Young Dolph murder suspect releases song ‘No Statements’ from jail

Young Dolph murder suspect releases song ‘No Statements’ from jail

Young Dolph murder suspect releases song ‘No Statements’ from jail

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  1. Milani Morales says:

    I cant believe it has been 1 year😢 Feels like we just lost him yesterday 💔 I pray God is holding Dolph in His arms.

    • Messalina Clark says:

      @darius suite I graduated from college and all three of my children with bachelor degrees and we have career jobs in the medical field my son 26yrs old and he’s an engineer thank u but we are a different creed not all individual are uneducated even if they comment on social media that’s what it’s there for enjoy your day

    • Messalina Clark says:

      @darius suite first of all I don’t date men of his character and second of all I’m Dominican what does race have to do with anything I don’t listen to rap music I just don’t like hearing others are killed by cowards I feel for his family I don’t know where u get off telling me what u think I feel u don’t know me at and please don’t write me back because I won’t respond I didn’t say anything wrong I’m drama free u have a great day

    • darius suite says:

      @Messalina Clark It’s funny that black women like you look up to the black dudes that act uneducated, sell drugs,talk about violence, don’t work, call their woman bitches, didn’t graduate from school, but the other Brothas that are intelligent and work or carry themselves not like a thug you probably think they’re wack or not black which is why black girls are becoming ghetto nothingness and don’t care about being high class or a respectful black girl all y’all do now is wear fake hair and and loud and fight at Walmart.

    • wayne freeman says:


    • gOcRazYBiTcH! says:

      🤧 I pray you’re trolling……..

  2. Cee Jay Love says:

    Isn’t this technically a statement?

    • Drizzy-213 Towner says:

      Ain’t nothing technical about it… They didn’t post all the lyrics… This JustIn aka Straight Drop, gotta get shipped to another block, niggas in 201 hating cause straight dropped that statement, I meant no statement Hernandez played with the payment, so I had to put that boy on the indictment, muthafucka I’m straight drop😂

    • Truth VJ MC DirtyWork says:

      ” technically”??? No. If anything, this would be referred to as “dry snitching”/ dry “statement making”…

    • Cookies says:

      Dolph was a real one

    • RealLiveEnt321 says:

      @saviisonn if he headlined some real facts about a open case in a Jailhouse song recorded on a jail house phone lol all the prosecutor has to do is play the song for the jury they already assume he’s guilty now let’s make sure he don’t come home by playing with the jury heads. If you think this helps his defense and doesn’t help the prosecution I must laugh. A news station had to let us know he just dropped a song😂🤣 Not TMZ, or any blogger site his verse has already been submitted as evidence if the news station is letting us know he dropping tracks😂

    • Deer in Headlights says:

      Reminds me of that one k and p skit

  3. SUSSY- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]🔞 says:

    I actually teared up what a supportive woman, mother, and she feels and sounds so war when she says so loudly AND YOURE MY SON! Kai was so excited and so was his mom. Im so glad that they could celebrate like that. I hope they have a long and heartfelt life going forward. :/ :O :O

  4. Ricky Williams says:

    What happens in the dark comes to the light

  5. Shealuv M says:

    That’s right! “No guns in Jail, you gotta stand on all 10” Half of them punks ain’t never been in a fistfight. Prayer for young dolps’s family🙏🙏

  6. Emmanuel Cannon says:

    You can feel that Dolph🐬 has been absent 😑.. he would’ve dropped soooo much hot 🔥music by now!!! He always stayed relevant 🤧!! I really don’t like talking about this..I never got the chance to meet him, but it’s crazy how you can connect with a person through music. I connected with Dolph like many connected with Pac. He inspired me to get my first Mercedes Benz!! LLD 🤍🐬💙4 ever mannnnn 💰💰💰‼️

    • ceara quintanilla says:

      I agree with you ..we miss that man

    • Bree Fabulous says:

      I feel the same way. I had a job that I hated and Dolph was the person that motivated me to get out of there and stand on my own. He literally changed my money mindset. I was listening to Key Glock Ambition for Cash when I got the news. Long Live the LEGEND Young Dolph 🙏🏽🐬🕊

    • Please Cheese says:

      U right

    • Dick Taul says:

      Him and Mac Miller for me. Mac Miller felt like a brother fr or a relative. I still am not whole without Mac… dolph is super close but more like a family friend or close friend. Either way rip to both. I miss both greatly and can’t wait to meet them one day. ❤

    • cesium419 says:

      They just released a new song by Dolph, called Get Away. I hate to even think about him not being here physically. I loved seeing him shit on his haters❤️😭

  7. DEEZ NUTTZ says:

    Prison is your new home bruh

  8. Julia Cora says:

    I cant believe it has been 1 year😢 Feels like we just lost him yesterday 💔 I pray God is holding Dolph in His arms.

  9. Rxckz says:

    It’s sad cuz he was a Pillar in the community. Taken out by his own kind & for what greater purpose..none. Pure jealousy. Now there’s a huge hole n the city of Memphis that no one may ever fill again. Sad sad sad reality

    • Rxckz says:

      @Whole Milk My point exactly. ONE diss track compared to a whole encyclopedia of music. 🙄 stop tryna make him look like a bad guy

    • gregory mackey says:

      Its self hate jealous of another black man success and the fame that comes with it money woman materials possessions swaq even his flow money own label some negros hate that its not them shinning and willing to lose there own freedom and life for u wont shine

    • Whole Milk says:

      @Rxckz you ever hear one of his diss tracks lmfao

    • darius suite says:

      There’s not a huge whole in Memphis there are thousands of other black people in Memphis who are doing something positive in they’re lives and not talking about violence and ain’t even thinking about him.

    • Rxckz says:

      @Whole Milk As I’m sure you know. Every rapper has references of violence in their music. But as I see you dont know..Dolph was actuallt A Get Money kinda rapper. Very very few times does he if any rap about violence in his music. Just gettin money gettin high, why I liked him.

  10. BRAD REIGN says:

    We know he straight dropping statements🤣💯

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