‘You freeze,’ witness describes Thousand Oaks shooting scene

‘You freeze,’ witness describes Thousand Oaks shooting scene

A witness to the California nightclub shooting describes the scene when gunshots rang out, killing 12 people.

The shooter, apparently firing at random, also died in the rampage. Police said they have identified the gunman but did not give out a name.

Authorities said the gunfire broke out at the Borderline Bar & Grill, a country-western dance bar in Thousand Oaks, which is about 40 miles west of Los Angeles. Hundreds of people fled in terror, including some who used bar stools to break windows and escape.

“It’s a horrific scene in there,” Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean told a news conference in the parking lot of the bar. “There’s blood everywhere.”

A law enforcement official told The Associated Press the suspect was 29 years old, armed with a .45-caliber handgun and used a smoke device. The official declined to provide any other details, speaking on condition of anonymity for lack of authorization to publicly discuss the investigation.

Dean said it was not immediately clear how the gunman died.

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87 Responses

  1. Ahhhnon 42069 says:

    Are CA gun laws working. I don’t they are working.

    • SSG Squidward says:

      Ahhhnon 42069 I don’t think they are as you can see here Crazy people with guns give zero fucks.

    • Youssef Hegazy says:

      they are working. California’s homicide rate has been going down year by year since the start of 2000s.

    • Randall Flagg says:

      ​+Jimmie Harris And who saved your fat asses against the English? Frenchmen led by Tchéky Karyo.
      Europe > USA, (aka Mexico 2.0)
      Maybe there would be fewer mass shootings if you gave your youth proper education and healthcare, instead of MacDonalds & guns?

    • Ahhhnon 42069 says:

      +MyGirlsHair that is mainly due to gang violence and economic issues and not guns besides people kill people guns are just the tool used.

  2. MMA Man J Knows says:

    Before people make disrespectful and hateful comments please think about how we need love right now more than ever. Love thy neighbor.

    • Mike Konyndyk says:

      leicanoct so the story goes…

    • Mike Konyndyk says:

      Marion Church no I said you are weak-minded and somehow claim to know how every Christian uses the Bible. You seem caught up in the Media control. Part of you and your kinds problem, is your inability to make factual claims and when confronted, you get confrontational because of the nonsense spewed is silly. Wake up, minion.

    • Marion Church says:

      +Mike Konyndyk you’re throwing around a lot of generalizations for someone who got upset about me speaking in “generalizations.”

      Does your book tell you to love everyone no matter what? Hmmm picking and choosing I see, just like a good Christian.

    • Rod Lorenzo says:

      Satan has inhabited the souls of Americans, otherwise, we wouldn’t have elected a Nazi for a president. Now we’re paying the consequences.

    • MMA Man J Knows says:

      A messenger for Christ it says in the Bible we need to warn other or else we are guilty to. We are watchmen for our communitys. And all these people are our community. Some will choose to listen and some will choose to deny but either way we still have to try.

  3. Deborah Gleockler says:

    Are they on a budget? They really need to find better actors. Wipe those fake tears.

    • leicanoct says:

      The dead Sheriff officer and all those bodies in the bar are fake?

    • ThunderZ says:

      Isopsephy (In cs announcer voice) ANTI-SEMITIST SPOTTED

    • Gentle Ruthless says:

      Deborah Gleockler also, these crisis actors will somehow someway meet their demise and die in a very coincidental way👹👹👹👹👹👹 just look out for that too👹👹👹👹

    • AntiFakeJews Revelation2:9-10/Zechariah9:6 says:

      +Isopsephy plz don’t disrespect my people, Jew-ish aren’t Jews plz.

      The Caucasoid claiming to be Jews are nothing but impostors 1611kjv#Ezekiel36:6/Zechariah9:6/Revelation2:9-10/Joel3:1-6/Luke21:20-24
      & They were & the biggest slave owners & financed the TransAlantic slave trade of the real Jews #Deuteronomy28:15-48-68


  4. MMA Man J Knows says:

    God please watch over the souls of the dead and the living. And help us have the strength to bring love to this world. Help us cure the hurting and the lost. So many people need your guidance.

    • Jonothan Doezer says:

      +Nichole scott I didn’t say that he doesn’t exercise his power to supernaturally help people at times, but that’s out of the ordinary. If he constantly FORCED people not to do wrong or to never experience the effects of wrong then he might as well have made us all as mindless robots who COULDN’T do wrong. He prefers to give us a choice.

    • Nichole scott says:

      +Jonothan Doezer so what your saying is he’s actually evil, not good? If he was all that good like people that follow him says he would be taking care of evil before it even hurts someone else…

    • Jonothan Doezer says:

      +Nichole scott So, you are saying that if the world is not erased of all evil then God is terrible? What if immediate destruction of all evil is not the best way? What if it takes time to get the best result for everybody… and that means that evil must exist for a while until it can finally be destroyed?

    • Nichole scott says:

      +Jonothan Doezer ahhhh you see? Right there, now all of a sudden your saying “what if it takes time?” Which is bizarre considering it doesn’t take time for religious people to get new cars, more money and have mega churches to get even more out of life cause they prayed to god once, this is the big problem with some people that believe, they say god is good, but as soon as something like this happens or someone gets sick it’s now “your just not praying hard enough” “God works in mysterious ways”

    • Jonothan Doezer says:

      +Nichole scott But most of those people are not getting cars and money from God. They may think that they are, but a lot of that is just them justifying their own greed. Irradiating evil permanently in a free-will universe does take time because it is necessary to convince, not compel. In that sense evil has to reveal itself… to play out to an extent before it can be forever rejected.

  5. wjatube says:

    Lots of actors in California….then there’s this one.

  6. Scope Miami Beach says:

    were you trying to cry during your interview? eyes werent even red. why did you wipe away fake tears

    • Justileonne says:

      Scope Miami Beach the first airing of these two actually showed the gurl on left looking on encouragingly and smiling slightly – as in disbelief she wss able to pull it off – – the next time the video is shown they cut the girl in left out – and bring in camera close to girl in blues face.. every person who spoke to the news seemed scripted and not actually like they had seen the tragedy.. who would notice the size of the gun and type ? There is a Wednesday night Impromptu acting class that meets on Agoura rd (near Reyes adobe rd) and these groups do got out and do geohp acting at diff occasions ( am trying to get in touch with a gurl i knew who was in it ) , they have been part of little protests and anything to get their acting in – its not believable -but I am not saying this didn’t happen- – I do not know if it was a drill or if maybe the acting group went for drinks after thei class .. jut so ppl know , this club is never very crowded – in fact the whole town has very little to do on a weeknight midweek.. to say it was a college night – it is Thursdays that are busy b:c of line dancing night and ladies nights.. so just investigate – if this was a drill – there will be clues -the injured would be taken to Los Robles hospital in Thousand Oaks which has a trauma center .. it is sad for the families but the ones who were interviewed do not seem to be actually victims – even between takes it seems as if they are having a good time .. so – is this a ruse or a partial hoodwink-lets see how Much this generates in$$$ fir the victims and then see if they take away weapons as a result.. If Sag won’t give you an acting Job then maybe tragedies are lucrative – look at Mr Hogg- he is fairly well off now right? Was it a coincidence?

    • Christopher Stanley says:

      Maybe it was an eyelash that got in her eye? I mean, why does everyone think she was wiping away a tear that wasn’t there? It literally could have been a spec of dust that she felt in her eye and just needed to press it out.

  7. Authentic Intent says:

    Never attempt to win by force what can be had by deception.

  8. Son of Ferg says:

    Why do all the mass shooting witnesses look so scripted, she’s not even shaken up. Wiping away tears that’s aren’t there. That’s always a trade mark of these witnesses they always wipe away tears that aren’t there. Also anyone who’s ever heard real gun shots and firecrackers will tell you they don’t sound anything alike. Gun shots have a very distinct sound not like a crack at all

  9. Hokage Espada says:

    So the girl in the pink is very relaxed for such a traumatic event. The girl in the blue is also not emotionally connected to what she is trying to portray. Her neck is relaxed, her eyes are normal except for when she tries to squeeze a tear out of one eye. No tremble in the voice. People (military as well as civilian) who witness surprising traumas like these display mannerisms that are within the Fight or Flight response.

    • Hokage Espada says:

      This person got hit in the head with a bar-stool and was trampled on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_kOIBeF6vI

    • Hokage Espada says:

      You also notice that this happens after the blowout between trump and acosta and how he man handled that young girl. In the mid-term speech the President gave praise to the military, law enforcement as well as ice for working hard to protect our borders as much as they can. Now the guy that shot all the people was said to be a US Marine. If that were the case I find it hard to believe that a Marine would stroll into a random bar kill Americans on US soil and then off himself.

    • Jonan says:

      camdevtube great point

    • Tanzonia Flakes says:

      Ever heard of shock? It comes in many different ways

    • Tim 1 says:

      +Hokage Espada thank you for providing sources and information. I really appreciate someone not just blindly throwing around things they haven’t researched themselves. I need to look at those links in a minute when I get home and I’ll report back with my thoughts and what I find. And yeah, news agencies instructing people to act hurt and carry people is classic media fear mongering. They have to have something to fill the screen while they talk. And what better than tugging on your heart strings.

      Ill be back once I’ve read up on those links

  10. Will Powers says:

    Force to cry doesn’t cry tells you alot

  11. BroImSoHGood says:

    Day after the mid terms eh?

  12. Anti Status Quo says:

    This is fake , why, cause it’s a black woman in a country music bar…. fake news

    • Gray Lensman says:

      You do realize that’s a rascist remark? There are black country music fans and one of the greatest country music singers of all time was Charlie Pride, a great black musician.

    • Audrey Johnson says:

      Anti Status Quo
      Please, try thinking outside of the box, you may discover a whole new world is waiting for you.

    • Hawaiisidecar says:

      +Tanzonia Flakes Are you a professional victim? Typical persecution complex. You hate the white man but you love his fictional Jesus.

    • AntiFakeJews Revelation2:9-10/Zechariah9:6 says:


      We’re the original cow boys/girls tho 😂


  13. M B says:

    Now let’s get to the part where we must disarm the American people and pass more gun control legislation and eventually total gun confiscation.

    • Dru Millian says:

      +Tun Huang This is not the issue at all.
      1. Automatic (requires Class 3 licensing, waive right to unlawful search and seizure, etc)
      2. Assault-weapon (this is just the styling of the weapon: think police cruiser to Corvette — yeah the Corvette may have a “faster” look, but the police cruiser can go just as fast) Just because it looks intimidating does mean it’s any different than a standard hunting rifle. And people like to buy them because they look “cool” — doesn’t mean they will use them unlawfully.
      People are much safer under oppressive governments — doesn’t mean they are free. That’s the trade off.

    • Tun Huang says:

      +Dru Millian People are not much safer under oppressive governments, that’s just a diversion of the actual subject. People are not oppressed in countries like Germany, Canada, Australia. What really oppress people and make their life less safe is not gun controll, it’s obstruction of justice and suppression of free press. In a functional democraty people are given nonviolent instruments to resist unjustice. Even though the democracy in the US is jeopardized at the moment, it seems that it’s still working. People went to vote instead of shooting or sending bombs, well most people.

    • Dru Millian says:

      +Tun Huang Thankfully, in this Democratic-Republic the government gives us nothing — we hold that the individual has all the rights — the government is our representative — not our grantor.

      To answer your previous question more fully, this isn’t about self-defense or hunting or sport shooting, this is about ability to defend our individual rights — from others: but government specifically.

      Our ability to speak freely, worship freely, and assemble freely should not be infringed — arms are the last resort to make sure that stays so. Ultimately justice, freedom of speech in these countries can thwarted by those with lethal force — without arms they may only complain: but they have no effective recourse – – and those in power have no fear of revolt and may oppress their citizens in small or large ways at will. Obviously we are no where near any situation that requires a revolt here — but it is our responsibility to *continually* hold this right — to defend our rights — in reserve.

    • Tun Huang says:

      +Dru Millian “To answer your previous question more fully, this isn’t about self-defense or hunting or sport shooting, this is about ability to defend our individual rights” In practice it’s purely symbolic. Politicians are trying to supress free press at the moment (in the US and also several other democraties), and in no way firearms can protect free press. In recent history the protests and resistance to oppressive regimes that are somehow successful are mostly nonviolent from the side of the protesters. I am no fan of Erdogan, he is authoritarian, corrupt and supresses free press and freedom of speech (which is actually guaranteed in their constitution), but the coup d’état attempt of the military was the worst thing that could happen to their democracy, since them it has become much worse.

    • Dru Millian says:

      +Tun Huang The press is routinely protected by firearms. Whether or not they are *successfully* defended by them is anecdotal.

      Symbolism is powerful.

      Look, there’s a huge disparity between civilian capability and government capability — in so far as the individual right-to-bear-arms is nothing but token resistance. However you could make the same argument about the press and free speech — you as an individual with your tiny voice is nothing compared huge conglomerates like CNN, ABC, and Fox. Thus, your free speech does nothing to defend liberty in light of these huge organizations. So then, I guess the right to free speech is just out-dated isn’t it? I guess we really don’t need that anymore — so no more free-speech — please apply for your right-to-speak license now at the Department of Safe Language and Media and perhaps in a few years with committee approval you may be able to say something.

      Obviously this is already being done — corporations are shamed into self-censorship — it’s certainly possible that this thread is shadow-banned — but none of that removes the individual’s true right to say offensive things — and as US Citizens we should defend that right along with the right to use force to do so. Information control wars are far more effective than shooting ones — but in our case we have retained our rights to defend ourselves in both — and we should not give that up — even when other citizens abuse liberty for evil.

      “Those who would give up essential liberty for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

  14. J Rich says:

    That’s a beautiful crisis actor

  15. Lord Stark says:

    Cut !!!! more tears you wankers

  16. Michael Myers says:

    *Staged actors and more fake news*

    and this is coming from an independent who voted DEM in midterms

    • Rick Baldwin says:

      Michael Weir spielen like a shill…. clearly precedence I solid! You have absolutely no legs to stand on since history proves you either deceived or delusional.

      Either way, you are hardly anyone to take any cues from whatsoever.

    • AntiFakeJews Revelation2:9-10/Zechariah9:6 says:

      I’m glad y’all awake & seeing Tru the Genjutsu the fake ass jewish bastards are casting upon the masses 😁

    • KILTOFF Fx says:

      +ColoradoStreaming Same script just a different place lol if people didnt learn from 9/11 in which they had real architects willing to spend funds to investigate because the government tried to get rid of all evidence for testing a flaw that has never happen in history (a steel frame collapsing from fire) not just the “conspiracy theorist” that these people hate to listen to so much, then it’s pointless trying to tell these fools whatsup lol

    • They Got The Job Done says:

      +Michael Weir we can go back to every other event and see how they use the exact same script word for word “i hear pops” “i thought it was a joke” thats bs they say that in every event lol and idiots like you sit there and believe it meanwhile the “victims” telling stories that make no logical sense, wiping tears that never left their tear duct lol wish you would use your brain and ask do these things make any logical sense. More proof? let see how the gofundme pages are created before this event was even aired on tv lol

  17. Nyda says:

    Machine guns existed for 100 years and there were almost never mass shootings by the public… then after 9/11 and the global police crackdown… there’s a damn mass shooting every other month? These are not just the acts of crazy people. This is a coordinated effort by the ones in charge to create a false paradigm in which the loss of our freedom is justified. Open your eyes. Not saying people didn’t really die but false flags are real and used all the time, its the art of war. My heart goes out to anyone who has been killed by a crazy gunman or a false flag operation.

    • Jonan says:

      Nyda you’re right, people refuse to accept that evil people truly exist and they could very well be in power. I guess they’re just happy living in their fantasy bubble.

    • Nyda says:

      +Nik kyriakides you throw insults and strawman arguments but you can’t properly refute anything I said… these can’t be a false flags because I was smart enough to notice? thats your hilarious rebuttal? thats how ignorant your train of thought is… Take your mind out of the mental prison tv locked it in. Thinking the people in true power are all perfect and could orchestrate covert operations killing the public monthly without anyone ever knowing or catching on? Thats nonsense! a real emotional non thought out response… but you won’t even look at facts, you just insult, close your eyes and say “NOPE! your and idiot! Don’t pop my bubble of how I think the world works!” One day there was no mass shootings then the next day they started happening every month so I guess all the crazy people all of a sudden got access to tons of guns and all decided to go on high profile public indiscriminate killing rampages? your theory is crazier than mine… sorry

    • Nik kyriakides says:

      +Nyda … and what else did you uncover during last night’s Google research Inspector? The world awaits for your expert answers.

    • Nik kyriakides says:

      Asking because we are sheep and you are enlightened. We the poor sheep await for your response, wise one.

  18. Mal Droggoth says:

    damn, what’s with all the conspiracy theory comments on here?

    • jeff mays says:

      Boofer T. Washington that’s some serious less than b acting standards.

    • Gauldron Sage says:

      Mariano Obregon error code 33&25 beep hoop bop bop error code 33&25 critical error lack of any logic or truth shutting down badooopp •shuts down•

    • The Kehwanna Coast says:

      America runs on conspiracy theories, it’s the one thing that keeps a sense of mystery in the world for some people. There’s a conspiracy for almost every major disaster and crime in history.

    • RT says:

      +Rapaladude Prove to me someone died, have you seen their bodies? have you seen the death certificate??? Do you know any of them who were killed???? Here ends your lesson you obtuse clown…

  19. S.0.S says:

    NO TEARS …..NOT ONE!!!!

  20. S.0.S says:

    More FAKE NEWS…..Its a Gun Grab folks

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