You Won’t Believe What Obama Says In This Video! 😉

You Won’t Believe What Obama Says In This Video! 😉

“We’re entering an era in which our enemies can make anyone say anything at any point in time.”

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Jordan Peele

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66 Responses

  1. LiAmGuY says:

    This is fake

  2. Lucy Brooks says:

    *stay woke bitches*

  3. Suh Dude says:


  4. Kairas_love says:

    Eveyone on here says it looks fake because you know that from the start. The issue being adressed here is that the mass public wouldn’t be able to tell. Say this was posted on television and your parent or Grandparents saw this. Would they know it was fake? Probably not. Our brains dont need too much detail to believe in something. He is animated so well that a quick glace at the screen and hearing the familiar voice sound would make anyone believe in it enough to cause conflict.

  5. Destiny's Star says:

    I knew this was fake when it started

  6. Will S says:

    so buzzfeed is reliable news….. hahahah ya right

    • MSG685 says:

      They are a bigly part of the reason Trump is fucked so true statement.

    • Woodshadow says:

      Did they say they were a reliable news source? I must have missed that part of the video. You cant get all your information from one source and call yourself informed on world news. Everyone knows that

    • Will S says:

      Woodshadow obviously cross referencing sources is the correct thing to do but most of our population would believe anything they see or read. consumption of media is the easiest it’s ever been and we still have fake news that change peoples persona on important issues that impact our nation.

  7. ANTEC BOX says:

    Qanon is showing everyone the truth your gig is up! Now bring on that Hillary and Huma Pedovore vid.

  8. ess says:

    This tech has been around for over a decade and this is what it was like in its primitive stages. There was a video where they did it wish bush a long time ago. Imagine what is around right now

  9. Mark Dice says:

    BuzzFeed will save us from the fake news 😆 Neat video though guys.

    • Stephen Vest says:

      This very thing happened yesterday on the CNN video that was posted from an outside source using the CNN network logo that was not from CNN. It was overdubbed and there has been a lot of them…You can tell by the URL from where it comes from. My AVG told me it was not from You Tube and the site was not safe….Yet it was still posted up as a official CNN video…It was reported to YOU TUBE, but the thing was it was over American Civil rights and the right to assemble and protest….I have also been on Msnbc Videos with the same type of content..overdubbed where I have heard people talking in the background and of all things (FARTING)…I think this is a criminal act that needs to stopped, and I know where it is coming from…Like I said you need to have all your links incrypted to be able to know the difference…

    • SurfingBeachesOceanRainyNesto95328 says:

      Mark, you managed to trigger the SJWs! These mongoloids only know how to insult w/o any substance or argument in their shitfest

    • Margarita Berry says:

      *W!аnt mе?! L!ооk, !I mа!st!urbаtе nа!kеd,СH!Е!CK VIDЕО!*

    • Mountain Eagle says:

      Mark, this is damage control. FBI & NYPD found a horrible video on Weiner’s laptop with HRC. Deep State is going to do everything possible to discredit it. Go back and listen to Ted Gunderson!

  10. Steve R says:

    They are setting up for some damaging videos about to come out so they can say “it’s not real, look…..”

  11. Aaron Glisson says:

    0:35 your welcome!😂

  12. sara m says:

    i am confusion. America explain

  13. Mary R. says:

    Yeah here comes the tarmac video… lol

  14. M7CVZ says:

    haha, just wait until the REAL videos come out, this kind of smoke is NOT an inoculation from the TRUTH. We see your fear Cabal/DeepState. ‘TRUSTED NEWS SOURCES’ !!! ROTFL
    The only trusted news sources are on the Internet and social media. CIA has lost the initiative here.

  15. WREC303 says:

    Looks like MSM is trying to get ahead of the damning HRC video that was found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop that was seized by the NYPD. Too bad NSA digital forensic analysts and scientists will validate the video as well as several other trusted sources.

  16. kiwigirl48 says:

    Ok I’m confused about the chemical bombing in Syria can somebody please explain what’s going on

  17. Stephen Fluharty says:

    Holy smokes. Preparing for your defense much? #QeepAnOpeNmind

  18. Loh Pro says:

    This fake video LOL ….. Fake news potentially trying to get ahead of a HRC stashed video? Lynch tarmac interview last week, when no one has even mentioned the tarmac meeting in over a year +.

  19. Joe T says:

    Sound like Obama mixed with one of the muppets!

  20. n a d e e n says:

    I don’t get it, someone explain. Is obama copying the other dude? Who is that other dude? Who is killmonger?

    • Airdoo says:

      This video is demonstrating technology similar to the SIGGRAPH 2016 paper “Face2Face: Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos” where a target video clip can be manipulated in realtime to make transpose a new performance to a video clip.

    • Benjamin Gras says:

      And Killmonger is the bad guy in Black Panther. Watch the movie, and you’ll get the joke 🙂

    • hooperunderscorex says:

      Killmonger is the antagonist in Black Panther, but, as President Obama said, he wasn’t the bad guy because he was right. 😀

    • alxhlb says:

      An AI software tool is used to generate a fake Obama voice.

    • Menna Mostafa says:

      n a d e e n so…. they used artificial intelligence or edited the video of Obama to make it seem as if he’s talking but a person with the same or a similar voice would do a voiceover to make it seem like he said things he never said. The more from this is to stay awake and recognize what’s real and what’s not.

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