Your Body When You’re Embarrassed

Your Body When You’re Embarrassed

You know that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when something doesn’t go quite right…this is why that happens.

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Geeky Beatnik
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Nick Zephryn

Time lapse of opening water lily flower.Motion
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Red, yellow and blue powder/particles fly after being exploded against black background
soraphotography- shutterstock

Free Pouring Some Art
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Colorful Circles- Loop colorful circles
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Old mechanical Iris dilating slowly
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Abstract Lightning Circle, Growing Branches- Red
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Two women sunbathing on sunloungers, turning over
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Sunburned Skin
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Shy Teenagers
Simonkr, Creatas Video- Getty

POV as man jumps from cliff
Ascent Xmedia, Digital Vision- Getty



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20 Responses

  1. Shevin Polat says:

    *whispers* Why was the guy looking at the lady’s crotch…? >.>

  2. Doodle Bug says:

    I remember there was ethics talent show I was doing with this girl and then
    she bailed and I was on stage trying to do this terrifying math problem and
    then..I completely froze. I was looking out in the crowd of parents and all
    my friends then I ran away and cried my eyes out. That, I can never shake

  3. ShellyDaKitty says:

    i guess i could just always pull out my sass

  4. Derp Derp says:

    Am i the only one that feels like you need to exterminate any witness of
    your embarrassment 

  5. ELSBCore says:

    I usually say, “Well, this is embarrasing.” out loud to minimize the
    tension. :P

  6. DariusCLP says:

    wait does this mean you could blush during a fight? or when someone runs
    after you?

  7. Aida Garcia says:

    Lol he just leaves because her zipper was down 

  8. LegoBlizzard says:

    I took a laxative and later in class I got up and farted really loud and i
    experienced all of these 

  9. Pulkit Singh. says:


  10. awkwardpandasmile says:

    Do a body when you’re shy. 

  11. das hasguns says:

    yay for real information love these

  12. Bella Johnson says:

    In the beginning I thought that guy was Nick Jonas… 

  13. shiru 12 says:

    wh-HUH? i never felt like that!

  14. amumu mumu says:

    You wont turn red if your black

  15. kister1998 says:

    He looks like Nick Jonas.

  16. Kirstie Johnson says:

    They should do “people try cosplaying for the first time” and have this guy
    be Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop lol

  17. tyshawn102 says:

    Can they do a video on getting nervous

  18. Elizabeth Toney says:

    is that a jonas brother?

  19. Joseph K says:

    I get hives and itchy red blotches on my skin when I get anxious or
    frustrated or embarrassed.

  20. Rowan Basener says:

    last year i joined the video news team at school and my segment was so
    awkward and i begged my teacher not to play it but she did. i literally
    started crying. i couldnt stop my tears. it was horrible