You bouta start a Nerf battle and somebody pull up with this, wyd?

You bouta start a Nerf battle and somebody pull up with this, wyd?

Nerf asked me to make them a commercial, SO I DID!
#nerfpartner #fuelyourfire #ad

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25 Responses

  1. heyhey says:

    I genuinely didn’t acknowledge the possibility of this being a commercial because of how well-made it is

  2. Me says:

    honestly, the main reason Caleb’s videos always get me is just the timing alone at times lol

  3. Ethan Cleary says:

    This guy is pumping out professional grade commercials that are actually enjoyable to watch. Bravo Caleb.

  4. brucifer says:

    This has actually gotta be the coolest partnership ive seen. Nerf doesn’t get enough love

  5. Ava Adams says:

    Caleb’s the only person that’s ever made me want to re-watch an advertisement

  6. Dizzy Mandias says:

    Caleb really makes the best commercials

  7. Care Tree says:

    If Caleb makes a career from making awesome advertisements, I am 100% all for it. Make that money chief, you came this far and deserve the best!

  8. Jorge Carbajal says:

    I was just expecting this to be a fun Nerf battle, but the fact that it perfectly turned into a commercial by the end is absolutely brilliant. This is definitely how to catch a customer’s attention.

  9. Sonia’s Way says:

    Caleb’s scared expressions are always the best 😂

  10. Solus Aldrain says:

    I love how Caleb was able to keep production costs low by not firing the gel rounds during the commercial.

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