Your Brain On Drug Policy | Rachael Leigh Cook (2017)

Your Brain On Drug Policy | Rachael Leigh Cook (2017)

Rachael Leigh Cook explains that the war on drugs is a war on people in a remake of her iconic spot

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A Green Point Creative production

Our nation’s drug war is leading us to lock up more people than ever.
Those charged with a non violent drug crime face fines and incarceration. More people are arrested for drugs than for rape, murder and robbery combined. And minorities are being railroaded into this system at much higher rates than their white counterparts even though drug use between both groups is about the same.

At Green Point Creative we believe our nation’s drug policy needs a serious reevaluation, so we are using our skills in strategy, creativity and world class production to generate content that seeks to educate and inspire change. Whether through print, TV, radio or social media, we employ every medium to best suit the message that needs to be told.

Creative Agency: Green Point Creative, New York
Creative Director: Howard Bowler
Managing Director: Jon Mackey
Production Manager: Mary Valentino

Production: Motiv Creative, New York
Director Ryan Kleier

Shoot: The Shed, New York
Makeup/Hair: Abby Hayden
Sound: Chris Viall
Gaffer: Andreas Roalsvig
Director of Photography: Matt McClain
1st Assistant Camera: Matt Donovan
Production Assistant: Josh Lee

Animation/Post Production: Edit 1, New York
Producer: Dan Fuerst
Animation Creative Director: Michael Zimbard
Art Producer: Diane Boston
Illustrator: Kevin Kobasic
2D Animation: Erica Jaffin Matt Trudell

Music/Audio Post: HOBO Audio, New York
Mix/Sound Design: Chris Stangroom/Diego Jimenez
Music: Oscar Convers/Julian Angel

Social Media Consultant
Larry Lac

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20 Responses

  1. hanoverfisk says:

    Not to mention the loss of voting rights, sometimes permanently, depending on where you live. Repaid your debt to society? Dream on! Shame the obvious needs to be pointed out yet we refuse to learn from our past or others that do it better than us, and let discredited beliefs drive government policies. One of the many injustices we all face yet most don’t loose that lottery so shrug it off and assume it will always be the other guy not me…. Until its not, then wonder why didn’t I care before and be the agent of change!

  2. David Batterson says:

    WTG, Green Point! Two thumbs up.

  3. Moose atWork says:

    It was good up into you pulled the “People of Colored*” card.
    Drug Laws affect everyone, how about we treat everyone equally when it comes to advocacy laws?
    INB4 “racist cops targeting people of colored*”
    That is a police issue, and it should be dealt with as well, this is a Drug law issue, and we should focus on that instead of skin color…. PLEASE.

  4. The Bartman says:

    The war on the war on drugs

  5. chargerfan2 says:

    Targets people of color? Maybe they’re the ones selling and using most of the drugs. Obviously no brain was used during the making of this video.

  6. Juan Jose Sanchez says:

    Isn’t it easier to simply not do drugs? It seems like the whole thing could’ve been easily avoided.

  7. Steve Jones says:

    my girl went from she’s all that to mom jeans. Still hot.

  8. Word Unheard says:

    White Eggs Matter.
    My shell is white and I have been arrested FOUR times for possession of marijuana. The war on drugs is fucking ridiculous. Can’t we all just dwell on that fact, instead of focusing on a particular egg color, while completely dismissing another?

  9. Bill Goodman says:

    What the hell is her problem? She could ruin a perfectly good cast iron pan.

  10. Purple Akira says:

    I love how they make this racist

  11. Wolffang731 says:

    Children in Africa could have eaten all those eggs

  12. Cheeki Breeki says:

    > am black
    > seen more whities arrested for drugs because I’m not a fucking retard
    > crackers

  13. Brandon McBadass says:

    What in Segregation is going on around here? ???

  14. Your mom Blows says:

    Fuck I don’t care about racism… she’s hot

  15. Francis K. says:

    any questions – yeah why are you so hot!? 0.0 damn

  16. Marcus Acosta says:

    Look at her acting like she’s all that ??‍♂️

  17. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Racist ass video! I’m triggered now

  18. Warped says:

    My question is why did it take so long to speak up after the original ad?

  19. LoisFilms says:

    i knew it was too good to be true, you dont see bitches in kitchens anymore

  20. Jake Leg says:

    How is this #7 trending with only 47k views?

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