Your Body Killed Cancer 5 Minutes Ago

Your Body Killed Cancer 5 Minutes Ago

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Somewhere in your body, your immune system just quietly killed one of your own cells, stopping it from becoming cancer, and saving your life. It does that all the time. The vast majority of cancer cells you develop will be killed without you ever noticing. Which is an incredibly hard job because of what cancer cells are: parts of yourself that start to behave as individuals even if it hurts you.

What is cancer and how does your body kill it all the time?


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46 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    Sources & further reading:
    This video was partially financed by Gates Ventures.
    If you want to support this channel and get something nice in return check out our shop:

  2. Omar Abouelazz says:

    I’m an immunologist and I’ve worked on immunotherapy research to fight cancer, I know all of this and yet I would’ve never presented it as well as you did, thank you for making knowledge accessible and fun whilst still being accurate enough! Love your channel.

  3. Tera Teak says:

    As a cancer cell, thank you for explaining it much better than we can ever do!

    • Vaiśampāyan says:

      Lol, I see what you did there.

    • Tae_V says:

      @Vaiśampāyan i dont so can you pls explain

    • valin shyr says:

      @Tae_Vo many people claiming to be someone who already knew about the info in the vid and then just saying that the vid was good. I saw so many people start their comment on this video with “as a ______ myself…” or som like that

    • Geo Giou says:

      @Tae_V I guess he means that humans behave like cancer cells. Screw teamwork, I’ll do and take what I want, when I want it.

    • 🥔usernameaeaeaea🥔 says:

      You can only explain it once tho

  4. Metroid Nerd#9001 says:

    The mentioning of Cancer coming from viruses like HPV is quite important because we have a vaccine for HPV. The cancers it causes are very uncommon in those who don’t contract HPV, so the vaccine essentially serves as a vaccine against cancer. Incredible stuff!

    • Mahmoud A. Eljafari says:

      Man as soon as he mentioned HPV I freaked out. I have a wart under my toe that went undetected for a while until now. I knew they were caused by viruses but I never knew they were a cancer. Thank god I discovered this video.

    • duwhu says:

      @Mahmoud A. Eljafari you really should go to a doctor immediately! If it is cancer, you must get to it and try to treat it before it infects more parts of your body

    • IKangl says:

      @Mahmoud A. Eljafari HPV you find on your hands an feet aren’t the ones you need to worry about.

  5. Gauri Badukale says:

    The level of mind numbingly complex processes our bodies do to keep us alive at any given moment is just legendary

    • ClashElement says:

      W evolution

    • OvenCake says:

      its quite insane how complicated biology is
      arguably more complicated than rocket science or computers

      like how does something that complicated even appear in the first place?
      sure, evolution can describe the process a lot, but only once you have dna, ribosomes, and and all the other infrastructure needed to facilitate adaptation and evolution
      how do you get that initial infrastructure?

    • Nive1337 says:

      It makes me dizzy thinking about the fact that these processes have always been there. Nobody knew about them, but they have been happening inside human bodies for what, thousands of years? Pur bodies’ abilities just seems so progressive and futuristic, but even cavemen’s bodies used to work the exact same way

    • L 425 says:

      @OvenCake You have to remember that it literaly took billions of years to have life as we know it on earth, and that it is possible that we were lucky that life appeared as fast as it did, because there billions of planets but only place were intelligent life developped can ponder on its own existence…

    • Kinetic Symphony says:

      Yup! And it’s every second of our lives, all these processes happening in real time and in even more complexity than presented here.

      Absolutely mind-boggling.

  6. Danuel says:

    It’s honestly a miracle that a system as complex as this with so many challenges still endures

    • Soken50 says:

      Right ? And civilisation is yet one layer above, itself made up of billions of little agents who don’t always agree and occasionally try to destroy each other or themselves yet we are still progressing (overall, it might not be as rosy in your corner of civilisation, hopefully it does soon).
      I’ve always been fascinated by emergent behaviour, the idea that a system has greater function than the sum of its parts and complex behaviour arises from simple rules. take a few subatomic particles, arrange them differently and you get a whole rainbow of elemental stuff, arrange that stuff in some ways and it starts self replicating, then they form complex organisms that become self aware and form complex societies, what’s beyond ? Is civilisation the ultimate super-organism ? Do civilisations evolve into a literal galaxy brain once they become interstellar ?

  7. misdrevenous says:

    My mom has stage IV lung adenocarcinoma. She has been complaining about back pain for years and it was too late when she saw a doctor.

    She has been battling cancer since 2018 and the chemotherapy is taking a toll on her body. It has been an exhausting battle and I hope that we reach a day when Cancers can just be simply cured.

    • Cristian Mendoza says:

      Sorry to hear that hope she pulls through and makes it.

    • Future Reflections says:

      Praying for her

    • $ack says:

      Please… pray. You will face great trials and tribulations and you will be stricken with grief and I am SO SORRY to hear your mom is in such tremendous pain. HOWEVER you can and will find peace when she is out of her suffering but that peace can only be attained through God.

    • $ack says:

      I love you, I love your mom, I love everyone reading this comment, and everyone not. I wish to spread as much peace and positivity as one man can. Cheers.

    • Shadoweb EB says:

      @$ack Since when did prayers cure any cancers? Scientific research needs money, not prayers!

  8. Orion facts says:

    the animation team really needs an applause

  9. Týr says:

    When I was a children, I lost my mother from cancer. It’s very precious for me to understand this thing and seeing the potentiel futur cures at the end make me incredibly hopefull. Thank you for all of this

  10. N. Colt says:

    I lost a very close friend to the highest stage of Melanoma cancer last month. He was someone who had survived cancer before, as well as two heart transplants and a laundry list of other health issues, all before he was even 35. Watching this reminds me of him.

    Excellent job as always

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