You Can’t Waste Biltong – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

You Can’t Waste Biltong – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Don’t ? act ? like ? you’ve ? never ? eaten ? meat ? over ? a ? trash ? can ? at ? the ? airport

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55 Responses

  1. The Official Danile Tshazibane says:

    Please Tell Trevor That I Want To Feature On The Show✌

  2. zack njeru says:

    Africa’s greatest comedian♥️

  3. Quinten Whyte says:

    Biltong and Droewors are delicious

    • Mr3ppozz says:

      Droewors Is not really my thing but biltong is absolutely delicious especially the one from pick and pay with bbq flavour xD

    • Quinten Whyte says:

      +Mr3ppozz oh yeah, I tried beef biltong when I was in Manchester last X-mas and man, …. it’s so addictive! ??

    • Mr3ppozz says:

      +Quinten Whyte I’ve only ever had in when I was on holiday in S.A. but it really is an addiction xD

  4. Emm Bee Sea says:

    I can just imagine the exchange:
    “Are you bringing any meat products onboard?”
    “Not anymore.”

  5. theunsolvedcase says:

    I LOVE BILTONG! My father brought a whole bag to Germany when he came back from South Africa! It’s so tasty. We had to throw away the luggage bag though. It smelled like balls. Delicious balls.

  6. Parth Shah says:

    You never go wrong with some Biltong

  7. Michael Namoongo says:

    Now I miss Biltong and Chili bites ???? !!! You can’t throw away any Biltong that’s for sure ???

  8. Win Art says:

    ???????Oh Trevor! This is so hilarious. I m trying to imagine u eating those meat… I know how it felt when u bring something from home & can’t even get then passed the airport. I would do the same thing too! Keep up the funny work. I love what u do.

  9. Evija3000 says:

    I know a woman who had the same experience, but with some sweets that weren’t allowed across the border. She ate them all, but couldn’t even look at them without getting nauseous for years afterward.

  10. T - Series says:

    Pls never compare Biltong to jerky ever again. Biltong doesn’t deserve to be compared to that disgusting stuff

    • djisar says:

      Jerky can be amazing. Deer jerkey is the best when done right

    • jlbueno0611 says:

      every country has it’s version of it , and uses the region’s styles and spices , not one is better than the other , just different . jerky , biltong, carne seca, etc. I’m sure all of those have different flavors depending where you buy them .
      I know about 25 different jerky flavors and the same for carne seca , and even then when they are the same flavor if I’m in my small town, the carne seca I’d buy from the guy everyone buys ,will taste different than the one my grandma used to make and I’m sure is the same with biltong.
      so stop the generalizations and grow . ✌

    • i have no name or last name says:


    • T - Series says:

      i have no name or last name How ‘bout a big fat flipping no?

    • Sun says:

      +i have no name or last name No.

  11. Tseleng Botlhole says:

    Belting doesn’t compare to jerky
    Biltong is the real deal

  12. Nikhita says:

    I really love these Between the Scenes. Please make them longer!

  13. Skuchi says:

    Biltong is so good

  14. Ofentse Mwase Films says:

    Whenever I make Americans taste Biltong for the 1st time in South Africa they send me out to the butcher to go buy more!???

  15. Xaphira 134340 says:

    Literally eating biltong while watching this???

  16. James Reed says:

    Now I want to try Biltong

  17. M says:

    3 dislikes = 3 people who threw their biltong away.

  18. Eric Champlin says:

    “That’s illegal” hahaha I’m dead.

  19. René Seyer says:

    I always bring as much as I can when I come back from Namibia. I was once asked by customs what that is and I told them “wood chips, for flavor – here, smell”. They must have thought I’m just a crazy guy from Africa and waved me through…

    • Vusumzi Motimane says:

      Broer, if you are in the states. Swear to god ill hunt you down for that biltong. Making me miss windhoek. American dhl broke one leg of my potjie pot. That 3 legged baby man.

  20. SA Inja woof says:

    I’m a strict vegetarian, have been for decades….but man when my dad makes biltong….my soul is conflicted lol.

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