“You can kiss later!” Usman v Covington 2 Aftermath: Respect between great foes!

“You can kiss later!” Usman v Covington 2 Aftermath: Respect between great foes!

Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington shared a moment of respect after an incredible second fight at UFC 268.

Usman triumphed by decision at #UFC268.

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50 Responses

  1. Rollo_ Tomasi says:

    Love him or hate him… Colby always comes out to fight and entertain the fans

  2. Muleba Nshimbi says:

    Great sportsmanship from both guys. At the end of the day, it is just a sport and athletes make us entertained. Colby can easily beat the other guys in the division, make money and help his community.

  3. 995sean says:

    It’s pretty hard for them not respect each other. They were smiling and enjoying the fight. Crazy tough. Loved that fight, love the respect

  4. AFCforlife Santi says:

    I’ve never seen anyone fight Usman like Colby in both fights. Not a soul. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Usman’s back against the net, I’ve never seen anyone land as many hits on Usman, a lot of respect for Colby. Usman is a giant of this sport, and to do this…

    • Kayne Savage says:

      @Miguel Lewis lol stop it.. casual.

    • MarkCFerg says:

      @Miguel Lewis that is a horrifying assessment not based on anything resembling reality.

    • MarkCFerg says:

      @holymotherofmole yes, it is. He didn’t become “Nigerian” until it became a convenient selling point. He was Marty from Nebraska since age 8 just like Adesanya is a Kiwi. The whole brotherhood of kings thing just sells to a certain crowd.

    • MarkCFerg says:

      @Ant they’re both tremendous wrestlers. Usman D2 champ, Covington D1 All-American, pretty evenly matched with a slight power edge for Usman. Regardless of what fight metric says, Covington got the takedown and more than one credited him with two.

    • Steve G says:

      @Reece Somehow he manages to pass the usada tests though. 50 times in a row. That’s why he got the jacket.

  5. Ski Squad says:

    Colby would be as dominant as Usman if Usman wasn’t here, that’s the gap these two have put between them and the rest. Curious to see if Chamaev can make it 3.

  6. Omar Raja - ESPN says:


  7. Scott Farrell says:

    I’d be happy to see these guys fight each other another 10 times. No one in the division gives Usman a fight like that

  8. Heyah says:

    Colby plays his role as a villain so well, he’s like a WWE heel.

  9. Juan Gringo says:

    30 seconds seperated the last fight.
    30 seconds probably seperated this fight.
    Js this is how close these 2 are. Hats off to both.

    • Andre G says:

      123: Significant strikes landed by Usman. By comparison, Covington landed 107. “The Nigerian Nightmare” outlanded his opponent 17 to 13 in Round 1, 36 to 19 in Round 2, 23 to 21 in Round 3 and 24 to 21 in Round 5. Covington, meanwhile, held a 33-to-23 edge in Round 4.

  10. AcidGlow says:

    Damn.. what a fight, again! 💪

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