You Won’t Believe What I Snuck Into A Movie Theater…

You Won’t Believe What I Snuck Into A Movie Theater…

You won’t believe what I snuck

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  1. Cole LaBrant says:

    comment which item you’re most surprised I snuck inside😂😂

    • Karishma says:

      Came here from dharmann videos must say these videos are rocking already checked out a couple.

    • Cameron Vickous says:

      I think I was most surprised about the cake, because it was the most obvious, but I think they wouldn’t be able to question you, because of discrimination, & this day/ time anything goes, but other than that I would have to say the TV, or
      Hulk, Popcorn Machine, Toilet Paper, or the Waffles/ Toaster,just because they were the most obvious.

    • Galaxy Mermaid says:

      The Waffles and the Hulk

    • Disney Plus says:

      the popcorn machine or hulk 100%

    • 🐼 Sparkle Panda 🐼 says:

      Cake 🤣🤣

  2. Life With Becky says:

    I will admit, my mom and I are guilty of sneaking in snacks. We just stick them in our purses. To be fair, the prices of the snacks at the movie theater are insane.


      We can’t bring bags into ours

    • Kevin Ng says:

      T is because running a movie theatre is expensive they do it so they don’t have to shut down

    • Ossi says:

      I never get caught. I go to the movies like every month or 2 and never cought

    • ♡Grace♡ says:

      Ikr! 5 pound for a packet of doritos

    • Lin zainib says:

      Sam’s I bring a bag along were i did my shopping, but the thing is when I went watch a movie first time in cinemas I bought a ticket but they don’t mind me eating my own snacks. They didn’t even stop me I think it depends on what cinema you go to

  3. CK Alderman says:

    The fact that Cole is willing to put in this most dedication just to make us laugh. He is amazing❤❤😁😁

  4. Amy G says:

    Can’t believe you got the popcorn machine in, but they wouldn’t let you bring the waffles and toaster! 😂🤣 Thank you for the laughs!

  5. K Alford says:

    The problem is your doing this in California. They can’t question a guy whether they are pregnant or not!

  6. Demon Rose says:

    I’m guilty of sneaking food into movie theaters. It’s kinda too easy.

  7. Tasia Cross says:

    I do this but put my snacks and drink in my purse. Your videos always make me laugh. Seriously I’m like he just doesn’t care. But it’s all out of fun

  8. Joy Russell says:

    i’m so sorry you guys got in trouble at the end! i would have never had the nerve to sneak anything into the movie theater! lol such a funny vid tho

  9. Amber Lemay says:

    I think the cake was most surprising because clearly you were hiding something. The other things were hard to hide and are there really rules against bringing “things” into a theater? Some of the employees has no sense of humor. Lol

  10. Gracelyn Shai says:

    Love your family! Your love for the Lord is so amazing, and strong! We miss it so much in influencers now a days. So happy that you’re using your platform to not just entertain, but also spread the gospel!😍😊

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