Your Cat Is Talking To You: “The Science of Us” Episode 4

Your Cat Is Talking To You: “The Science of Us” Episode 4

Yes, you read the title right. If you have a cat, it’s trying to send you signals via meowing, rubbing, and purring. But what are they saying? Learn how to interpret your feline friend in this installment of “The Science of Us.”

Watch our last episode, about how to recover from an all-nighter, here:

And for more on cat communication, read our article here:

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19 Responses

  1. Andrea Böttjer says:

    The Science of Us: Your Cat is talking to You

  2. Abie Amadea says:

    Cat is awesome! But just not my thing ? I prefer dog. 

  3. una cassa en la lunna says:

    Como interpretar los maullidos de vuestro gato

  4. Gingerjake2 says:

    It’s funny how those of us with cats (I have six) have kind of known this
    already, but it’s nice to have it validated. Particularly the purring
    Thanks so much for this video…now I can share with friends & they won’t
    keep saying to me ‘how do *you* know what they’re saying?.

  5. Moist Von Lipwig says:

    Cat rubs.

  6. Andrea Rupe says:

    I thought this was going to be sarcastic, but its actually really awesome.
    I love it.

  7. maladsyko says:

    Speed video is too fast. Can’t read. This is typical of american videos.
    Seems like they don’t read at all !

  8. Mauro Tamm says:

    You shouldn’t have cats if you need video to understand how they behave.

    • Mini Manta says:

      +Mauro Tamm You kinda have to learn before you know. It’s a GOOD thing to
      do research *before* you get any type of pet even if you don’t yet have any
      experience with that type of animal.

  9. Mini Manta says:

    I fucking miss my cat…
    He’s temporarily living with my parents and now I feel like I sent my poor
    boy to a foreign country where nobody understands him >.>

  10. Alexander “Xan” Kashev says:

    Great animation/art style and equally nice voiceover. Thanks!

  11. Aegisltd says:

    I have no problem talking with or understanding my cats.
    All 6….. Yes 6 & YES I’m one of “THOSE PEOPLE”
    I just wish I could pick the movies we watch on “movie night”.
    Think I’m kidding? Click my icon, scroll through all the other nonsense
    I’ve posted & look for / click on “Cat watching the cat from outer space”
    This weekend we’ll be watching the Grumpy Cat movie (AGAIN)…..
    But they also like Blade Runner, Alien & some other sci fi so it’s not all

  12. Joe Mauri says:

    True story! 

  13. Dallas Bash says:

    Listen to your cat!