You missed this in GHOSTBUSTERS

You missed this in GHOSTBUSTERS

You missed THIS in Ghostbusters. After the Ghostbusters complete their first job and bust Slimer in the ballroom, it’s time to get down to the most important matter, how much they’ll be paid for their services. Even though Peter is the natural salesman of the group and does most of the talking, it’s actually Egon, the brains of the group, who’s really calling the shots. Watch closely and you’ll see that he actually signals how much they should charge for their services with a subtle hand gesture.
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29 Responses

  1. Jim B. says:

    *This is kinda obvious since Peter glances at Egon when he’s making the subtle gestures.*

  2. Jason Lasunowicz says:

    No one missed it. It was purpose of the scene and what made it funny. You missed venkman looking over to egon for the numbers.

  3. Dirty Dan says:

    This is one of the things I thought was odd in Afterlife when Jenien says something along the lines that he wasn’t good with money….. yet in the first one both him and Peter was trying to get the price on the firehouse dropped and this scene

  4. The Food Truck Junkie says:

    Pretty much saw that and thought that Peter and Egon were working together to come up with the price.

    I thought they were going to mention why Egon lookd down to the ground during the Ghostbusters commercial bit… Harold Ramis thought he was going to miss his mark when he stepped up to do his line. So, that’s why you saw him look down stepping up then looking down when stepping back. He was just making sure he hit his mark.

  5. Harry Collins says:

    Any fan of the original Ghostbusters movie knows Egon did that. The camera was right on him when he did it.

  6. G. B says:

    Got to love Harold Ramis. He came up with the idea that Egon should not smile with the exception of some smirks. May he Rest In Peace

  7. yougosquishnow says:

    No one missed this. It was played for comedy. The gestures are obvious as is peter directly looking at egon as he does it.

  8. Chuck N. says:

    Absolutely no one missed this. The only people who have ever missed this are blind people and those that got up for popcorn before this scene.

  9. hdjksa52 says:

    It actually makes sense to consult Egon and Ray. They handle the equipment so they know how much it will cost to purchase new equipment and upkeep( Logistics)

  10. Bribe says:

    Things like this make me even sadder Murray and Ramos had a falling out

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