You Are Two

You Are Two

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19 Responses

  1. Ɠʟιᴛᴄʜy _ says:

    Wait… so my left brain controls what i say, and my right brain controls
    my movement… and im moving to type this… but… wait…

  2. Dallas Luce says:

    anyone else bugged out?

  3. hjklr54679 says:

    Fuck he’s been silently judging me this whole time.

  4. HughWalenski says:

    This goes even further when looking at other specific compartmentalizations
    of the brain. You can lose the portion of your brain responsible for facial
    recognition, or language production, yet we tend to think of these as just
    an aspect of a our whole conscious mind. Each decision and perception can
    be linked to a specific part or parts of the brain responsible for that
    field. This further puts into question “what is you?”, adding even more
    portions for your brain operating independently, though (hopefully)
    together. It’s way creepy.

  5. PvZJames says:

    Best CGP Grey Video ever. Just blew my mind

    –my left brain that just thought it was the right brain.

  6. ModelOmega says:

    3:12 Right brain disagrees!

  7. Ram Z says:

    I would honestly be better off not knowing that. It only fuels an
    existential crisis. Left brain might be saying “Cool, mind blown”, right
    brain is now freaking out and doesn’t want to move forward.
    The lie of “one” mind is better than the truth. Yes, I said it, the
    beautiful lie is better than the truth. It’s not easy going on about my day
    to day life constantly doubting myself with questions such as “was that
    really ME making that choice…?”.

  8. Lall O says:

    That is soo COOL!!!

  9. darkridge says:

    I find this video kind of freaky.

    And so do I.

  10. Suharsh Tyagi says:

    Great video dude. I’m amazed!

  11. Radomstuff1234 says:

    3:10 maybe right Brain is a troll

  12. Ian Buck says:

    Can right brain write things down? Depends on if it’s language or just the
    mouth that is exclusively controlled by left brain.
    I’m imagining people with split brains writing stuff down to themselves.

  13. eyes5ib says:

    this is creepy as hell.

  14. deathschool91 says:

    Just want to point out that these two channels linking videos completely
    blew my mind. Please do it more often as these two channels are arguably my
    favorite on YouTube, and this subject was the perfect choice to use for a
    set of videos.

  15. InLaymansTerms says:

    I’m pretty sure there’s a passage on this in Tale of the Dueling
    Neurosurgeons. I’ve always found it pretty interesting.

  16. chris bighistory says:

    3:40 exactly!

  17. npetersen60 says:

    great vid gray, loved the duh moment at 3:41

  18. Indubitably Zara says:

    Welp, this freaked me out in the best way.

  19. faissialoo says:

    … Am I the only one who’s always felt like there’s two of me that decide