evolving and changing for billions of years, molded by natural selection.
They are impossible machines and yet, here they are, driven entirely by the fundamental forces of the universe. The smallest unit of life, right at the border where physics becomes biology.
Sometimes, to get a truer understanding of how amazing something is, you need to hold your breath and dive in really deep. So, what are cells and how do they work?


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27 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    Go ‘beyond the nutshell’ at and dive deeper into these topics and more with a free 30-day trial!
    This video was sponsored by Brilliant. Thanks a lot for the support!

  2. Colton Coombs says:

    I’m in a college biochemistry class and we had to memorize the structures for the amino acids, I loved how the little animated pictures for each amino acid actually resembled the real structure for each, fantastic job on the artwork for this one!!

    • Jelte Hoekstra says:

      Think about how awesome this story telling is though, experts like you find small things that get you excited and understand it very well. While I as a programmer can also understand the message they’re trying to bring. It’s honestly very impressive

    • Zaen Zulkarnain says:

      @TheSteveMeister Sad loser…

    • mega gatling pea says:

      @Shina taurine isn’t a fundemental amino acid so it’s useless for humans

    • Chris East says:

      They are usually really good with that kind of detail in the videos, but it is cool to see people in these fields recognizing specifics I don’t know myself.

    • Wolfario 11 says:

      @eric Is it really necessary to have them all memorized though? Yes, it is extremely important to understand the chemistry involved, but memorizing the structures of each individual one? I feel like it would be better taught by understanding why they have certain behaviors, not by memorizing each one. An understanding of the chemistry involved is critical, but I don’t know if I’d say memorizing each one is because in most cases information is readily available to find on charts. I guess what I’m really saying is that if one understands the underlying principles, there’s no real need to memorize each individual one because they can take it on a case by case basis.

  3. Flying S. Monster says:

    I wish all my lectures throughout college could’ve been this beautiful. It’s so useful to see these concepts animated like this!

  4. Carrie Parton says:

    First off I have a calendar because I love this channel. It’s actually insane how the universe is so large that we aren’t even a speck of dust compared to its size. But it’s also so small, it’s honestly kind of mind boggling. How can something the size of the known universe be made up of things so incredibly small, it hurts my head. This channel making complex science into something common people can understand and enjoy is a work of art. I can’t imagine the amount of hours it takes to make some of these videos.

  5. XevoN says:

    As a normal person who breathes for living and not a biologist/doctor, this video is really very informative. Also i loved the animation.

  6. Alistair Praevers says:

    I rarely comment on anything on YouTube, but I felt motivated to do so here. I used to be a Biology and Earth Science teacher and now I lead a small team of educators for a conservation organisation. I am the only one with secondary and tertiary teaching experience, so I’m currently running staff PDs to upskill my department. So far I’ve taken everyone through the very basics of organic chemistry, all the way up to rRNA and the beginning of cell structure. This video is beautiful, brilliantly written and so incredibly timely for me. I have used some of the very same metaphors myself. Two of my core staff are going on leave the day after tomorrow and we won’t be able to do any PD for two weeks. I am showing them this tomorrow afternoon before they go on holiday. Thank you for making science awe-inspiring for millions of people.

  7. Paulius Peskys says:

    Even though as a person who’s currently in medschool and has thoroughly studied all these concepts, these videos truly make you look into our human biology in a different way than the usual. Astonishing video as always, love you guys!

  8. Names Dave says:

    Im 32 and just started college after not being in school in 11 years. I’ve gone back to be an RN and just finished my first exam in anatomy and physiology. Chapter 2 and 3 were about microbiology and some chemistry (which I can’t get enough of). I’m highly considering a life long career in microbiology or biochemistry. I can sit around trees watching birds pass by myself while in complete awe as i see the world like i’ve never seen before. This video is really speaking to me right now. As always, great video!

  9. Aaron Wheeler-Kay says:

    Your art style is improving and getting complex, but still circling back to that beautiful patented “Kurzgesagt style” we all love. Keep up the stunning work!😊

  10. SMToon Entertainment says:

    As a biochemist, this is super duper awesome!!! Such a good video! You guys hit a lot of good key points!

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