Young Dolph speaks on the dangers of not leaving your hood. RIP Dolph

Young Dolph speaks on the dangers of not leaving your hood. RIP Dolph

RIP Young Dolph.

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38 Responses

  1. Patria y Vida 🇨🇺 says:

    Gone but not forgotten. Dolph music gon live on forever! RIP

  2. Fresco Stevens says:

    “Whether we like it or not it’s apart of life”💯💯💯Rest up Dolph🕊

    • Jah'leel X says:

      @Joel Price I agree that when it’s time it’s time. And u die however u die. Ain’t really up to you. U can do everything right and try to stay outta that lifestyle and still be murdered by someone who don’t give af.

    • Bestever didit says:

      Death is apart of Life I been saying this for years at every funeral maybe the life he lead why some of yall don’t agree whatever you believe in the truth we all born dying nobody come to stay hate to be the barrier of bad news you ya ass leaving here one day💯

    • ReaLesT 213 says:

      How old is this interview?

    • Mane Screen. says:

      @Slim Digga facts

  3. Desmond Howard says:

    Never thought I’d ever say RIP young dolph so early in life

  4. Kalil Canada says:

    I’m not sure why this one hurts so much. He’s not my favorite artist, but he was one of the only real OGs left. He always put family first & was real life independent. This one hurts man.

    • Nola2TriLL says:

      Real I respected dude hustle

    • Kalil Canada says:

      @Legend Because he was one of the only real an genuine OGs left. When he talked, you either listened or just knew he was never lying. He put on his WHOLE family and provided for his community that he ultimately died in by the hands of another black man. THATS WHY IT HURTS. We gotta do better than this man. People like you are part of the issues in this world. Idk what the hell you got going on, but I hope you get better fr.

    • BIZZLE BONE says:

      He definetly was a REAL 1 he spoke it in every lyric and was selfmade he spoke it RIPDOLPH

    • Louisiana Midwest says:

      Damn..this is sad

    • Date Ruffler says:

      _ℑ 𝔠𝔞𝔫’𝔱 𝔪𝔦𝔰𝔰 𝔦𝔱!_

  5. ADP says:

    There wasn’t one artist as giving and helping as dolph them giveaways he done change peoples lives. One of the realist underrated and freshest nigga Rip💯

  6. Jakecaseyy says:

    Man was authentic to the core not even a rap fan but I loved his music he really said the truth about his life

  7. Rica says:

    Really sad 😥 me and my husband love this man’s music. He was just trying to get some cookies in his city. There are some real haters out here. Rip Dolph 🙏

  8. Nate G. says:

    If only he took his own advice, Rest In Peace homie.

  9. Misti Blu says:

    People need to practice what they preach, now his life is Over… When you can get out the hood, you do not go back!
    Rip Dolph! Why did he not take his own advice?

  10. dipcity 314 says:

    It really don’t matter how you move anymore these days. Haters are always lurking and thirsty to take you and whats yours. RIP young dolph 🙏

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