You wouldn’t expect that today’s video is called “The Life of Potato”! 你们都没想到这期的视频标题会叫“土豆的一生”吧!

You wouldn’t expect that today’s video is called “The Life of Potato”! 你们都没想到这期的视频标题会叫“土豆的一生”吧!

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Anyway, who doesn’t like potatoes?
A potato is cut into chunks and buried in the earth,
and each chunk produces many full ones!
Each small potato is then turned into pork ribs with potatoes, hot and sour potato noodles, mashed potato, potato chips, etc.
Are there any other potato recipes from your hometown?


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50 Responses

  1. Ritika 10 says:

    Que linda que ela é , deve ser uma delícia oque ela faz 😋😋😋😋
    Brasil ✌🎀

  2. Suga Cookie says:

    *watches her flex on her cutting skills*

    Me: —👄—

  3. Shawnee Michael Wallin King Lord says:

    I appreciate the details you take actually showing ancient chinese secrets regarding many century old farming and the proper timing of harvests takes smart work and hard work. You have my respect in many ways I am very well pleased with you and your show are a blessing.

  4. Kaitlin R says:

    Top 13 trending thing on youtube: World crying together

    #14: potatoes

  5. TheMadcapShambleton says:

    I was having a panic attack before watching this but these videos have such a calming effect. Feeling so much better now. Thank you.

    Also the food in these always looks so delicious. ❤

  6. Linda Smith says:

    Very good to see all the cooking and sharing and that grandmother is still well.

  7. Paula Keebaugh says:

    I wish there were English subtitles for the dishes she makes ! Also the ingredients! That potato video made me want to make all those dishes! So soothing to watch !

    • Andrew .T says:

      Yeah me too… The English subtitles usually come much later… if you watch back her old videos, they have subtitles on them.

    • sharon ferguson says:

      English is in the comments down about 36 from this one..

    • Kateri Ng says:

      @sharon ferguson you actually counted??!

    • Kateri Ng says:

      but most of them are chinese dishes and have deep meanings that are hard to translate….just saying,no offence

    • _color_junkie_ says:

      I’m sure even with English captions we miss some of the meaning, but it’s nice to know what the ingredients are. Sometimes I go “so that’s what that plant is called” and sometimes I spend a long time figuring out whether she’s using sugar or salt or something else entirely. But i’m happy to watch these without captions as well, they are so captivating

  8. fatema zaini says:

    This is the true meaning of “you reap what you sow”

  9. Emilie's Life says:

    Anyone else watch every single one of these videos? Or is that just me 😅

  10. ICEMAN GT says:

    #9 Taiwan
    #11 Thailand
    #13 United States
    #23 Russia
    #35 Spain
    #40 Indonesia
    #44 Philippines

  11. Angel Bibbii says:

    not only is she taking care of her grandmother, she’s also takes care of the elderly around her <3

  12. Hera Kim says:

    i remember i had difficult time when i try to finish my thesis back in the old days and i felt anxious i couldn’t even face my thesis. but liziqi videos made me feel calm and more alive. i played every liziqi video to accompany me when i work on my thesis. thankyou so much… it helps me a lot :]

  13. YANXI (CICI) CHEN says:

    “Life of potato”
    Me: GIB NOW

  14. KK Su says:

    The final scene: toast to Ziqi’s long gone father

  15. Helen Hu says:

    This…is what you call mad from scratch!

  16. Regann says:

    I don’t really know what’s happening but I’m less stressed now

  17. purnima sura says:

    Liziqi: making so many dishes
    Me: after one dish, oh god! I’m so tired 😓

  18. Adrianus Wijaya says:

    and yet anothet “the life of” series

  19. yingyue qin says:

    16:51,grandmother said that your father like eatting shred potato.
    so Ziqi called this dish miss shred potato,she miss her father.

  20. Chamber Lee says:

    11:41 Me watching Liziqi watching her grandma watching the elephant onTV

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