Your Privacy is at Risk

Your Privacy is at Risk

Our privacy was compromised when a hacker got our sim card

Note: The t-mobile rep that originally called us was NOT the hacker, he called to set up the passcode as confirmed by t-mobile. I also asked the guy to confirm his ID before we set up the passcode. Also the passcode did not exist before the call, so if it was the hacker, he would also have to set up the code. Anyway, t-mobile confirmed the call was real.

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NYT article:

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20 Responses

  1. Range Shortcutts says:

    AAS the blaster

  2. John Bond says:

    There is always a weak link. This will usually be the one exploited.

  3. SUPREME says:

    give me all your information and I will protect it for you???

  4. Sue F says:

    Every time you post a video on this channel I get so excited, even if it’s
    to find out my phone company is absolute crap. D :

  5. Leandro Montoya says:

    shit got dangerous with csgo, protests, and hackers. right now it is dark.

  6. AndyTh3Human says:

    Funny how the article uses “over-militarized” to describe a SWAT team of
    all things. That’s the whole point since they are meant for serious
    situations like a terrorist attack or mass shooting. Our normal police, I
    say, are not over-militarized. My 2 uncles, one of which is part of the
    SWAT team equivalent, and grandpa are policemen in Mexico where I consider
    it more militarized than here since they carry an AR-15 (not sure, but it
    looks similar) along with a sidearm while being with a team of more than
    four people. Of course the situation is worse over there and maybe not too
    comparable, but I say our police are not over-militarized here in the US.

    The article image makes it seem like the SWAT team are also the bad guys
    when they’re trying to stop what they think is a serious threat, and even
    then it’s not like they shoot every person they see inside a room.

  7. Triple Ech says:

    Guess we know what the Hs in H3H3 stand for.

  8. zh. says:

    SOOO much misinformation in the video and comments…

    Someone is probably using your name and SSN to get a service rep to change
    your sim card number to one in their possession so that they can bypass 2FA
    on your other accounts. It doesn’t give them access to anything on your
    actual phone. It’s also something that can and does happen to all phone

    You’re right though… the system is fundamentally flawed and there’s no
    reason attacks like this won’t continue to happen.

  9. Hugo Peter says:

    Doesn’t have anything to do with anything at all- but look at those
    eyebrows. It’s completely mesmerizing, I cannot focus on anything else.

  10. Geoff Stockton says:

    T-Mobil?!?!?! Do you drink grape kool-aid, too?

  11. And He ThesMan says:

    Stop making videos that aren’t funny, no one cares about your SIM getting
    jacked, it happens to everyone.

  12. Al Capwn says:

    Hey guys, check this out! If you type in your google password for you
    youtube account in the comments, it automatically censors it for everyone
    Proof: *********
    Try it out!

  13. Andrew Lawson says:

    Who is disliking this? He is trying to warn people about hackers, ffs
    people know what you are disliking before you look like an asshat.

  14. Moonking buzz says:

    the fuck he doing with his eyebrows?

  15. Joseph Truong says:

    With Ethan’s voice, i can’t tell if he’s serious or sarcastic at times

  16. Brandon Bates says:

    Disable your recovery phone number along with 2-SV and just watch out for

  17. Obeng Chang says:


    If you want you could give me your number and bank pin so I can set you up
    with a new cellphone provider.

  18. Fpk Hk416 says:

    You think this is scary? Our Secretary of State set up an email server
    which was “less secure than gmail” and foreign nations “most likely” gained
    access to it and all the federal email addresses, geopolitical
    policymaking, and highly classified information contained. She went so far
    as to have Top Secret information left on the server; information which
    puts Americans lives at risk.

    Her name? Hilary Clinton

  19. Deniz Gunes says:

    mwhahahahah its like digital rape killed me

  20. Shayan says: