YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS – Official Comic-Con Trailer – DC Universe

YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS – Official Comic-Con Trailer – DC Universe

Highly anticipated by fans and picking up after the dramatic events of Season 2, Young Justice: Outsiders finds our heroes reuniting to take down a metahuman trafficking organization. This special San Diego Comic-Con sneak peek relives some of Young Justice’s most impactful moments before giving us our first look at Outsiders. Pre-order now at #DCUniverse

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90 Responses

  1. Icezero 720TK says:

    Please bring Jason Todd in

  2. Vijitha Vasanthan says:

    Clone wars then young justice! All that’s left is spectacular spider man!

  3. Ibrahim Ismail says:

    OK maybe i’ll postpone my suicide.

  4. Sayun Tamrakar says:

    *The Titans we deserve and need.*

    • Mr.Wolfchamp 1999 says:

      TheFlash31406 Suparrolightninglegends It kind of is. There’s virtually no difference other than a name. Young heroes going up against bad guys.

    • TheFlash31406 Suparrolightninglegends says:

      Mr.Wolfchamp 1999

      No, these are young heroes who have something to do with the Justice League and ties to the main heroes. Titans, besides Robin has their own background with currently no knowledge of the Justice League.

    • ZixchGuide says:

      TheFlash31406 Suparrolightninglegends facts

    • future animator says:

      Which Titans? Ttg , teen Titans, others ??

  5. KnightNation says:

    Man 2018 is getting awesome!, First the reveal of the Dragon Ball 2018 trailer, Starwars the clone wars, And now this!. I am so glad we fans are getting something we strongly awaited for. Bring it on DC!.

    Sidenote: Did I spot slade, Now that gets me very excited.

  6. CheifChan says:

    They should just cancel titans

  7. Uchiha Hendrix says:

    Young justice is a better show then better teen titans, yea I said it

  8. Tasha Hill says:

    So much better than Titans.

  9. Jaime Estrada says:


    after all those years


  10. Eman35 says:

    I like marvel way better than dc but young justice is better than any animated marvel show out there.

  11. C G says:

    Dear dc,
    Thank you for not messing this up
    Sincerely, everybody

  12. liakla cole says:

    Aqualad and Miss Martian better not be made into secondary characters. I will riot.

  13. TheFlash31406 Suparrolightninglegends says:

    What if Wally is just stuck in the Speed Force?

    • LaRon Taylor says:

      TheFlash31406 Suparrolightninglegends he was too slow tho

    • killer9951 - says:

      TheFlash31406 Suparrolightninglegends yea, but at the end kid flash gave the younger flash his job since he wasn’t gonna be their

    • John Dimambro says:

      Maybe that’s how they’ll introduce the speed force, by bringing Wally back and him saying that’s where he was the whole time and he’s much faster then he ever was before, guess we’ll have to wait and see, but all that matters right now is that Young Justice is back

    • Daniel Collins says:

      TheFlash31406 Suparrolightninglegends that’s what I thought to. Bring back Wally.

    • P r a n a v says:

      He better come back that’s all I’m sayin 😅

  14. Ravi Pappu says:

    The actual trailer starts at 2:55

  15. Dylan417 says:

    Can’t believe it. Young Justice and The Clone Wars are back. Even Samurai Jack and Dragon Ball a couple years ago. Pretty cool that the fans have a voice in the age of social media.

  16. Master Swaggins says:

    Starting the trailer off with Wally flashback. Why you gotta do me like that DC? 😥😥😪😪😭😭

  17. Vermillion Stallion says:

    Please tell me this is a Series and NOT a Movie, we need this type of show people, like me if you’re agree with me please.

  18. ineffablelah says:

    5 years and his death still hurts

  19. 9428wayne says:

    Where is Aqualad ??

    • Kakashi says:

      9428wayne 3:37, i think that’s aqualad

    • Serban Georgescu says:

      Kakashi That’s Black Lightning, he could have the role of mentor for the team or just static, we dont really know yet. Aqualads voice actor was confirmed to return but he is not in the trailer.

  20. Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

    They showed an awful lot of footage in this trailer, yet at the same time I still feel as though I know very little…

    • Eugenio Comelli says:

      Xaxos92 Are crazy man you cant challenge Justin Y.

    • Night Mare says:

      NinjaKittinz just watch the past seasons

    • Ed SkyNight says:

      Not to mention the new characters, some I recognize others are a mystery.

    • hjames78 says:

      Obi-Wan Kenobi most it is from the previous season so yea……

    • Demi-Fiend of Time says:

      Obi-Wan Kenobi Season 2, Aqualad and Artimis went under cover to infiltrate the bad guys’ group known as the Light, The Reach (alien race who created the blue Beatle Suit) covertly invade earth trying to take over working with the Light, bad guys plan failed so being sore loosers the Reach try to destroy the earth with weather manipulating doomsday wepons, heroes destroy the wepons at the cost of Kid Flash’s Life, Ending reveals Vandal Savage (The Light’s Leader) and Darkside have been working together the entire time and the failed Reach invasion was all a part of their master Plan. Season 3 start!
      Does this help any?

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