Your Immune System is More Dangerous than You Think

Your Immune System is More Dangerous than You Think

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There is this idea floating around that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. That surviving a disease leaves you better off. And it seems to make sense because we have all experienced this. When you go through hardship, often you come out more resilient, more ready to face a difficult situation in the future. But it turns out that sometimes, what doesn’t kill you makes you weaker.
So, what happens when you get sick?


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45 Responses

  1. Joeys Joeys says:

    You briefly discussed how being a smoker compromises your immune system, making getting sick harder on the body.
    Would you consider doing a video showing what smoking does to the whole body on the macro and micro level?

  2. BengalBoy16 says:

    I hope you guys do a video of the Immune system going wrong. As someone with Type 1 Diabetes and Vitiligo, both caused by a hyper-active immune system response, it would be great to see you guys show the light on this subject

    • ASTRAL says:

      @Jacob Maloney Having a healthy lifestyle is obvious. Does it really need to be mentioned?

    • Add a name to continue says:

      @Jacob Maloney Do you want them to make a movie? You can’t fit everything a single short video.

    • Pyro Drayson says:

      @KULLED Wouldn’t know. As a guess, though, I’d say someone who perceives disingenuousness?

    • Helen Tee says:

      ​@Jacob Maloney 7:40 “we discussed vaccine side affects in ANOTHER video “.
      Maybe try watching a video before spamming it another time

    • legoworks1234 says:

      @Jacob Maloney that should already be a standard, not needed to be mentioned (I don’t agree fully about eating in-natural food leading to obesity, especially as your example is with Americans)

  3. Lonely Sandwich says:

    I was hoping you’d talk about big lack of some vitamins, and how we often make ourselves vulnerable (by abusing some substances, lack of sleep)

  4. Col_ON says:

    I was literally just doing research on vaccines for an essay and the last vaccine video’s source list saved my life. Thank you so much. I’ll be sure to check out the Immune book some time.

  5. Cgeta4 says:

    I always found it interesting that fevers or colds can be a ton of different illnesses, you just don’t know which since all the symptoms you have are those of your immune system successfully defeating it

    • Uhohhotdog Gaming says:

      @JWhite except I never get fevers no matter what type of Illness I have. Also sneezing always comes first

    • Cgeta4 says:

      @JWhite Ooh I never knew that! I always learned that having a cold just meant it could be one out of countless viruses, which is why vaccines against a “common cold” aren’t practical. Never knew it was just a handful of different ones. Although they all probably still mutate I imagine

    • Cgeta4 says:

      @Shankar Ravikumar True, yeah

    • JWhite says:

      Cgeta4, to be fair, if you have sore throat and then start sneezing it’s most likely rhinovirus.
      If you have high fever first and then coughing it is most likely influenza.
      Cоronaviruses can kinda go either way.
      So it’s not like you normally get colds from too much different things.

      A fever though is just a symptom of any immune response.
      It could be anything – a splinter, bad food or flu…

    • Shankar Ravikumar says:

      @Cgeta4 Yeah, which you’d only find out after having experienced the cold and fever.

  6. Wesley Bantugan says:

    It’s insane the number of diseases which aren’t caused by a virus/bacteria – but your body turning against you for one reason or another. The body is scary whatever it’s targeting

    • No Thanks says:

      I have 5 years to live because of one I’m 25

    • clini clown says:

      My brother has crohns disease, his own immune system is attacking him

    • David pinontoan says:

      Like ur eyes

    • lazy lasagna says:

      My friend had alopecia the body is cruel

    • Globular Protein says:

      @Aj Cowan This is starting to change now as we get better at identifying and get more data on specific auto-antibodies that are strongly associated with particular diseases. For example with lupus the diagnosis can be made if you have clinical symptoms as well as dsDNA and anti-Smith antibodies. These are pretty specific for lupus although not as sensitive. Pretty exciting stuff though! Hopefully it will lead to earlier identification and treatment in the future!

  7. Katherine says:

    I love how Kurzgesagt can always turn even the most intimidating topics of medicine into these amazing and easy to understand videos.
    Thank you so much!

  8. KnightsLegion says:

    Some already suggested a deep dive on smoking’s effect on the immune system. I think that is a great idea, but I also really hope for a video on how obesity and poor sleep also depress immune function. Thanks!

  9. Killa Quansta says:

    Mom had a very strong immune system (barely got really sick) and was only sick for 2 days at most when she did get sick.
    She developed an autoimmune disease a few years back and her immune system destroyed almost every organ systematically. The body is terrifying.

    • Peter Smythe says:

      Well this sort of makes sense. A military dictatorship with no regard for civilian casualties will do pretty well in war for awhile after its creation, but, you know, also has no regard for civilian casualties. It’s not surprising that unleashing the stronger the immune system, the more dangerous it is to the body.

    • Luke Timewalker says:

      Sorry for you both

    • villafanmart says:

      im sorry to hear about your mom, But also this terrifies me as I very very rarely get sick, I didnt even get covid without having any jabs (im not an anti vaxer, im just lazy 🤦‍♂) so i guess my immune system is gonna turn on me eventually.

    • Gallouelene Gallouelne says:

      My immune system was good now I get sick every couple of months

    • Inatwirl Ingram says:

      Sorry to hear that
      My dad’s immune system attacked a protein in his skin, horrible disease called bullous pemphigoid, unfortunately he didn’t make it

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